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Monday Media Transcript: G Kevin Zeitler

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/20/2019 5:37 pm
G Kevin Zeitler -- May 20, 2019

Q: Kevin how have you adjusted?
A: Doing well, me and my family been here about a month now. We moved into our house and everything. We are excited, I love being here, I love working with the guys. Today was a good first step.

Q: Whatís the biggest challenge of coming to a new team?
A: I think there are a lot of little things at first. Learning a new offense again for the fifth time in five years. Then little things between o-lineman you know how people set, what people think, how fast things go. Today was day one, a couple things here and there, but itís a good start.

Q: Is it tough that the two starting tackles are not out there during OTAís?
A: Itís fine, I think itís actually a great thing overall for the o-line and for the team. The more repsí other guys can get, you never know whatís going to happen in this league. A sled could fall on the back of your leg like me last year. You want the guys to have as many reps and be as game ready as possible.

Q: How good can this o-line be with the guys you have here talent wise?
A: You like to think there is no limit to what we can do. Especially with the talent around us like Eli and Saquon in the backfield. We have a long way to go and a lot to do. Weíll see what happens once the actual season rolls around.

Q: Coach Hunter spoke about you and said you were a guy that pays attention to the littlest detail, have you taken leadership of the offensive line, especially with Nate and Mike not available to play?
A: I think thatís just by default, it has to happen. Nate is the leader in the room, heís been here and everyone respects him, heís done great things. Obviously, Iím the old guy out there right now, any level second or third string I have to be able to help the guards and get them rolling.

Q: What about playing with Remmers and what that offers you to team up with him?
A: I think itís cool. I got to talk to him the last two days, he seems like a great guy. Obviously, heís had success in Carolina and Minnesota. Iím all about it.

Q: What was your reaction to coming here and just the opportunity to play with the Giants?
A: It was exciting. A big surprise, I didnít see that coming. Iím glad to be here. I know the Giants are a big historical organization with a lot of success with Super Bowls. No matter what anyone says we have to put the work in once the season rolls around.

Q: How much can a veteran quarterback help an offensive line just getting into the right positions?
A: Itís great Ė when you have a true veteran whoís had success, Iím sure he knows everything about the game. Iím sure he knows better than some coaches in the league. I think him being a true coach, in general, on the field will be great. He sees something, heíll put us in the best position to help the play.

Q: How exciting is it to block for (RB) Saquon (Barkley) and what heís able to do?
A: Very exciting Ė I think everyone wanted him in the draft. You see the highlights from the year before. I think anytime he has a chance to touch the ball, there is a chance he can break it. So, itís on us to get it done so we can do that more often.

Q: Whatís your first impression of (G) Will Hernandez?
A: Strong, very, very strong. Heís a good young guard. Even watching today, I think he can be special.

Q: Seems like you guys share a lot of similarities in your play. Do you kind of see that?
A: I think so. He wants to work, he wants to get better every day. I think thatís just the basis of someone who wants to be good in this league.

Q: Thereís been a lot of pressure on this offensive line the last few years in regards to if this group can function the way it needs to. Can you talk about the potential of what you guys can be?
A: I think we all know the potential is there, but potential doesnít mean much. We have to put the work in each day, and actually get it done. The only way to see that will be once the games start rolling. If Saquon is running and busting runs every week.

Q: People often use the words Ďno nonsenseí when talking about you. What does that mean?
A: For me, I just try to take my time seriously here. Youíve only got so many hours in the building, whether itís lifting, practice, meetings Ė you should really take advantage of it. Once thatís done, you can cool down, but just taking the time seriously in the building.

Q: Offensive linemen like their run game. They like to knock people over, but you were the highest rated pass blocking guard in the NFL. Talk about the pride you take in your pass blocking.
A: That was a cool thing last year. I credit a lot to my teammates around me too, because itís never just one guy. Itís so many little things Ė scheme, the guys around you, the communication. That was great, but that was last year. This year, a lot of talent, a lot of challenges, and weíll take it each week at a time. Hopefully working with the guys around me, we can keep having that type of success, because thatís happening, obviously the whole O-line is doing well, and thatís what matters.Ē

Q: Is it an issue with the line group when you sit there and think (QB) Eli (Manning) got sacked 47 times last year. That canít happen again this year.
A: Yeah, absolutely. The way for your team to do better is if your QB has more time and feels good. Thatís just everyone in the room. You donít even need to ask them. You know everyone in the room wants that to disappear.
Nice comment on Hernandez  
armstead98 : 5/20/2019 10:14 pm : link
Q: Whatís your first impression of (G) Will Hernandez?
A: Strong, very, very strong. Heís a good young guard. Even watching today, I think he can be special.

I watched the video of his interview and he lit up talking about. Also said he's got the work ethic.

Hoping Hernandez makes a leap in year 2.
To appreciate Zeitler's interview, I think you need  
BlueLou'sBack : 5/20/2019 10:28 pm : link
to watch him on, so you can see the neck, shoulders, chest, and arms on this dude. He has spent a lot of time in the weight room to get his current build, and no doubt he eats and takes whatever is allowed and necessary to carry that load of muscle mass.

I wish the video there showed his gut and lower half too, so we could see if he's carrying a spare tire around, or if his base matches his upper body musculature.
This guy is a beast  
George from PA : 5/20/2019 10:43 pm : link
And an men on the OL.

Youth and kids are great anywhere....but love the vets on the OL....give me battle tested men anytime
RE: This guy is a beast  
Gettledogman : 5/21/2019 9:16 am : link
In comment 14450560 George from PA said:
And an men on the OL.

Youth and kids are great anywhere....but love the vets on the OL....give me battle tested men anytime

Absolutely! well said
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