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Monday Media Transcript: CB Janoris Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/20/2019 5:43 pm
CB Janoris "Jack Rabbit" Jenkins -- May 20, 2019

Q: How are you embracing this role as the leader of the cornerback room?
A: “I’m embracing it, as far as being the leader of the room. Just lead the young guys the best way I can, and show them how to be a pro.”

Q: How do you show them how to be a pro?
A: “Just lead by example. Go out, work hard, compete on the ball and finish, and just come out to work every day.”

Q: Have you ever been surrounded by so many young guys?
A: “To be honest, I’ve never been surrounded by a lot of young guys, but like I said I have to come out and do what I have to do, lead by example and just show them how to be a pro.”

Q: What’s been your impression of the young guys, as far as their work habits, attention to detail, and how fast they can learn?
A: “They’re locked in. Everybody is locked in and focused. They came to work and they just keep putting in work.”

Q: Which of the guys have stood out to you the most as far as what you’ve seen from them on the field?
A: “Today was really the first day we were on the field going fast. As far as the classroom, everybody seemed like they were focused, learning, picking my brain, picking the coaches’ brain and asking questions. When you get young guys doing that, it’s a positive.”

Q: You guys had a chance to see (CB Sam) Beal last year. I’m sure you have an impression of what he can do and his capabilities.
A: “So far, he’s picked up everything. He came in doing what he’s has to do. I can tell he studied the playbook over the offseason. I’m just excited to work with him.”

Q: When you get young guys asking you a bunch of questions, does that help you sharpen your game as well?
A: “Of course, because it lets me know that I have to be on top of my game at all times because I have young guys watching me. Like I said, just lead my example.”

Q: How fast did you go from being the young guy to a veteran?
A: “It happened fast but it’s a part of my job. I’m just ready.”

Q: Did they talk to you about that, as far as that being a part of your job?
A: “Yeah, they talked to me when we got back. They just told me they look forward to me meeting the young guys. I’m up for the challenge.”

Q: How strange is it to you that (Lions DT Damon Harrison Sr.) ‘Snacks’ and (Browns LB Olivier Vernon) ‘OV’ are gone?
A: “I’m excited for those guys, wherever they went. You have to understand business is business. As far as me, I’m just here to play football.”

Q: We didn’t mention (Redskins S) Landon (Collins) in there, but are you surprised that you’re here and Landon’s not playing next to you?
A: “Like I told y’all, business is business in the NFL. Everything and every move they make is always about business. I’m happy for those guys – business is business.

Q: Did you always expect to be back here?
A: “I really wasn’t worried about where I would be. I just knew that I’d be on somebody’s team, and whoever it was, I’m going to be Jackrabbit.”

Q: How about your goals for this year? Maybe getting back to the Pro Bowl. How can you make that happen?
A: “Just lead by example, make the most plays that I can make, make sure I finish every play and make sure I be the backbone of the secondary.”

Q: Given the turnover of the defense, do you notice the guys playing a little faster even though you have a lot of new faces out there?
A: “Yeah, I’ve noticed that, but for myself, I notice I’m playing way faster, because I’ve been in the system once before, and everything now is just about continuing what I didn’t do so well last year, and just coming out and competing.”

Q: I know it’s just one day, but (S) Jabrill (Peppers) had an interception today, (CB) Tony Lippett had an interception today, a fumble picked up by (CB) Antonio Hamilton. It seemed like the defense was getting their hands on the ball frequently.
A: “That just shows that everybody is up to par. Everybody understands what’s going on in the defense and we’re playing fast.”

Q: How would you sum up your season last year? What are some of the things you’d like to improve on this year?
A: “Just finishing better, making more tackles and just staying consistent. As far as that, just making the most plays I can make, because everybody knows that I can make plays, but just being focused all 16 games.”

Q: You’ve played with a lot of safeties over your career. What stands out with Jabrill Peppers over the first couple of weeks?
A: “He’s a physical guy. I can tell that he likes to study a lot. He’s just ready to be a part of the defense.”

Q: Are you ready for games with young guys out there? They’re probably going to target the younger guys more often. Are you ready for the ball to go everywhere else before even looking your way?
A: “I’m ready, but I always have to be prepared on my side. I can’t just say the ball is going to go to the young guys because I had an up-and-down season last year. I just have to do what I have to do and hopefully they spread it around.”

Q: Is that what you consider it? An up-and-down season?
A: “Yeah, it was up and down. I came in with an injury. I had a little injury. It took me like game eight to really feel like myself again. From there, I’ve just been on point.”

Q: Do you have any doubt that you can return as one of the best corners in football again?
A: “I will, 2019 Jackrabbit, I will, for sure.”

Q: Are you 100 percent now?
A: “I’m 110 percent.”
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