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Tuesday Media Transcript: Safety Jabrill Peppers

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/4/2019 3:16 pm
Safety Jabrill Peppers -- June 4, 2019

Q: How has it been working with (Antoine) Bethea?
A: It has been tremendous, it has been tremendous. A guy who has played that much football in this league, definitely fortunate and he definitely knows what heís doing. Any chance I get to pick his brain and see what he does well, what methods work well for him, thatís what Iím gonna do. I have no problem asking. He has no problem relaying information I need, so it has been great.

Q: You seem like youíre having a lot of fun and bringing a lot of enthusiasm to the field, how much work is that?
A: You always have to remember this is a blessing to be able to play this game and get paid for it. No matter how hard the days get, you donít gotta do it, you get to do it. Thereís a lot of guys that would love to get this opportunity that we have. Whenever you donít feel like doing it, you just gotta bring yourself, something has to come over you to just (say) this is a blessing to be out there. Thatís what I try to do, even some days I donít feel like doing it. Once I get out there, that pretty much goes away and diminishes. It kinda comes naturally.

Q: Is it hard to come to a new situation, a new team, all new teammates and be that guy that brings the energy?
A: Not really. If thatís who you are regularly, it kinda comes natural. Iím pretty much from here, so I already had a familiarity with the place. All I had to do was gel with the guys and learn the playbook.

Q: How excited are you that you are back home?
A: Itís definitely exciting. I had some of my best years here, I hope to keep the streak going.

Q: Couple of the offensive players have said you really increased the trash talk on the field, why is that a part of practice?
A: Just to see how easy it is to get in guysí heads. I know how defenses play the game, so if they are used to it in practice, they will be used to it in the game, and to see how they respond. Competition brings the best out in everybody. It never hurts a little bit.

Q: Anybody ever tell you letís ease up on that a bit?
A: Not yet, I kinda know how to teeter that line.

Q: Who gives it back to you the best on the offense?
A: Right now, probably Shep and Saquon.

Q: Is there a sense of pressure at all in the fact that you are going to be one of the faces of the franchise because of the trade?
A: Even before the trade, I was saying that I have to pick up the play, itís year three. You definitely gotta pick up the play to be at the level I know I need to play at, and this organization needs me to play at. Regardless how I got here, Iím here, and Iím ready to play my best ball, work as hard as I can and help this organization win ball games on Sundays.

Q: Were you disappointed with your playing time with the Browns, you sent out a tweet a couple weeks ago?
A: In the grand scheme of things, I didnít really realize it. Looking back on it, more plays means more opportunities to make plays. Everything happens for a reason, I still think I did pretty well. I can definitely take it up a notch.

Q: How do you feel like your role is in this defense, in terms of how you are being used here?
A: I love it so far. Playing various spots, populating the ball, dropping back in coverage. Me and AB are two interchangeable guys. We can definitely mix up the looks, hold disguises, things like that. It should definitely be fun.

Q: One of the things thatís been said about you is your versatility, that you are used in a number of roles. Do you have a sense that thatís going to be the case here, are you going to play a number of different spots?
A: I believe so. Week in and week out, everything is probably going to go by game plan. Coach Bettch is a smart guy, he figures out where to put us and we gotta make him look good by making the plays. Iím not really too worried about it right now, just learning the playbook, learning as much as I can, soaking it all in, so if he does need me to play multiple spots, it wonít be too much of a shock to me.

Q: What do you like about this system?
A: The aggressiveness, the mixture of coverages. You could be playing two different coverages on one set down. Things like that, thereís always knuckleballs, curveballs, and heís an aggressive play caller. You love to play for guys like that.

Q: Out of all the roles, which one do you like the best?
A: I like all of them. You knew I was going to say that. Just to keep the offense guessing about what Iím doing, what AB is doing. Even with the backers, even with corners. If you just know what you are supposed to do, know where your help is and play to your strengths, I think you will be pretty good in this defense.

Q: They talk about offensive mismatches in this league, can you do that defensively, can you be a mismatch?
A: I definitely think I can do a lot of things defensively. My main thing is Iím going to be competitive wherever they put me. Whoever itís on, thatís my answer on that.
Peppers was not a guy I was hoping the Giants would draft.  
Klaatu : 6/4/2019 3:48 pm : link
Just seemed like a "jack of all trades, master of none" kind of player to me. But I have to admit in his short time here he's been growing on me, lol. I like his attitude. I hope I like his production just as much this season. He's an easy kid to root for.
Collins was a big disappointment last year  
since1925 : 6/4/2019 4:10 pm : link
I'm hoping that Peppers can bring he safety play back to a high level.
Athletic freak  
GothamGiants : 6/4/2019 4:42 pm : link
Jack of all trades ... playing under a coordinator who knows exactly how to put players in the best position for success

Peppers is going to become a star this year.
Yeah he looks to be a great get w/ a high ceiling  
ChaChing : 6/4/2019 4:58 pm : link
and assuming he is the worker / right attitude type he's supposed to be, year 3 is likely a perfect moment developmentally to snag him. As he said even b4 the trade it was time to pick up his play further. It's also the time you'd think the leadership side can really come into play having some years under his belt. Excited to seem him on the field come game time
I've never heard the phrase "populating the ball"  
ChaChing : 6/4/2019 5:01 pm : link
Likely just means plays on the ball. Maybe it's common but that's a first for me
RE: Athletic freak  
KeoweeFan : 6/4/2019 5:24 pm : link
In comment 14462955 GothamGiants said:
Jack of all trades ... playing under a coordinator who knows exactly how to put players in the best position for success

Peppers is going to become a star this year.

Knowing how to use a multi-talented player is critical.
There was a very good, extremely versatile NY Giant in the 60s (Freeman White?) who only lasted 4 years. If I recall correctly after he was cut some of the stars on the team explained his versatility hurt him; the coaches supposedly moved him around to many positions and according to teammates he wasn't able to master a specific role.
RE: Athletic freak  
mittenedman : 6/4/2019 8:06 pm : link
In comment 14462955 GothamGiants said:
Jack of all trades ... playing under a coordinator who knows exactly how to put players in the best position for success

Peppers is going to become a star this year.

I agree. I see him playing the same role Honey Badger did in AZ to the tune of All Pro. SS with plenty of slot duty, attacking.
He appears to be a positive addition  
Rong5611 : 6/4/2019 8:17 pm : link
Like this kid. He returns kicks too, really well.

He could be a star...
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