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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/5/2019 5:04 pm
QB Eli Manning -- June 5, 2019

Q: Howís it going for you so far?
A: I think it is going well. Made some good plays and we are throwing the deep ball well. Always room for improvement. Missed a couple throws here and there getting back on the timing of things with the receivers. Throwing live action and some one on ones. There is always things you want to improve on and that you wish you had back but I think for the most part, I feel good. Iím comfortable within the offense and with the protections. Just getting everything lined up and the plays called. Just different from last year at this time when we were trying to figure out what was coming in. I think guys are playing well. Off to a good start.

Q: What went well for you in that red zone series?
A: Some days you get the right plays at the right time and you execute it. We were able to hit that today. Hit a couple of nice plays. Guys were getting open and winning their one-on-one battles. Defense was bringing pressure on most of the stuff. The ball was coming out fast and guys were able to win it so it was a good day for us.

Q: Is it conceptual for you or is it production?
A: Production is important. I think it is a combination of things. You have guys open and you want to hit them. Sometimes, the defense has a great call and you might not have many places to go. Just making good decisions in those things. You want to give some young guys and some new guys a chance to make plays and see what they can do. Try and give them opportunities to make the plays and see if they can. Just try and make good decisions and do everything that you can do to have a successful play each and every play.

Q: Are you excited with the offensive potential?
A: Yes. I like the guys we have, the way the guys have approached each practice and have tried to get better. They have a great concept. The way the coaches have coached and made adjustments from last year. We are off to a good start but we have to make improvements. We have to make that next step and be more consistent all the way through practices and games. There is still a lot to work on and improve on.

Q: You got banged around a lot last year. When you look at the offensive line do you think you should be on my feet more?
A: I have great confidence in the offensive line and the way they are doing things. I think they made strides as the season went along last year. I have great confidence that they are going to do their job, protect people and get the ball out. Iíll be able to make my reads and progressions. I am excited with the guys we have and the guys we got back.

Q: Corey Coleman is competing for that third spot, what difference have you seen in him?
A: It was a tough situation for him last year coming in in the middle of the season just trying to learn this offense. When you donít have a whole lot of time to practice and you just have a game week. I thought last year we did a good job of sprinkling him in there and just kind of making sure heís doing the things that he was comfortable doing and kind of expanding his role each and every week. I think heís come in in the off-season, we worked out this offseason a few times. Knowing this is a great opportunity for him, heís in a place where he had some success last year. Heís going to come in with an off-season and a chance to make the team and be impactful for us. I think he I determined to make this happen and make this work. He kind of knew his problems and he told me when I know what Iím doing I can be really good. Itís just getting to that point, getting to where heís confident in exactly what his routes are, what his assignments are, getting lined up where he can play fast.

Q: Is there any part of this offense that you feel noticeably better grasp on than a year ago?
A: I think the second year makes a difference. Itís not just me, itís more just everybody. You know how receive are going to run their routes, you know how the line is going to protect. I think the coaches kind of know what concepts weíve had success with, what we like. Coach Shula knows the plays Coach Shurmur likes so you are working on those things. I think itís just a little bit more everybody having a better feel for things. That always makes the quarterbackís job easier when everybody is doing kind of what you expect.

Q: Are you driven at all by the competitiveness of (Daniel) Jones being here?
A: I think you are driven because itís football and you have a job to do and you want to win games. Thatís what drives you, going out there and winning. You work hard to do that and you deserve to win games and for the team to win games. Thatís what driving you to work hard in the off-season and compete every day in practice.

Q: What have you thought about Daniel Jones so far and how fast heís picked things up?
A: I think Danielís done a good job. He throws the ball well. I think heís learning the offense, itís a lot thrown at you. Especially going against NFL defenses. A lot more looks, a lot more blitzes, a lot more protection adjustments and different things. You are going to make every mistake there is, I think at that stage itís just trying not to repeat the same mistakes. I think heís done a good job of just getting a little bit more comfortable each day. Not trying to do too much but just knowing your assignments and trying to do your job.

Q: Do you look at it as you are in a competition?
A: Mindset is I have to go do my job, I have to compete and make plays. Thatís what you are trying to do. Every day at practice, just trying to make good decisions and make the plays that are there to be made. Be focused and ready to do that and also help out everybody else in the quarterback room, receiver room. Get everybody else prepared to play as well.

Q: Are practices feeling different with a guy like Daniel Jones on the field with you?
A: No, practices are the same. Always competitive, always want to go out there and perform well and make the throws that need to be made.

Q: Did you make him watch your seven rushing TDís after yesterday?
A: No, I did not.
Q: After the second day of mandatory minicamp are you anxious to get the pads on?
A: I think honestly, we have a while until that happens. I think just right now itís a great opportunity to work on the fundamentals. Work on getting everybody on the same page, with Golden Tate and new guys that you have, just make sure that they are dialed in. Donít look too far forward, take advantage of this opportunity that we have right here. This is where teams can make strides and make jumps. Obviously training camp will be here eventually, the mindset changes because you have to start getting ready to play some games soon.

Q: Sterling Shepard said your training has been more intense than what you used to do, is that accurate and what did you do differently?
A: I feel like I always work hard every off-season and try to change up your workouts or change up your scheme of things a little bit. Obviously, youíre working in a sense to get ready and prevent injury and not to do anything thatís too different as you get older that puts you in harmís way. I think Iíve done a good job of staying on top of things and makings sure that Iím physically ready and sharp to go out there stay strong for the whole season.

Q: What do you think of the overall attitude around here?
A: I think the attitude has been good. The enthusiasm has been great, I think the practices have been competitive. Guys on both sides, itís not one side dominating over the other. Both sides have had periods where they make plays and its good when you have competitive practices. Being smart with things, guys getting after it and guys treating this as important days to make improvements, I think itís a good start.

Q: Have you noticed a culture change?
A: I think thatís something that comes with games. I think itís a start with the practices, I think the practices have been good, the participation has been good. Guys are dialed in and determined and focused. Guys rallying around each other has been good. Weíve got to keep it going. Weíve got to keep pushing ourselves every day and weíve got a long way to go.

Q: Do you feel physically better as your career goes on, or is it about maintaining?
A: Itís maintaining, I still feel good. Some years you have things that are nagging you. I think Iíve tried to attack those things that have nagged me in the past and kind of have a plan to try to prevent those things from coming back. I feel good right now and now itís just a matter of making sure you keep it that way.

Sometimes I think the beats agenda...  
Dan in the Springs : 6/5/2019 5:28 pm : link
Is so transparent and it really hurts their ability to get an actual story. Here they are with Eli trying so hard to get him to make a story for them about the QB competition, as though Eli is going to fall for that. They also try to get him to say something that would make a negative story about last year's team, whether it be the OL or the culture. Haven't they learned by now that Eli doesn't give them the sound bites to feed those kinds of stories?

What they should know is that Eli loves to be positive about his current teammates and has a unique perspective that fans would love to hear about. They should be asking him what defensive rookies have made an impression on him so far, and in what way. With as many new guys on the field it would be great to see if any have stood out to him so far. And it's the kind of question he might actually answer in a meaningful way.
arcarsenal : 6/5/2019 5:34 pm : link
I'm going to miss how masterfully Eli has always handled the media. You literally never have to worry about him saying something stupid, falling into a media trap, or creating negative press.

Thankfully, I have a feeling Daniel will be similarly apt.

I liked this, regarding Corey Coleman;  
flycatcher : 6/5/2019 6:34 pm : link
"he told me when I know what Iím doing I can be really good"

Go Corey
RE: I liked this, regarding Corey Coleman;  
Klaatu : 6/5/2019 6:56 pm : link
In comment 14464176 flycatcher said:
"he told me when I know what Iím doing I can be really good"

Go Corey

In the immortal words of The Golden Boys, "When we get there, WE'LL BE THERE!"
No one says less than Eli  
since1925 : 6/5/2019 6:58 pm : link
You could take every press conference Eli as ever had an use anyone of them interchangeably. Amazing.
RE: RE: I liked this, regarding Corey Coleman;  
flycatcher : 6/5/2019 7:13 pm : link
In comment 14464191 Klaatu said:
In comment 14464176 flycatcher said:


"he told me when I know what Iím doing I can be really good"

Go Corey

In the immortal words of The Golden Boys, "When we get there, WE'LL BE THERE!"

ďWherever you go, there you are.Ē
- Buckaroo Banzai
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