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Wednesday Media Transcript: LB Alec Ogletree

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/5/2019 5:43 pm
Linebacker Alec Ogletree -- June 5, 2019

Q: Do you think this defense can manifest itself more on the field this year than it has the last two years?
A: Yeah, the guys that were here last year that came back with us this year, obviously you feel more comfortable in the defense. Adding some of the guys that we added this year that have played a lot of ball, and some that have played with (Defensive Coordinator James) Bettcher. I definitely think we have a good grasp on the defense, and itís just about being comfortable playing with each other.

Q: When he came in, what did he expect of this defense? (Bettcher)
A: Just a top-5 defense. Thatís our goal, is to be a top-5 defense. Right now, weíre on the right track of everybody is here in attendance and putting in the work. Just got to continue to do that.

Q: You guys have a lot of new young faces on defense. Do you feel as if you need to be the role of a big brother to help get these guys coached up and get this defense ready?
A: You want the guys that came in that are new to the defense and rookies, I guess what youíre speaking to, you definitely try to bring those guys along, because they may have to step in and help us at any moment. Some of them may be starting, some of them will fill in, roll in, and we expect them to be up to speed and play well for us.

Q: Is it early or too early to tell that the young guys are starting to get it?
A: They definitely are getting it. You can tell just by the questions they ask in the classroom. Then during practice, they take what they do individually and apply it to the team periods and stuff. Like I said, weíre on the right track right now of being a good defense.

Q: Do they make you veterans feel younger?
A: They definitely try to keep you young. Itís a revolving door. They bring guys in to replace you each and every day. You bring new faces in. They definitely bring a new energy, but it keeps us guys that have years in the league definitely on our toes.

Q: Do you think the guys that were here last year have a chip on their shoulder looking for better success?
A: Yeah, for sure. I was apart of the defense last year. We didnít put out our best product that we think we can put out. Guys that were here last year and that came back are looking forward to this year, to going out there and proving that we are a good defense. We just have to put the work in.

Q: What are your thoughts on (CB) Deandre Baker?
A: He went to the best school in the world, so he already has that on his side (laughter), but heís a young guy that came in and is working just like the rest of us. He showed a lot of good signs of being a great cornerback for us, and thatís what we expect of him.
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