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Thursday Media Transcript: CB DeAndre Baker

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/6/2019 3:01 pm
CB DeAndre Baker -- June 6, 2019

Q: How valuable has this week’s minicamp been to you?
A: “It’s been good – being around the older guys, teaching me different ways to get better. Older guys in the room like (CB Janoris Jenkins) Jackrabbit, (S Michael) Mike Thomas – those guys helping me getting plays right and everything like that. It’s been good.”

Q: What specifically are you focusing on this week?
A: “Just getting the plays down pat.”

Q: Typically, bigger guys can’t wait until they get their pads on to start hitting. As a cornerback, do you feel the same way?
A: “No, we want the pads on so we can tackle, get real physical.”

Q: Some cornerbacks are physical and some aren’t.
A: “I love the pads.”

Q: Are defensive backs at a disadvantage when you can’t quite get up?
A: “Definitely, because if the receiver gets a free release without pressing, it’s kind of hard. It makes you better with your different techniques. So, it’s good.”

Q: Do you focus on different parts of your technique in minicamp than in training camp?
A: “You can’t really get your hands on them in minicamp. So, it’s all off-coverage and mirroring the guy, and getting your feet better. That’s all you can do right now.”

Q: Do you think that we won’t see what you’re really capable of until you get the pads on?
A: “You can see what I can do with mirroring and off-coverage right now, but we can’t see any press right now because we’re not in pads.”

Q: That’s a big part of your game, right?
A: “Yes, sir.”

Q: So, that’s still to come?
A: “Yes, that’s still to come.”

Q: What’s it been like for you against the offense?
A: “It’s been good. We’ve been out there competing every day. We see who’s on the offensive side. We’ve been competing. They won some battles, I won some battles. It’s been good just to compete. It’s a good atmosphere – the DBs versus the wide receivers.”

Q: You’re out there with mostly veteran and experienced guys. How’s that working out? Do you guys help each other?
A: “Of course, we help each other. We got a couple of old guys in the room with a ton of experience that will help us. They got a lot of old guys in their room, too. It’s still football at the end of the day. Go out there and compete.”

Q: The Giants traded up into the first-round to get you. Does the first-round status play in your head? Is it important?
A: “No, it’s not important. That’s behind me. I was just drafted. Now, I’m here with the team. I’m just doing whatever it takes to win. Whatever my coach needs me to do, that’s what I’m going to focus on right now.”

Q: You were very close to being a second-round pick. Are there certain expectations to live up to being drafted in the first-round?
A: “Of course – when you’re a first-rounder, they expect a lot of production out of you. They expect the best out of everybody they draft, whether it’s first (round), third (round), seventh (round), we all got drafted.”

Q: Is this the first week you were working with the starters?
A: “I’ve been with the one’s and two’s back and forth. Wherever coach needs me at, I just go there. Whatever he needs with the team, with the defense.”

Q: Is that an interesting scenario for you? Someone who’s started since his sophomore year of college, now you’re sitting back watching that first group. Did you gain a different perspective during OTAs when you were waiting your turn?
A: “I was just taking mental reps from the old guys, seeing the things that they did wrong, seeing the things that they did good to help my game. It played a good role. It was valuable to me just to sit back and watch them and go put in my game.”

Q: Do you think that was a conscious decision by the coaches to give you a little bit of time to earn that spot?
A: “I’m not sure, I don’t know. I can’t call it.”

Q: Do you see any reason why you can’t play a lot with the starters?
A: “It’s up to the coaches. I just go out there and work every day, give it my all, and compete. That’s left in the coaches’ hands.”

Q: Do you see any reason physically, though, testing yourself against these receivers?
A: “No sir, no sir.”

Q: Do you have a better grasp of how they want to use you in this defense?
A: “I’m not sure right now. We haven’t gone over any game plans or things like that. I just know they want me to produce. Whatever spot they need me at, I’m versatile and can do it.”
Dudes gonna be great  
armstead98 : 6/6/2019 7:35 pm : link
Can't wait to see some of these guys play.
RE: Dudes gonna be great  
Breaker : 6/7/2019 6:08 am : link
In comment 14465292 armstead98 said:
Can't wait to see some of these guys play.

Couldn't agree more. This draft along with Beal reminds me of when Niners drafted Lott, Wright and Williamson in the same draft. Rebuilt the secondary overnight. No comparing anyone in the group to Lott, one of all time greats, just that the Niners secondary went to also ran to one of best in the first year. Very exciting.
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