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Thursday Media Transcript: WR Darius Slayton

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/6/2019 3:03 pm
WR Darius Slayton -- June 6, 2019

Q: Whatís more rewarding; catching a deep ball down the sideline or catching a short ball underneath and taking it?
A: Probably, along the sideline because itís a beautiful ball by Dan (Jones). Any play that is well executed is like poetry in motion, the quarterback drops a perfect ball, catch, itís just a beautiful play. Probably that one.

Q: I thought you would have said the other one?
A: For me, thatís selfish fun. As far as a collective, probably the deep ball.

Q: Howís the chemistry between Daniel and you?
A: Itís been really good. Honestly, my job is pretty easy. Heís a really smart guy, he throws a great ball, itís on time. Like I said, that ball was a beautiful throw, when you are working with a guy like that as a receiver it gives you a lot of confidence that all I have to worry about is getting open and he is going to put the ball where its needed.

Q: Does it get you excited about the future that both of you have with this team?
A: Definitely, I think because any receiver-quarterback combination like you said there has to be chemistry. Heís a really good player so I feel good about him now and going forward.

Q: What was the experience like for you at the rookie premiere?
A: That was the first time I have ever been out to the west coast. I can honestly say itís completely different from Georgia. It was a cool experience to get to be around some of those guys. Like you said, I know some of those guys from playing against them for four years. It was a fun experience.

Q: In terms of what the premiere represents. The idea of the marketing aspect and everything else. Was that kind of new for you to be involved with?
A: Definitely. I am not much of a picture taker or any of that type of thing and there was a lot of that. It was definitely something that was new for me, but a good experience.

Q: I think you and Daniel kind of bond over that, not wanting to be on camera?
A: We were the only two Giants guys there so it was definitely a chance for us to get to know each other a little better because I had to talk to somebody (laughs).

Q: Did you matchup with Deandre Baker a lot in the SEC?
A: Yeah. The last two years we saw a lot of each other.

Q: What was your scouting report of him as a corner?
A: I always thought that Deandre was a really good corner. Physical corner with the press. In my opinion, I thought that he was the best in this past draft. Just because at the line he was just so patient. Obviously right now they canít press us as much, so I am sure for him it is different playing off. I definitely think heís a good player.

Q: You are one of the few guys who has experienced that press from him. How good is he at that? How much percentage of his game are we not seeing because he is not able to do that?
A: I would say to a degree probably playing with one hand behind his back. I feel like that is probably his strongest point- is being able to press up on guys and just straight lock them down. You know, youíve got space and there are a lot of other factors that go into it, but itís just man on man when it is up there on the line. So I think when he has a chance to be able mix it up, I think youíll see his best ball.

Q: Heís not big at all.
A: Sneaky. Heís sneaky. In street clothes, youíd be like, ĎCome on.í But on the field, heís sneaky strong.

Q: So when you lined up against him the first time were you like, ĎHe isnít going to be able to press me.í
A: Matter of fact, this past year we played each other and it was a back-shoulder ball and I tried to, I was basically going to just run into him and kind of bump him off. I ran into him and we just kind of stalemated; so he was a little bit stronger than I thought he was. Heís a good player.
Thanks Eric.  
BlueLou'sBack : 6/6/2019 3:17 pm : link
Slayton sounds like a very level headed and thoughtful WR. Not the least bit Diva like. Hope the head translates to on the field production. Heck if he can be a solid 3rd option this year that alone would be awesome for a fifth round pick.

He's got rare movement skills as PS would say. Perhaps he needs to learn to use his quickness more off the LOS to gain separation? His plan of "running over" or bouncing off Baker didn't work .
Sounds like a smart kid  
Metnut : 6/6/2019 3:24 pm : link
What a contrast to the Flowers transcripts I used to dread reading.

Crossing my fingers we ended up with a steal here. Would make the Beckham trade a lot easier to swallow.
man, I love interviews  
santacruzom : 6/6/2019 3:59 pm : link
in which the participant provides thoughtful, interesting, candid answers. I'm going to be looking forward to more from Slayton.
good interview but  
2cents : 6/6/2019 4:50 pm : link
"hes not big at all" what a shitty "question". but to slayton's credit he actually gave a good answer.
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