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Tuesday Media Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/11/2019 2:05 pm
QB Daniel Jones -- June 11, 2019

Q: How do you feel about where you are?
A: I think I am making progress. I certainly donít think I am there at all. It has been a good OTAís, offseason and minicamp so far. Certainly still a lot to learn and a lot to work on. I have progressed everyday. I have been learning every day and that has been good so far.

Q: Where do you feel you are since when you first got here?
A: I think I made a considerable amount of progress since I have gotten here. I should have. That is the way it is supposed to go. I still have a considerable amount to do but I am making progress every day and where I am is certainly better than where I started.

Q: What is your mindset going into training camp?
A: I think for everyone, training camp is the next opportunity to improve as a player. I am looking forward to that and to getting back and taking those steps. I think everything will be ramped up a little bit in training camp. I think thatíll be the next step in the process and the next step to improve.

Q: With what you have done so far, do you think you have put yourself in the conversation, if needed, to go out there and win football games?
A: I think all of our guys, when we go out to practice, we want to get ready to play. Everyone on the teamís goal is to be ready to play. If they are asked to play, to be ready to play. You know, I have a lot to learn. Coming in here, it has been a good offseason so far. I just have to keep taking the steps I am taking. The next step is training camp.

Q: When you leave here the end of next week, do you clear your mind for a few weeks or are you one of those guys that just never stops working?
A: Iíll go back to Duke and be working out and throwing there. I think it is a different kind of work, but it will be working towards getting right for training camp.

Q: Do you feel more comfortable now?
A: I think for me, a big thing is seeing defenses and seeing routes. Just how they open up and making those decisions. For a quarterback, you want to make the right decision as quick as you can. That has a lot to do with defense anticipating a coverage and being able to get the ball out on time. I think I have gotten better with that but still have a lot of room to improve. I think just seeing things and reacting have gotten better.

Q: Do you feel what you have done in college has translated over?
A: I think a lot of the concepts and the way to teach has been something that I have been able to build off of and something that I have had experience doing. I think there is so much more of it here. There are that many more concepts and that much more defensive looks. There is all so much more. The practice and the exposure to going through and reading a concept was something I was lucky enough to be taught in college.

Q: Do you think you are competing for playing time? Is there anything you can do to convince the coaches you should be playing earlier than the plan?
A: I donít think that is my focus right now. I think in this offseason, all of our focus is on just improving and being better than the day before. That is certainly my mindset. We are all trying to put ourselves in a position to succeed. My focus right now is to be better than the day I was before.

Q: Is it difficult to prepare the same way? You could fare very well but not be the starter?
A: I donít think it would be a different mindset. As a rookie, a young guy coming in, I have so much to learn and plenty to focus on. Just kind of here in this moment in todayís practice and tomorrowís practice. I definitely keep focused on that. Just improving day to day is my more immediate focus.

Q: Is the bottom line for you just being able to be ready to play when called upon?
A: I think so. I think I certainly trust the plan and want to be ready.

Q: Are you close to that do you feel?
A: I donít know. I think I have certainly made progress and am a lot closer than I was the first week of OTAís. I think that is positive. As far as am I ready, ready, I am not sure, I have never played. I am improving and making progress. That is positive.

Q: Do you bounce stuff off of Eli?
A: I think it is a collection of people as well, as Alex and Kyle. They are dynamic in the quarterback room where we are always bouncing ideas off of each other and hearing everyone. Everyone has a thought and I think we work well figuring those things out. Something we certainly do.

Q: Has anything surprised you so far?
A: Not really. I think it is just a daily process and learning as much as you can. I am not really surprised.
Vanilla with the media  
Canton : 6/11/2019 7:06 pm : link
Just like Eli.
RE: Vanilla with the media  
mfsd : 6/11/2019 7:22 pm : link
In comment 14469807 Canton said:
Just like Eli.

Yup, heís got the Crash Davis ďjust happy to be here, hope I can help the ballclubĒ jib down well already.
RE: Vanilla with the media  
PatersonPlank : 6/11/2019 7:29 pm : link
In comment 14469807 Canton said:
Just like Eli.

Yep, liked how he included Tanney and Lauletta into his response. Future politician.
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