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Jared Lorenzen passed away today

El Pollo Diablo : 7/3/2019 4:13 pm
per Pat Trainas Twitter

condolences to the family. RIP hefty lefty.
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Met him  
kennyd : 7/3/2019 5:55 pm : link
at an event the Giants hold for Special Olympics back in 07. Really nice guy. Spent a lot of time with the kids, someone talked him into throwing a long pass to one of the WRs (don't remember who, a practice squad kid I believe) and he laughed and did it. Had to be 70+ yards in the air. Huge arm. Smiled and laughed the whole time. RIP. Damn 38 is too young.
Thats rough  
Jim Bur(n)t : 7/3/2019 5:58 pm : link
KingBlue : 7/3/2019 6:00 pm : link
Giants fans mourn worldwide for one of ours... he was one of us and here for some of the biggest moments...
Nitro : 7/3/2019 6:04 pm : link
Hsilwek92 : 7/3/2019 6:05 pm : link
RIP. Way too young.
How many guys his size  
WillieYoung : 7/3/2019 6:08 pm : link
played D1 QB?

My condolences to his family and friends.
truly one of my favorite Giants, RIP  
gtt350 : 7/3/2019 6:19 pm : link
Too too young  
HoustonGiant : 7/3/2019 6:20 pm : link
RIP Lefty
yup way too young  
Torrag : 7/3/2019 6:21 pm : link
RIP and condolences to his family and friends.
mrvax : 7/3/2019 6:28 pm : link
Prayers to his family.
feel real bad reading this news  
Poktown Pete : 7/3/2019 6:32 pm : link
Didn't know about his post football weight battle. Very sad end for an illustrious Giant. By all accounts he was a great guy, cared about others, and was well liked. My heart goes out to his family.

And while it's not important in the grand scheme of things, I will always smile remembering the Patriot dude he trucked, Brandon Jacobs style.
John in Loudoun : 7/3/2019 6:42 pm : link
Very sad for his family. 38 is so freaking young.
BBelle21 : 7/3/2019 6:49 pm : link
So sad. I liked the Hefty Lefty. For some reason, I just remember him during that SB 42 run. Sorry for his family. Too young
Mr. Nickels : 7/3/2019 7:18 pm : link

This really hits close to home..
38 is much too young  
steve in ky : 7/3/2019 7:20 pm : link
Very sad news
Awful news  
Blue21 : 7/3/2019 7:20 pm : link
very sad.
He was a lot of fun to watch play.  
Motley Two : 7/3/2019 7:25 pm : link
Really likable too.
Link - ( New Window )
Sad but as I commented on the other thread his illness, septic shock  
plato : 7/3/2019 7:27 pm : link
and multiorgan failure carried a >75% mortality. At 500 lbs or so mortality would be predicted at >99%. Sad for a young man to die so badly from infection and shock. But we do see it in young people with influenza, or those young people with depressed immune systems, etc. Big determinant, as I commented in other thread. of outcome in septic shock is underlying disease. Morbid obesity is a terrible underlying disease.

May his family be comforted in their grief.
So Sad  
noro9 : 7/3/2019 7:36 pm : link
Much too young. Rest in Peace
Rest in peace, big man  
Geomon : 7/3/2019 7:36 pm : link
Steve in ATL : 7/3/2019 7:39 pm : link
Very sad news.
This is terribly sad. God bless  
rdt288 : 7/3/2019 8:26 pm : link
That is sad.  
St. Jimmy : 7/3/2019 8:30 pm : link
Young guy with a family.

He was a fun guy to have on the team at a time where the Giants were a blast to follow.
RE: Once a Giant, Always a Giant  
KeoweeFan : 7/3/2019 8:35 pm : link
In comment 14490958 Diver_Down said:
RIP, Jared.

A giant of a Giant, and I mean that in the most positive way; physically and as a likable and inspirational teammate in NY and in Kentucky.
Condolences to family and friends.
Hopefully his legacy will be that he was a UK record setter.
Round Mound of Touchdowns.  
sober297 : 7/3/2019 8:37 pm : link
Rest in Peace.
That's terribly sad.  
j_rud : 7/3/2019 9:18 pm : link
Reading the reports last night didn't not paint a good picture, and I was really hoping to not open BBI to find a thread like this pinned. Two children, - teen and a 10 yr old. Just awful...
Very sad.  
Dave in Hoboken : 7/3/2019 9:24 pm : link
Very sad for him, and even sadder for his family.  
BlueLou'sBack : 7/3/2019 9:40 pm : link
This country, make that modern medicine in general and perhaps our spiritual leaders too as folks follow and believe or don't, need to do more to help folks with all types of mental illnesses including addictions.

It's an area far far too much neglected.
A giant of a Giant passed away today  
KeoweeFan : 7/3/2019 9:46 pm : link
Jared Lorenzen died this afternoon.
It is unfortunate that his tragic problems with his inability to control his weight will probably live long after his accomplishments.

"The Hefty Lefty" nickname was cool when he was setting University of Kentucky records:

Popular around Lexington for his outgoing personality, Lorenzen was listed at 6-foot-4 and 275 pounds his senior season and known by several nicknames including "The Hefty Lefty." The Covington, Kentucky, native holds school records including 10,637 offensive yards on 1,793 plays from 2000-03. He also tops UK passing marks for yards (10,354) and attempts (1,514), including a record 321 throws in 2000.

Lorenzen started at UK as a true Freshman. He accomplished his records despite what was clearly a serious eating disorder. Being 275 pounds obviously did not account for those passing records.
(We mourn for Karen Carpenter, but make fun of "fatsos".)

He was undrafted yet made the Giants 53, and was named the back up QB on a team that won the Super Bowl.
He had some meaningful snaps:

Lorenzen made his second appearance on Sunday, January 7, 2007, in the Giants' wild card loss against the Philadelphia Eagles. On the Giants' opening drive, he lined up at quarterback on a third-and-one and got the first down, "shifting the pile" in the process, on the way to a Giants touchdown.[13]

His outgoing personality (and intelligence) went over well in the locker room.

This was in the era of "specialty players". Colonel Tom only kept 2 QBs. Jared was a personal favorite of mine and I hoped he would fill the role of of an Alex Webster - "It's 3rd and 1; try and stop me." It was a pipe dream.

Jared leaves a family; 38 is too young to go (I can double his age).

RIP, the Giant's GIANT.
Banks : 7/3/2019 10:19 pm : link
I was a fan of his in college. He was very fun to watch and he was talented. It's a shame he could never get healthy. I think there was one offseason where he shed a decent amount of weight, but he eventually put much of it back on and then it snowballed when he was cut. I feel bad for him and his family. RIP
ripdumaine : 7/3/2019 10:58 pm : link
Hefty Lefty. Rough week for ex Giant Qb's. Wright get shot thankfully lives, now JL. Sad the show about him and his son hurts
Short video from E:60  
halfback20 : 7/3/2019 11:15 pm : link
Link - ( New Window )
He was probably considered a friend  
CT Charlie : 7/3/2019 11:31 pm : link
by everyone he ever met.
RE: feel real bad reading this news  
TC : 7/3/2019 11:32 pm : link
In comment 14491048 Poktown Pete said:
Didn't know about his post football weight battle. Very sad end for an illustrious Giant. By all accounts he was a great guy, cared about others, and was well liked. My heart goes out to his family.

And while it's not important in the grand scheme of things, I will always smile remembering the Patriot dude he trucked, Brandon Jacobs style.

That was 2005, and Monty Beisel was a reserve LB. I think Monty may still be trying to remove the cleat marks.

Jared just didn't run him over, he flew around left end after, I believe, the play collapsed. He had very quick feet, and was as fast as anyone I've seen of that size and build. Still think he might have been used as a role player in a specialty running game.
Sad News  
Bleedin Blue : 7/3/2019 11:49 pm : link
Prayers for his family  
uconngiant : 7/4/2019 12:26 am : link
May he RIP

Oh that sucks  
Ralph.C : 7/4/2019 1:32 am : link
Rest In Peace Pillsbury throw boy!
A true champion -  
Diver_Down : 7/4/2019 6:27 am : link
Without his contributions, the Helmet Catch might not have happened. #13 will be remembered for his contributions to the championship team
Dave : 7/4/2019 7:16 am : link
Super Bowl Champion
Sad. So the #2 QB in SB42 passes away and the #3 QB gets  
Ivan15 : 7/4/2019 7:34 am : link
shot in the same week!
bc4life : 7/4/2019 9:10 am : link
Very sad
A not-original, modified prayer for Jared  
OldGiantsFan : 7/4/2019 9:42 am : link

May you rest in the arms of the Lord, who formed you from the dust of the earth.

May he forgive all your sins and set you among those he has chosen.

May you see your Redeemer face to face and enjoy the vision of God forever.

Poktown Pete : 7/4/2019 12:44 pm : link
Amen indeed.
This was pretty cool  
George from PA : 7/4/2019 12:53 pm : link
RE: This was pretty cool  
Diver_Down : 7/4/2019 1:32 pm : link
In comment 14491743 George from PA said:

Yep, that was the basis for the linked article and my comment at 6:37 am
RIP sir.  
Snifflenick : 7/4/2019 3:33 pm : link
The Giants are one big family and as all families do, we shall mourn your loss..
So sad..  
prdave73 : 7/4/2019 6:01 pm : link
BigBlueCane : 7/5/2019 5:59 am : link
RE: This was pretty cool  
Jimmy Googs : 7/5/2019 8:00 am : link
In comment 14491743 George from PA said:

good stuff

RE: This was pretty cool  
short lease : 7/14/2019 5:04 am : link
In comment 14491743 George from PA said:

I would have never guessed that they worked on that sort of thing .... dam.
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