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NGT: DB Jalen Thompson goes to Cardinals in round 5

Defenderdawg : 7/10/2019 1:53 pm
Rob Rang (@RobRang)
7/10/19, 1:51 PM
Source: Washington State DB Jalen Thompson was selected in the 5th round by the Arizona Cardinals.

The supplemental draft is ongoing, though the four other players eligible are not expected to be selected. If unselected, they will be street free agents at draft's end.
would have been an interesting pickup as a 5th or later  
Eric on Li : 7/10/2019 1:59 pm : link
the athletic had a very solid write-up on him.
I wonder if the Giants put in a bid for him  
bigfish703 : 7/10/2019 2:08 pm : link
Is there any way to find out?
In 2-3 years, maybe sooner,  
BlueLou'sBack : 7/10/2019 2:30 pm : link
we'll see who is better, Thompson or Corey Ballentine or Julian Love.
I wonder what the Packers bid?  
Klaatu : 7/10/2019 3:28 pm : link
Cards had priority over Giants so...  
Mike in St. Louis : 7/10/2019 5:28 pm : link
Giants would have had to use their fourth round pick to have gotten him..,
I really doubt they  
allstarjim : 7/10/2019 6:01 pm : link
Would've made a play on him given the number of picks they have used on DB already. Ballentine, Love, Beal, and Baker, to supplement the existing roster. Pretty stout.

Let's hope for a lot of INTs this year!
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