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All American (tv show)

Tim in Eternal Blue : 7/10/2019 9:32 pm
Anybody watch this? About former Giant Spencer Paysinger. It's pretty good. I'm on episode 3 or 4.
My wife watches it  
BigBlueDownTheShore : 7/10/2019 9:57 pm : link
Her friend is the executive producer and his husband is the creator and producer.
It's a fun show  
AJ23 : 7/11/2019 9:32 am : link
Like a mix of The Hills and Friday Night Lights. Looks like season 2 starts in October.
i watched  
lightemup : 7/11/2019 9:59 am : link
for about 10 episodes. Started off really good then got to be too beverly hills 90210-ish. Had to give up on it, which is something I dont do often after d
26.2 : 7/11/2019 10:13 am : link
I found it entertaining, but some of the scenarios the characters were going through were ridiculous.
I watched hoping it would be as good as FNL....and in some respects  
GiantBlue : 7/11/2019 2:12 pm : link
it has. I find the gang interplay with the main character and his family/friends interesting. There are 90120 elements in the storyline, but they had to build that kind of scenario to show the two worlds that the main character has to balance.

I liked it and will watch season 2! Taye Diggs is awesome anyway!
they based a TV show on.....Spencer Paysinger????  
Greg from LI : 7/11/2019 2:15 pm : link
RE: they based a TV show on.....Spencer Paysinger????  
madgiantscow009 : 7/11/2019 2:44 pm : link
In comment 14496749 Greg from LI said:

greg jones was the better college player, but Spencer proved to be more serviceable as a pro. That said, I would have gone with Philip Dillard for All American.
boy, have we ever had some awful groups of linebackers  
Greg from LI : 7/11/2019 3:53 pm : link
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