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NFT: Another restaurant recommendation thread... Sarasota, FL

aimrocky : 7/16/2019 6:29 pm
Taking the entire family down to Sarasota. My folks are snow birds but only do Italian (which has been difficult to find in Sarasota) or the Beach House near Siesta Key. If we leave the restaurant choices up to my family, we値l be eating mediocre Italian all week. Any good recommendations? We池e a big group with 2 kids, both under 6. Non-Italian is preferred, because I知 sure my father has tried every Italian place in the area.
GruningsOnTheHill : 7/16/2019 6:47 pm : link
I like Pho Cali in downtown Sarasota, as well as Two Seoritas, which is particularly good Mexican fare. If you do want Italian, Il Panificio on Main St has the best pizza in the area. I also like a place on Longboat Key called Bayou Tavern owned by two eccentric guys from northern Italy. Also a place called The Shore on St Armand's Circle.

There are a ton of good restaurants in the area, depending on price and your preferred cuisine.
aimrocky : 7/16/2019 6:55 pm : link
We池e probably targeting more casual dining. We値l likely pick one night to do an upscale dinner (probably reserved for the best Italian place).

Mexican, seafood or anything authentic to the area (Cuban?) would be great, although we壇 be open to any type.
floridafan : 7/16/2019 7:26 pm : link
Columbia for cuban is very good.
I like their seafood too.
Why the hell are you visiting in July?  
Zeke's Alibi : 7/16/2019 7:26 pm : link
I barely want to leave my place in July/August.
RE: Why the hell are you visiting in July?  
aimrocky : 7/16/2019 7:40 pm : link
In comment 14500141 Zeke's Alibi said:
I barely want to leave my place in July/August.

Yeah I fully expect it to be unbearably hot. My folks have a house, which makes vacationing with two kids much easier.
St Armand痴 circle area  
flycatcher : 7/16/2019 7:49 pm : link
has some nice restaurants and bars, it痴 a pretty cool place for evenings/nights out.
In Siesta they opened a new  
bigblue18 : 7/16/2019 8:27 pm : link
restaurant called MVP, worth a look it was excellent
GP : 7/16/2019 9:33 pm : link
Owen's Fish Camp downtown is a great little seafood place with a unique vibe in their outdoor area, fun place. Great shrimp and grits.

For breakfast, Station 400. There's one in Lakewood Ranch too I believe.

I'm not sure if still offered, but the concession stand at Lido Beach has a very good lobster roll on Sundays only, value-priced too.
Answered earlier on my phone  
GruningsOnTheHill : 7/16/2019 10:20 pm : link
and I missed that you don't want Italian...

Columbia on St Armand's as mentioned is a fun Cuban restaurant for a group, but the food is really pretty ordinary. My revised recommendations for a larger group/kids would be: Shore on St Armand's; Yummy House (Chinese), Pho Cali (Chinese/Vietnamese), and Two Seoritas in Sarasota; Dry Dock on my home island of Longboat Key.
For Breakfast  
allstarjim : 7/17/2019 12:51 am : link
If you go to The Broken Egg in Lakewood Ranch you have a good chance of meeting Dick Vitale. And it's a great breakfast with great bloody Mary's, even on the off-chance that Dickey V isn't there. He's a regular, though, and very friendly and happy to say hello or take a photo. Dickey V is one of the best.

Siesta Key Oyster Bar (SKOB) for Oysters, or try a local favorite in Monk's for the same. SKOB will usually have some pretty good daytime entertainment.

You will be doing yourself a great disservice if you don't go to Yoder's for some of the best friend chicken you've ever had. It's an Amish place, and everything is from scratch, and you'll want to grab a pie. Peanut Butter Cream Pie is my favorite and it's friggin orgasmic.

Stop... recognize and listen...because you'll want to stop by Geier's Sausage Kitchen and Deli. Truly authentic German fare by 1st generation German immigrants. No preservatives, everything is butchered in-house. Do not be afraid of trying the blood tongue (yes, seriously). And they will give you samples complementary of anything you want to try. The All-beef salami is the best I've ever had. And don't be afraid of the herring, either, just some really good exotic eats. Get some cold cuts to go and head to Calusa Brewing for some fantastic craft beer, or Jdubs in Bradenton. If you're a beer enthusiast, go to both, you won't be disappointed.

Go to The Salty Dog on Longboat Key. There are multiple locations, but make sure you do the one on Longboat to dine on the water. More of a lunch spot. Very pretty, good drinks if you want to have a nice Pina Colada or something, and if you are down with a hot dog, The Salty Dog is a beer battered hot dog and is a total guilty pleasure. You can get it loaded with pastrami a la Adam Richmond of Man V Food, but beware, you won't want dinner that night.

For fine dining, the Crab & Fin in downtown is a great choice, or the Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse, also downtown. I've heard great things also about Duval's but have never dined there.

I second St. Armand's, kind of touristy but Columbia is very good, you'll want to try the rice pudding dessert, and I'm not even a rice pudding kind of guy.

Trust me on this, try some of these, there are culinary delights all over town but this is just a snapshot. Enjoy and please report back about your experiences. I live outside of Tampa but the wife and I LOVE Sarasota and these are our favorites, and we go there fairly often.


Great info!  
aimrocky : 7/17/2019 6:36 am : link
Really appreciate all of the responses!
TyreeHelmet : 7/17/2019 8:48 am : link
I also recommend Owens Fish Camp. Great spot. Jack Dusty at the Ritz is also great food- all 3 meals. Really loved that place.
If you want to go a little farther up ...  
BronxBob : 7/17/2019 2:09 pm : link
... than Longboat Key (but not that much farther) there's Beach Bistro on Anna Maria Island (Holmes Beach). It's probably in the "fine dining" - and great wine list - category.
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