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Thursday Night Football: Fan or not?

SFGFNCGiantsFan : 7/16/2019 8:17 pm
I was having convo with buddy this past weekend what'd we do if we were NFL commish for a day. We both agreed that getting rid of Thursday Night Football would be high on our list of priorities. The game are often very sloppy, players are more at risk of injury, & there's something to be said for over saturation of NFL football.

We also thought the league should expand roster sizes & keep it at 16 games instead of going to 18.

I know the NFL never will get rid of it-$-but I'm not a fan.

How about you?
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Honestly I don't understand all the complaining...  
sxdxca : 7/16/2019 9:09 pm : link
You guys should be happy for any football, whether a game is played on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Its all good.

Just be grateful that your given any games to watch...
Like it. The more football the better.  
RDJR : 7/16/2019 9:10 pm : link
Iím both a Giants fan and a football fan.
No sir. Don't like it.  
Poktown Pete : 7/16/2019 9:20 pm : link
big fan  
larryinnewhaven : 7/16/2019 9:42 pm : link
great way to start the weekend early in the fall
RE: I would absolutely be ok with it if both teams  
smshmth8690 : 7/16/2019 9:58 pm : link
In comment 14500220 bradshaw44 said:
Were coming off a bye week. Other than that I hate it for the health reasons and the poor play due to them being gassed from playing three days before.

^^^ This sums it up for me, but I watch every play of every Thursday night game. If I can't watch live, I record it, and watch it later. I also don't have to get up early for work, so there's that too.
used to watch every game that was on local tv.  
madgiantscow009 : 7/16/2019 10:20 pm : link
but I really don't like the league anymore, will only watch Giants.
Hate it  
giantsFC : 7/16/2019 10:33 pm : link
Itís hard to get into football on a Thursday night.

Also can really screw up fantasy football if you play and get busy
Excuse to go out with the guys  
George from PA : 7/16/2019 10:34 pm : link
So what the footballs lousey
Yeah, I hate the idea of watching...  
Maryland Giant : 7/16/2019 10:37 pm : link extra game a week.

Jesus some of you people are pussies.
Screw up Fantasy Football???  
Maryland Giant : 7/16/2019 10:39 pm : link
Man I miss the 80ís.
Boo Thursday Night Football  
NBGblue : 7/16/2019 10:41 pm : link
Hooray Beer !!!
RE: Yeah, I hate the idea of watching...  
Hsilwek92 : 7/16/2019 10:41 pm : link
In comment 14500318 Maryland Giant said:
Quote: extra game a week.

Jesus some of you people are pussies.

How, exactly, does someoneís preference to not have games on Thursday nights make them a Ďpussyí?
The quality of the games is shit  
Sneakers O'toole : 7/16/2019 10:50 pm : link
Which sort of defeats the point of pro football, to see the game at it's highest level.

Something their leadership would be wise to re-learn. Because eventually people will decide that there is no point in a watered down pro game.
RE: Hate  
Tuckrule : 7/16/2019 11:01 pm : link
In comment 14500191 AcidTest said:
it. All regular season NFL games should be played on Sunday. No MNF. No games on Thanksgiving.

I love thanksgiving football. Whole family watches as you feast. Whatís better!!!
Not a fan at all.  
Red Dog : 7/16/2019 11:01 pm : link
Games should be weekends and Monday nights. Dump Thursday except for Thanksgiving.
I hate it almost as much as I hate  
CT Charlie : 7/16/2019 11:05 pm : link
fantasy football.
I really think..  
FatMan in Charlotte : 7/16/2019 11:06 pm : link
if you took a pool of all football fans, there would be very few who absolutely love Thursday games. Some will probably say they will watch, but the majority will say they don't like it or that they hate it.

But I really don't think the NFL cares.
I don't watch many PM football games  
Torrag : 7/16/2019 11:21 pm : link
There's much more interesting stuff on tap at that time of the evening /cough
The more football, the better  
Vanzetti : 7/17/2019 5:50 am : link
The stuff about the bad games is completely overblown

And if that were the case, just have teams coming off the bye play on Thurs
I loathe it.  
truebluelarry : 7/17/2019 6:15 am : link
I only watch when the Giants are playing.

Hate it when the Giants play  
aimrocky : 7/17/2019 6:39 am : link
But Iím fine with it. I wonít complain about having viewing options. If the matchup stinks, I find something else to watch.
I hate irregularity, even in football.  
Ivan15 : 7/17/2019 6:39 am : link
Goddell is a total dumfuq  
Coach Red Beaulieu : 7/17/2019 7:19 am : link
Less is more. Especially in this day and age of disparate media and entertainment options, football being centered around Sunday is powerful and necessary branding.
It's fine with me  
ron mexico : 7/17/2019 7:34 am : link
Gives me the option to watch a game I most likely would not watch if it were on Sunday.
Teams should be coming off a bye  
gmenatlarge : 7/17/2019 8:04 am : link
to play on Thursday, there is not enough time to recover from a Sunday game.
Hate it  
cjac : 7/17/2019 8:05 am : link
Football is for Sundays
Like it  
Jim in Forest Hills : 7/17/2019 8:12 am : link
but would like better matchups.
Hate it...  
vonritz : 7/17/2019 8:18 am : link
and won't watch even if the Giants play.
Hate it  
pjcas18 : 7/17/2019 8:23 am : link
in fact I'm so curmudgeonly at this point in my life, I only like 1pm on Sunday or game of the week at 4:25.

I don't like Sunday night, Monday night, or Thursday night football.

I do like the Thanksgiving games, just don't like the Giants playing in one. And get rid of the 3rd Thanksgiving game.

Thanksgiving yes  
LakeGeorgeGiant : 7/17/2019 8:25 am : link
Every Thursday? no.

I'm fine with MNF.
Thursday games suck!  
Tark10 : 7/17/2019 8:53 am : link
Too much of anything is a bad thing. Goodell seems to disagree.
I watch one  
Harvest Blend : 7/17/2019 9:30 am : link
Thursday night game a year. Maybe.

Player safety my ass.
I can't stand Thursday night games  
PatersonPlank : 7/17/2019 9:41 am : link
I used to be a  
Mike in Long Beach : 7/17/2019 10:08 am : link
"the more football, the better" guy.

Now I'm not a fan. If I have nothing going on I'll put it on (and obviously I'll watch all Giants gams on Thursdays) but for the most point I think it's bad for the game. Not to mention fantasy football people have to worry about their line-ups way earlier. Poor bastards.
RE: I really think..  
dep026 : 7/17/2019 10:11 am : link
In comment 14500338 FatMan in Charlotte said:

But I really don't think the NFL cares.

This is all that needs to be said on this and many other topics.
Don't hate it  
Gman11 : 7/17/2019 10:22 am : link
but don't watch it either.
Words never before put together in the same sentence  
Greg from LI : 7/17/2019 10:26 am : link
Man, I really missed Maryland Giant and am thrilled he's posting again!
puts two games  
bc4life : 7/17/2019 10:28 am : link
too close together
RE: Words never before put together in the same sentence  
FatMan in Charlotte : 7/17/2019 10:30 am : link
In comment 14500549 Greg from LI said:
Man, I really missed Maryland Giant and am thrilled he's posting again!

The very few posters on this thread supporting Thursday night games confirms my suspicions about their level of intelligence.
I've been to a Thursday game, and I like fantasy football..  
TheEvilLurker : 7/17/2019 10:40 am : link
That said, I hate Thursday games. The environment isn't right, the games usually turn into a mismatch, and it's a risk to player safety.

Keep Thanksgiving games and stop the rest.
I love it...  
trueblueinpw : 7/17/2019 12:44 pm : link
Itís a chance to watch the NFL. Pretty much the long and short it for me is whether or not youíre an NFL fan.
I hate Thursday night NFL games  
BigBlueDownTheShore : 7/17/2019 12:46 pm : link
I loved when Thursday Night College Games were the only games on.

College the formula works, in the NFL it sucks.
Hate it  
River Mike : 7/17/2019 1:22 pm : link
in every way possible Ö terrible for the players, terrible for the fans who have to work all day and then go to work the next morning, terrible for the fans who have family get togethers on Sundays, but now miss that on the weeks where their team plays Thursday. Its also bad for the teams they play the following week and have to face a very rested opponent.

As far as Thanksgiving, I respect the tradition and some of the above don't apply. But I remain furious that the damn Cowboys get that benefit EVERY Thanksgiving, its not fair to the rest of the league. I can understand the Lions because they were the original and I'm ok with the tradition Ö also they're not in the Giants division *grin*
As long as the Giants are not playing...  
Brown_Hornet : 7/17/2019 2:27 pm : link's fine.
over exposure killed pro boxing  
Jersey55 : 7/17/2019 4:36 pm : link
and the same thing could happen to pro football, greed by the owners could be the same as suicide to the game...
Should come after a bye week  
MetsAreBack : 7/18/2019 9:33 pm : link
And doesnít need to be every single week (Ďfairnessí of every team getting one when the cowboys and lions are home on Thursday every year makes no sense)

But otherwise Iím fine with it - you wouldnít watch an extra Sunday 1pm game that itís subtracting from anyway so no downside

Oh and why the fuck wonít they give teams a second bye week?
RE: over exposure killed pro boxing  
MetsAreBack : 7/18/2019 9:34 pm : link
In comment 14501004 Jersey55 said:
and the same thing could happen to pro football, greed by the owners could be the same as suicide to the game...

Definition of a stretch (but the commonalities with head injuries and the impact that might have are there ... so...)
RE: RE: over exposure killed pro boxing  
Jersey55 : 7/20/2019 4:22 pm : link
In comment 14501854 MetsAreBack said:
In comment 14501004 Jersey55 said:


and the same thing could happen to pro football, greed by the owners could be the same as suicide to the game...

Definition of a stretch (but the commonalities with head injuries and the impact that might have are there ... so...)

I was referring to the over exposure of too many game in a week and now the owners want more games...
Can they not expand there season one calendar week?  
LauderdaleMatty : 7/20/2019 4:55 pm : link
The new CBA is coming up . 16 games. 2 buys. If safety is so fucking important a 2nd buy makes more sense. And w that then now team should ever play on 3 days rest? Is that so undoable?
Always watch Giants on Thursday night and meaningful games otherwise  
Rick in Dallas : 7/20/2019 6:21 pm : link
I pass on other Thursday night games
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