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Wednesday Media Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/24/2019 12:31 pm
Opening Statement: “Welcome back. You got a chance to see the second day of our rookie camp. We did two this year instead of three. I felt like we got a lot of good work with the rookies in the spring. Felt like the last couple days was a continuation of what they learned in the spring, but also going back to the first installs as they go through their first year. As you know, the veterans will report here in a couple of hours and then we’ll be off to the races. We’re excited to get going. A lot of changes, as we all talked about this offseason. But we look forward to getting out on the practice field and getting after it, getting ready to play our first game and the games that follow. I’ll take your questions.”

Q: On Darius Slayton not practicing
A: “Yeah, he just tweaked his hamstring a little bit (yesterday). Nothing serious. He’ll be back soon.”

Q: Will Slayton start on the PUP?
A: “No.”

Q: Any guys expected to start on PUP?
A: “We’ll see.”

Q: Nate Solder on PUP?
A: “No. No. He’ll be going.”

Q: Mike Remmers on PUP?
A: “Solder and Remmers will be going. I don’t see any of those guys, as we develop our list of guys that you’re curious about, that it’ll be any extended time.”

Q: The players have talked about the benefits of being in the second year of the system. What do you get out of this being the second year?
A: “I talked about it in the spring, but basically I have a better idea of our team and how our team responds to adversity. How they push through. I have a lot better feel for my coaching staff and I have a lot better feel for our opponents that we’re going to play on a yearly basis. We have a better feel for that. We feel like we’re developing a winning team. We’ll just go out and get to work.”

Q: What have you learned about Daniel Jones since he was drafted as a player and a person?
A: “I’ve learned quite a bit. None of it really surprised us in a negative way. He’s very smart. He’s one of the first guys in, one of the last guys to leave. He gets it from that standpoint. He throws the ball well, moves around well, he executes at a high level out there on the practice field. Training camp is the next step as we prepare for the preseason games and getting him ready to play so that he’s ready to go when it’s his time.”

Q: What do you want to see from Jones this summer in training camp and in the preseason games, overall?
A: “Well, continue to grow. I think it’s important that he learns something new every day. A lot of what he’s doing, he’s doing for the first time. And it’s really a process. You go from not even practicing against a defense, to against your own defense, then you put the pads on, and then you’re involved in preseason games. As we go through all of the steps, see him have success.”

Q: Is he about where you’d expect as a rookie in his first camp, or has he exceeded your expectations at all?
A: “In my mind, he has exceeded expectations. He’s very smart. I think as everybody gets to know him…We had more of the information about Daniel Jones than some of the people that covered him. We’re less surprised about things than maybe some other people are because we knew he could throw the ball. We knew he could move around. We knew he was smart. We knew he was tough. So we knew all of those things, and he hasn’t disappointed us in any of those areas.”

Q: In what way has he exceeded your expectations?
A: “We really haven’t seen anything that he can’t do in terms of playing quarterback. Now it’s just a matter of going out and doing it.”

Q: Is the expectation that he’ll split second-team reps, or could he get some first-team reps this summer?
A: “We’ll see how that goes. We have a plan for that. It’ll sort of reveal itself. The good news about training camp is you’ll be there for everything, step by step, so you can watch it with me.”

Q: What do you think overall of the group that has been assembled for you to coach this year?
A: “I’ve enjoyed working with this group to this point. We talk about being a team, being tough, sticking together and then finishing. We want high-character guys that also have some character. We feel like that’s sort of been the message going through. It’s just about building a team and everybody doing their job and counting on the guy next to them to do their job.”

Q: Is Kyle Lauletta good to go? He was limited in the spring with the knee.
A: “Yeah, he’s full go.”

Q: What are the expectations for Kyle during training camp?
A: “I don’t know about expectations, but he’s going to get his reps, and he needs to make sure he does the best he can with each one of them. As a young player, we’ve certainly seen growth in him throughout the first season. And we expect him to continue to grow.”

Q: Is there anything you can do to get Eli and the offense ready to play well at the start of the season? There have been slow starts the past few seasons.
A: “I think it’s important that the whole team plays well to start. There are reasons why last year, from an offensive standpoint, we were a little unsettled up front. We’ve all seen and talked about how when you’re unsettled up front, how that can affect your whole team. I don’t know if that answers your question.”

Q: What is the approach to handling Eli this summer in his second year in this offense?
A: “I think, for him, it won’t appear to be anything different from what he’s experienced every other training camp. We’re going to train him and get him ready to play winning football.”

Q: To get the line ready to go right from the start, will you ramp up the physicality at any point this summer?
A: “I think we had a very physical camp a year ago. There’s a certain amount of physical periods that we all go through. I think what’s important is we go out and play good football. That unit needs to play well together. I think that goes without saying. We feel good about the progress that unit has made.”

Q: Is everyone here who is supposed to be here?
A: “Yes. I don’t anticipate anyone not being here, either. They’re going through the process of checking in right now. Unless someone got thrown out there, I anticipate everybody to be here.”

Q: On Odell’s recent comments about how the trade was handled…
A: “I really don’t have any reaction, other than I know when the trade was made, we felt like we went through it in a professional way. He was out of the country at the time when it happened, and we made efforts to get in touch with him. I know Dave (Gettleman) actually did speak to him, and I made efforts to get in touch with him, both through phone and text. But he was out of the country. Listen, I’ve said it all along, we’re hopeful that he can go to Cleveland and help them win football games and play good football. That’s really the gist of it.”
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