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Thursday Media Transcript: TE Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/25/2019 3:09 pm
TE Evan Engram -- July 25, 2019

Q: Youíve been around here for long, what impresses you about Daniel (Jones) from what you have seen at practice?
A: He answers really well. There will definitely be some mistakes made as a rookie, especially as a quarterback. He has a lot on his plate. There were a couple instances where heíd have a bad throw, or make a bad read, but heíd come back in and answer right away. Heís picking up the offense, picking up protections, and taking advantage of learning under Eli (Manning), you can tell. Heís definitely very impressive. He got a lot of work done in the spring and Iím excited to see him at camp.

Q: Is it different preparing for a season where you go into it with a starting quarterback, but by the end of the season it might be somebody different? Do you have to build chemistry with both quarterbacks?
A: No, whoever is at number one is who we are working with, and camp is a good time to mix personnels. Sometimes we might go with Daniel, and sometimes the twos might go with Eli. It kind of naturally happens. Our mindset is to be the best we can be no matter who is on the field. The coaches do a really good job of putting the guys out there who they are going to work with. It sometimes naturally happens, but itís not a purposeful thing that we try to work on.

Q: After your spring do you feel healthy and ready to go?
A: Yes, sir. I am ready to go. I am definitely excited to get out there and compete. Spring was not much fun watching those guys out there competing. I am excited to get back, and to get out there with them.

Q: After your first two years, what have you taken from that to build upon in the second year in this offense?
A: Last year taught me a lot about dealing with adversity. Knowing that everything happens for a reason, and also, how important it is to take care of my body. You have to be professional on the field and off in all aspects. I just hated missing time. It kind of taught me to do everything I can when Iím off the field to make sure that I stay on the field for my teammates. Also, with the xís and oís, the game has slowed down, so I am able to explore more opportunities with my game and work on some different things that are going to help me get open that will help with my running game, and small things like that. Definitely just the game slowing down, and learning how to take care of my body, I have definitely learned a lot through these past few years.

Q: Did you change anything in how you trained or how you recover when it comes to taking care of your body?
A: Yeah. Recovery is huge. I have always been full speed and full go training. I wouldnít be as diligent taking care of my body and allowing myself to recover. I am definitely learning about recovery, learning about supplements, and learning about what I am putting in my body and eating better. It makes a huge difference in my body, in my mood, and how I sleep, and everything. I definitely take a more diligent approach with my recovery.

Q: You looked quicker in the spring. Is that one of the byproducts of the changes you made?
A: Yeah. Definitely the work I put in, it definitely shows and I feel it. You want to keep that up, you want to keep building on that. Itís going to be big in staying consistent with that.

Q: Is there a point when you realized Saquon (Barkley) was something special?
A: I always say he just came in as a natural leader. That was a big thing that stood out to me. He is a gifted athlete, and especially when the pads came on last year you kind of saw his ability. But the thing that stood out to me last year was his natural leadership. Thatís what got me really excited and it pushed me as well. He is going to take it to a whole other level this year coming into year two.

Q: How much do you feel this offense will run through him?
A: I think we are going to have a really balanced attack. The other team is going to have to definitely account for him. The offensive line looks amazing, those guys have been working their butts off. Thatís going to help his game, and thatís going to help our offense become more dynamic. It is definitely going to be a balanced attack, and teams are going to have to deal with a lot of the talent that we have.

Q: Do you anticipate your role changing that much in the offense? You kind of got a little taste of life after Odell (Beckham) with those last four games, and they targeted you more doing different things with you. Do you anticipate that changing even further this year?
A: Thatís kind of an offense-wide mindset we have. There are going to be more opportunities for everybody. Weíve all been working our butts off this offseason, and the coaches have been doing a really good job putting together a game plan and giving the ball to our playmakers. Definitely for myself, and I know for my teammates and for the other playmakers on our team, we understand it is a big opportunity for all of us. We are going to have opportunities and it comes down to our preparation and stepping up in those opportunities.
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