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Thursday Media Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/25/2019 5:54 pm
QB Daniel Jones -- July 25, 2019

Q: How did you get ready for training camp?
A: I was back at Duke for a lot of it. Kind of back and forth from Duke to Charlotte. I felt like Duke was the best place for me to have guys to throw to. Coaches around, I got to spend some time with Coach Cutt and all those guys. I think just being there, being around those guys, being able to throw to guys, a couple older guys were back too. Just being around there I was able to do everything I needed to do.

Q: What are your expectations for the next few weeks?
A: First and foremost, just to improve as a player. I think helping this team improve is kind of where all of our focuses are right now. Individually, just to keep improving. I think today, and these earlier days is to pick up where we left off before we left in the spring. So, I think with the mindset, if everyone has that mindset, we will continue to make progress and we will be where we need to be in a couple weeks when we open up.

Q: How much further along are you since the draft?
A: I think I am a lot further along. Thinking back to rookie minicamp when I started, Iíve certainly made a lot of progress since. I think all the rookies have and should have to this point. Thereís still a lot to learn, a lot to do and I realize that. I think as a rookie class, the young guys have made good progress since the beginning and looking back I think thatís comforting.

Q: What specifically have you learned?
A: I think in the offense, just the scheme and executing the offense is a big part of it. Getting comfortable with what you are seeing from a defense. Getting comfortable with our concepts, our offense against certain looks and stuff like that. Just in the routine of it, the routine changes as we start camp, a little bit longer days. Just the routine of learning it, drilling it, reviewing it, repeating that process I think is helpful to have learned and got some exposure to.

Q: What have you learned from Eli so far?
A: A lot of it is the scheme of the offense. Someone who has been in it as long as he has. I think just how he studies and how he prepares is helpful for me to be around and just watching him in the meetings, watching him preparing for those meetings, you can learn a lot from that. Heís been very helpful to me and Iím very appreciative of what he has done for me.

Q: Do you think it will be an adjustment as far as waiting for reps and being at a different stage than you were in college?
A: I think thatís maybe a little bit of an adjustment for everyone. I think your reps are very meaningful, your reps are very important. Youíre still getting those reps and trying to make the most of them. I donít think thatís a huge adjustment, and just kind of your preparation for those reps. I think your mindset is very similar.

Q: You signed your contract late, was there any nervousness you would not be out there on the first day?
A: No, I think I was good. I wanted to be out here the first practice and glad we got it done and got that behind us. I wasnít going to miss a practice.

Q: How competitive are you and how driven are you to play as quickly as you can?
A: I think individually, like I said, my focus right now is to improve, particularly these next couple of days. I think itís to pick up where I left off, pick up where we left off and everyday to improve. What that looks like down the road, Iím not sure, but my focus is on improving today, improving tomorrow and kind of taking those steps.

Q: How much do you look at it as a competition every day and comparing yourself to the other quarterbacks in the room to see where you are?
A: Since I have gotten here in the spring, since we have started OTAís as a room, as a position group, weíve worked really well together. We have found a way to help each other, me in particular being the younger guy, we have found a way to kind of improve as a group, improve as a unit. That way helping the offense improve. I think seeing it as a competition against the defense right now, and just improving every day is where are focus is. I think that has been helpful so far in helping the team improve.

Q: We hear from coaches and players who go through it as rookies that it can be overwhelming for rookies especially rookie quarterbacks, so Iím just curious, has there been any moments that you felt a little overwhelmed or intimidated is there anything youíve done to kind of overcome that and make sure it doesnít happen?
A: Yeah, I would say you know definitely right now and you know probably for the foreseeable future that there will be ups and downs, good days, bad days. Youíll make mistakes and you know do things right. I mean I think you know whether it was a bad practice or whatever it was. I think itís always helpful to me to just focus a little harder you know put your head back down and go to work. I think thatís something that you learn early in football is just to, particularly at the quarterback position, if thereís something you didnít know, thereís something you didnít think of quick enough, thereís something you didnít react to at the right time, and I think that comes down to just knowing it and studying it. So I think that you know the most helpful solution to all of those things for me is just to kind of put my head down and focus back.

Q: Have you got to think through how you deal with the size of the market that youíre playing in and how that impacts youÖ
A: Yeah, you know Iíve thought about that and itís part of the position part of the role here and I certainty accept that and willing to take that on, so yeah Iíve had a couple conversations with Eli (Manning) about it and heís been helpful with it and heís obviously someone who dealt with it very well for a long time and you know thereís a lot to learn there. Itís part of the position and something Iím currently willing to accept.

Q: Have you prepared yourself because everyone says the speed of the game will pick up in the NFL? There might not be as many receiversí open, have you prepared yourself to face that?
A: Yeah, I think that is a big adjustment and you notice it even in OTAís and minicamp is the speed of everyone. The speed of DBís, speed of receivers, linebackers pass rushers, I think itís all faster and I think thatís very true. I think it places a premium being on time and delivering the ball accurately at quarterback. So, those are things that I have thought about I have tried to work on is delivering the ball accurately. So, I think thatís the biggest step and biggest adjustment in the program.

Q: Eli (Manning) talked about when he was a rookie it was about earning the respect of his teammates, especially the older ones, how do you go about doing that?
A: I think that first and foremost it all starts on the practice field. You know people take notice on how you play but maybe more importantly how you prepare and how well you know your stuff. When youíre stepping in the huddle, can you call the play clearly? Can you step up to the line, make the adjustments, make the right read? I think a lot of that for a rookie is the best way to earn respect and then also giving respect to the guys thatíve been here for a while and kind of done it, so I think thatís what Iím trying to do.

Q: Daniel, there will be moments later where you replace Eli (Manning) Have you thought about the best case scenario for when that will happen?
A: Iím not sure I have. Like I said, right now weíre focused on this training camp and you know what? As a group weíve done a good job kind of moving along with the team, moving along with the offense and as a group trying to push the offense forward. so what that looks like in the future is I donít know. But I think that is improving as a group. I think the team will move forward.
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