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Saturday Media Transcript: WR Sterling Shepard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/27/2019 2:25 pm
WR Sterling Shepard -- July 27, 2019

Q: How important was it for you to get right back to it and be on the field yesterday after the fracture?
A: Its big, I want to be around the guys. I donít want to just sit there all through camp. My legs work perfectly fine, so I can do everything but catch the ball.

Q: What exactly happened?
A: I was running a curl route and the ball just hit the tip of my finger and I knew right away that I broke it. I have broken this thumb before, so I knew what it felt like.

Q: Did it come out?
A: No, just a little pain. At first, I thought I may have jammed it really bad, but I thought there was a possibility that it was broken.

Q: How fortunate is it that this seems to be the best case?
A: Yeah, itís the best case. If itís misplaced, you have to get surgery. I missed all that, so thatís a good thing.

Q: How did you feel when you found out it wouldnít be that big of a deal?
A: I was pretty relieved. Now I give myself a shot to play week one and also I get to get out there and catch the ball, hopefully, in a couple weeks. Iím listening to the trainers and doing everything they have me doing.

Q: How do you the view the timeline of what you can do and when?
A: Hopefully in a couple weeks I get out of this deal (splint) and I will be able to catch the ball.

Q: You think in the preseason, or are you looking more towards the regular season?
A: I donít know, Iím listening to the trainers and whatever they have me doing. I havenít really asked them a specific timeline.

Q: Whatís the mood in the wide receiver room with your injury and Brittan Golden going down and Tate potentially being suspended?
A: In this league, itís a next man up mentality, thatís what you have to have. This is the sport of football, injuries are going to happen. The next guy has to be ready. I like to see that, guys that donít get a shot usually, have a chance to step and be big. A lot of times you will get some dogs, I feel like we have dogs in our room and they have an opportunity of a lifetime.

Q: When did you break it previously?
A: I broke it twice before this. Once in high school and I broke it in the cast actually that same time.

Q: Do you have any doubt that come September 8th you will be able to play?
A: Like I said, Iím just doing what they tell me to do. Iím confident I will be able to make it.

Q: With Goldenís impending suspension, can this offense function the way you guys want it to?
A: We will be fine. Like I said, we have guys that will step up. This is the NFL, everybody can play and they will have an opportunity to showcase their abilities.

Q: What have you observed about Golden on the field, is he similar to you, how is he different from you?
A: We are totally different people. He sets his routes up differently than I do. I would say we are similar in the way of size, but he plays pretty different.

Q: With the injury, does it amount to dealing with the pain after the splint comes off?
A: I really donít have any pain now. I canít imagine it will be too excruciating when I take this off. I will just deal with it when it happens.

Q: What was your reaction to the Tate news?
A: I just found out recently, but I donít know too much about it, so itís kind of hard for me to comment on. Praying for the best for him.
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