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Saturday Media Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shumur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/27/2019 2:30 pm
Head Coach Pat Shumur -- July 27, 2019

Opening Statement: First day of pads, so Iíll try to answer your questions.

Q: Thoughts on Golden Tateís four-game suspension?
A: I think heís going to have an appeal. I think he released a statement, so I really have nothing to add to that. Weíll just see what happens with it.

Q: How about the state of your wide receivers now, with your top two guys going down, plus Corey Coleman?
A: Weíll just wait and see what happens with Golden and his appeal. You guys saw [Sterling] Shep running around yesterday out there. Heís going to be fine. Weíve got other guys that are competing to make our team. We just keep moving.

Q: Whatís your confidence that [Golden] will be successful with his appeal?
A: I donít know, because I donít know much about it other thanÖ All along, heís been very honest with us aboutÖ When this situation arose, heís been very honest with us. Itís just getting to the point now where I think heís going to have his appeal.

Q: How long have you known about this situation?
A: We found out, it was certainly after we signed him.

Q: Do you plan on signing anybody that you worked out this morning?
A: Possibly. Weíll let the transactions speak for themselves. The guys that we worked out this morning are finishing up their physicals. So thereís a decent chance, if we can get that information relative to the physical, that theyíll be out there today. So weíll have to make a couple of moves.

Q: Have you been assured that Goldenís process will end in time for the regular season?
A: I donít know. I wish I could add to the statement. I really donít know much more about what was just released.

Q: He can continue to do everything, right?
A: Oh yeah. For him right now, itís business as usual. Heís out there practicing and getting ready to play. This really is between him and the league at this point. As an organization, weíll deal with it as it comes down the road.

Q: Thereís no reason for you to operate any different than business as usual with Golden.
A: No. Gosh no. Heís out there getting ready to play like the rest of the guys.

Q: Youíve talked about wanting to have an identity for the offensive line. What has [Kevin] Zeitler done for that?
A: Heís a very physical, very focused guy. If youíve been around him at all, thatís one of the things striking about him. Super focused. He told me he caught a muskie this summer. I know enough about fishing where they say it takes 10,000 casts to catch a muskie. So thatís a pretty focused guy. Yeah, I think thatís part of his charm, is his focus. Really in every drill we do, whether itís a walk-thru or practice setting, heís into it. Thatís a good thing.

Q: Youíve kind of thrown out the depth chart. Youíve been mixing in some of the guys who would normally be second-team, third-team and youíve been mixing them in with the first-team. With that approach, what are you worried about with this team and those guys in particular?
A: We feel like weíve got front-line guys. There are some guys that are competing for positions that itís good when theyíre going good on good. I think everybody rotates throughout camp, trying to get guys looks with the first group. We do that pretty much with all of the groups.

Q: First day in pads. How important is that for your guys, especially your linemen?
A: For the linemen, obviously, thatís where the focus will be. I think itís important that we practice smartly. You want to get better, but you want everybody to walk off the field together. Our guys know how to do that. Weíve got a lot of pros out here. Weíll be out there banging around. But this is the first time for the o-line and the d-line, and really for the guys in the front seven, to be able to play whatís almost like a game. We donít go to the ground. We donít low block. We donít tackle to the ground. I would say in most practice settings, itís almost or as close to being game-like as it can be.

Q: What have you seen with [Kevin] Zeitler and [Mike] Remmers on that right side? How have you seen them interacting and coming together, almost like the way Will [Hernandez] and Nate [Solder] had to do last year?
A: I think itís a solid, professional approach. These guys are pros. Theyíve done it, and theyíve played winning football. Theyíre accomplished guys. You see that focused professionalism from both of those guys. Theyíve worked well together to this point. They communicate well.

Q: Is it easier when itís two veterans, as opposed to last year on the left side where there was a rookie and a veteran?
A: Yeah. I look at it, and I watch the way theyíre working togetherÖ Listen, guys get beat once in a while. But I know those guys are working together and they know how to work together. I think thatís a good thing.

Q: Was that a predetermined thing to give Evan [Engram] some down days? Or was that in response to how he felt after the first day?
A: Yeah, weíre going to manage all of the guys. You saw out there that [Nate] Solder and [Mike] Remmers are getting most of the reps, but weíre rolling through. We want to be smart. I think we want to practice with the end in mind on some of these guys, so that we get them the work they need, and then also train some of the other guys.

Q: On Day Two, for him not to participate really at all in live drillsÖ
A: Whoís that? Evan? No, he was in live drills Day One.

Q: Iím saying in Day Two.
A: Yesterday he did. That was just our choice. As you, well maybe you didnít notice, but we had a much longer individual session yesterday where he got a lot of really good work. Because we did that, itís justÖ And weíre going to do that. I donít think that should be alarming for any player that may get a day here, because weíre not resting them. Theyíre out there. Weíre just working the throttle a little bit.

Q: It just seems strange on Day Two to do that. Does it have anything to do with his hamstring? Is that something you particularly want to keep an eye on during camp?
A: No, I donít think itís strange, number one, because within all of that, if youíre charting it, weíre kind of moving guys around and getting guys the work they need. I donít feel like itís strange. But weíll keep doing what we can to be smart with the guys. I hope I answered your question there.

Q: Is there something with the hamstring that you need to keep an eye on moving forward?
A: Weíll just watch him. Heís coming back from an injury, so weíre just going to be smart with him.

Q: Grant Haley limped off yesterday.
A: Cramps.

Q: Just cramps?
A: Oh yeah. Cramps. It was hot. He got cramped up. No concerns.

Q: Because Engramís workload was managed, that gave C.J. Conrad some first team reps. What did you see from CJ?
A: Yeah, heís done a good job. Heís kind of caught our eye as a rookie. Heís a tough, kind of gritty guy. I think the one thing about him, and you can say this about a lot of rookies, is he gets better with more reps. So heíll benefit [from that]. And heís a tough guy. He loves the reps. He benefits from it.

Q: Saquon [Barkley] seems a little more talkative just going through team drills this year. Is that something you noticed? Is that a good thing? What do you make of that?
A: I havenít noticed it, per se. He was into it and talkative a year ago. But now that youíve mentioned it, Iíll keep an eye on it.

Q: Dave [Gettleman] said you were going to have some guys in for a tryout today. Has it occurred yet?
A: It did. It happened this morning. The guys are finishing up their physicals. Weíre hopeful that itíll get finished up where we maybe make a move by this afternoon. So weíll see. And who those guys are, Iíll let it reveal itself.

Q: Is it a situation where, with the workout this morning, that itís as much a numbers game as anything else, where youíre not necessarily looking for guys that will immediately have a significant role at the top of the depth chart? Or can that be a possibility?
A: It can be. At this point, itís always a numbers game, because you want to be able to practice. But you want to bring in guys that belong on an NFL roster and have a chance to compete.

Q: What are your recollections of [Kevin] Zeitler coming out of college? Do you recall?
A: I remember he was a very accomplished player. I remember, at least going through the process, that he had that same kind of professional focus and approach to his work.
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