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Saturday Media Transcript: DL B.J. Hill

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/27/2019 2:34 pm
DL B.J. Hill -- July 27, 2019

Q: Have you changed anything when youíre training and coming off the rookie season and they say once you get through that rookie season itís an eye opener coming from the college game. Did you change anything to prepare you for your next season?
A: I wouldnít say Iíve changed anything. More of just keep on getting better at some things and just working harder. Thatís the main thing, you know, just help our team win.

Q: Whatís an example of something you felt you were lacking last year that you want to work on this year?
A: Just improving my pass rush and on my run game, too, just to help us win, put us in a better situation.

Q: In your mind, does training camp start today when the pads come on?
A: In shorts, you canít do too much, but today weíll go out there and have a little bit of fun and a little bit of contact.

Q: The first few days, you know the receivers and especially some of the running backs kind of have their fun and you know theyíre running and feeling free. Do you store that in the back of your head and say letís see what happens today?
A: Oh yeah, for sure, Iím always talking junk to them, in the locker room, on the field. So like you said, Iím excited. Iím excited.

Q: What is the balance between itís pads, but itís also your teammates?
A: Just keeping everybody safe and at the end of the day, weíre all on the same team this season. So yeah, just keep everybody safe.

Q: Is it safe to say you look forward to today more than the last few days?
A: Oh for sure, Iím excited and Iím ready to go right now

Q: Howís Dexter (Lawrence II) coming along?
A: Heís coming along very well. I knew Dex (Dexter Lawrence II) for a little bit, because we were recruiting him at North Carolina State. So heís coming along, heís going to be good for our defense and heís going to help us win some games.

Q: Is there one guy on defense that you really look forward to playing with?
A: To be honest, everybody from the back end to the front end. From Pepp (Jabrill Peppers) being the safety coming in to AB (Antione Bethea) to Rabbit (Janoris Jenkins). Everybody, Iím excited for everybody.

Q: Did you guys give Antione (Bethea) any stuff knowing today was his birthday?
A: I just found out it was his birthday; he was actually taking a little nap, so I was like dang I didnít know it was his birthday!

Q: Do you know how old he is?
A: Ahh man, heís been in the league for a little minute. Iím going to say heís like 32? 33? 34? wait no 5? Yeah heís still young though. Heís still got it in him.

Q: He played almost the most snaps in the league last year at age 34 obviously.
A: Thatís awesome, heís still got it too. I can see it out there on the field.

Q: Can you tell?
A: Oh yeah, out on the field, for sure. Yeah, heís still got it.
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