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Tuesday Media Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/30/2019 2:47 pm
Head Coach Pat Shurmur -- July 30, 2019

Opening Statement: Itís the day after the off day. We just had a good walkthrough. Weíll get a good practice this afternoon. Weíve got a special group here. Weíve got a group of young writers that are here (through) a program with the New York Times. Theyíll get a chance to watch us do our thing. With that, Iíll take your questions.

Q: Having looked at the film and spoken with the coaches, where do you think the team has made the most progress since the spring this first week, and where do they stand as far as what they still have to work on?
A: Where weíve made the most progress, I think, is the familiarity with the schemes on really all three sides of the ball, so offense, defense and special teams. I think our younger players have come further this year than maybe they did last year. Those are probably the areas (weíve made the most progress). This is a critical week, as you get into the second week of training camp, so to speak, because our next off day will be Sunday, then we start to get into training camp slash game prep stuff for the preseason game. Weíve got a long way to go, I think, to get where we need to be. But I think itís a good first week.

Q: When you say younger players are further this year, do you mean first to second year guys? Or are you comparing first year to first year players (from last year to this year)?
A: First year to first year, I think, because our systems are more in place. They were able toÖ Last spring, we were sort of sorting through it, so then the rookies were sorting through it with us. Now itís more defined what we choose to do, and so that allows the rookies to come just a little further quicker.

Q: Is Oshane (Ximines) in that group?
A: Oh, for sure. Heís done a good job in the first week. Some of what heís shown is natural ability, which he came here with.

Q: Considering he came from a smaller program, does he have a little bit more of a polished toolbox than maybe you thought he would have?
A: We talked last year about (Kyle) Lauletta coming from a small school. He had a long way to go. (Oshaneís) playing a little bit different of a position. I would say youíll be able to see more of what he can do quicker than maybe a quarterback position.

Q: Basically (youíve had) two or three practices in full pads. How would you evaluate where the offensive line is right now, compared to where it was a year ago?
A: Well, I feel like weíre more settled. I have a real good vision of probably the front six or seven guys, and where theyíll play. With the addition of (Mike) Remmers, obviously, and (Kevin) Zeitler, thatís pretty settled right there on the right side, where last year we were sort of unsettled there.

Q: What have you seen from Tae Davis?
A: Heís one of the guys that is much more comfortable in year two. Heís obviously got great skill and ability. He can run around, cover, make tackles and all those things. But you can just see thereís more of a comfort level in the system, whereas to where he should be depending on what the call is.

Q: How much would you like to, or maybe need to, use some of the other quarterbacks with the first-team? Is that something you feel is necessary at any point over the summer or during training camp?
A: Well, Eliís in there. Theyíre all in there at times with backup players. There are times where even Eli is throwing to backup receivers. Thereís a pretty good mix between the ones and the twos. I think we can see what we need to see from that standpoint.

Q: Does it help Daniel (Jones) that when heís out there, heís throwing to NFL receivers and not other rookies? Sometimes a rookie quarterback comes in and heís with other rookies who are kind of feeling their way along. Heís got guys that have established themselves already.
A: I think it does help. Guys being where theyíre supposed to be more consistently helps the quarterback. Training camp is about training the quarterback. I think we all do that. Everybody does that, whatever camp youíre in.

Q: Would you like to see (Daniel) behind the starting offensive line at some point? Is that something you feel is necessary?
A: At some point. At some point, it might happen. We have a plan for how thatís all going to play out. Weíll just let it unfold for you.

Q: Youíre not going to share (the plan)?
A: No. Youíll see it. Iím not hiding it from you. We do have a plan for that.

Q: Is there anything that you pinpointed with Eli going into the offseason that you wanted him to improve on? I know heís been around for a long time, but there are always things. Is there anything that you targeted that he has worked on?
A: I think it started in the offseason. His training was just a little bit different than itís been (in the past), and I think heís really throwing the ball well. When he came back for OTAs, we saw it. Some of it was physical, some of it was how he trained. Going through this, especially with the quarterback, weíre more at step two. We can come out and say, ĎWeíre going to run this play,í and I can say, ĎHey listen Eli, if itís Cover Two, letís check it to this.í And we donít even have to have practiced it. We can just call it in the huddle and get it done. Those types of thingsÖ You ask the quarterbacks to get better every day and train and do all of the right things, and along the way, they sort of find their way. Eliís done that every year. Eli knows what heís looking at, he knows when he sees it. When youíre in a system longer, then youíll pull the trigger quicker also. I think thatís where maybe youíll see a little difference.

Q: Were any of those changes in training that you mentioned his decision, or your suggestion?
A: He always has a plan in the offseason. It was just a little bit different this year. Along the way, as weíre developing what we want to do tactically, then we make the changes that kind of fit the quarterbacks that we have.

Q: What have you seen from both of those guys (Eli and Daniel) against the blitz? Because it seems like there have been several periods each day where maybe youíve turned up the heat a little bit. How do you feel the quarterbacks are handling it?
A: I think theyíre doing well. I mean, we have a blitz period every day. Itís a part of shaving. Youíve got to practice against the blitz every day. Youíve got to do it, and I think theyíve done a good job. Thereís a lot to learn. I think itís important for our defense, and important for our team, to be able to do it. I think our guys have handled it pretty well.

Q: Have you heard anything from the league about Golden Tateís appeal?
A: No. Iíll let those details sort of unfold. Itíll be soon, Iím sure. Itís obviously before the start of the season. With that being said, heís out here training like heís going to be there Week One. Aside from that being on the horizon, the issues of the day donít change.

Q: Do you prepare for him to not be there (Week One)? Do you have to assume the worst and prepare without him (in the game plan)?
A: Well, I always assume the best. Itís just like anything. If all of a sudden you donít have a player, then you make the adjustments. At that time, if they decide we donít have him, then we make adjustments.

Q: At backup running back, is there a quality that you are looking for most? Paul Perkins got some first team reps the other day. Youíve got a guy like Rod Smith, Wayne GallmanÖ What do you prioritize looking at a guy backing up Saquon?
A: Well, thereís a handful of things they have to do, and do well. Certainly, they have to be able to run the football. They need to be good in pass protection. Then when we choose to throw it to them, they have to be able to catch it. So, those three things. Normally where young players, or players that havenít played much, are behind is in pass protection. Thatís why itís important that they get their reps. Itís important that theyíre able to do all of those things. Quite frankly, all the running backs got high marks or medium marks in all of those three areas.

Q: With the weather being what itís supposed to be like today, very hot, what do you do to keep the players safe in terms of the heat?
A: Weíre always aware of the heat. Player safety is always on the front burner for us. But it is the second-to-last day of July. Itís warm in most climates where weíre playing NFL football. Thatís part of it, is dealing with the heat to some degree. But weíll give them breaks, let them drink water and then keep track of things. I think itís important to adjust as we see fit. This is a process as you go through training camp. Each guy at this point is at maybe a little different place than the next guy, in terms of being ready to play Week One. So, we just keep track of it. Thatís why sometimes youíll see guys in practice and out of practice. Weíre just trying to get them the work they need and get them trained up, but try to be smart as well.
Why donít they simply practice indoors ¬†
Big Blue '56 : 7/30/2019 3:00 pm : link
during this heat?
RE: Why donít they simply practice indoors ¬†
Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/30/2019 3:02 pm : link
In comment 14513038 Big Blue '56 said:
during this heat?

Conditioning. It's hot in Texas and Tampa Bay (2 of our first 3 games).
also there isnt nearly as much room indoors  
ron mexico : 7/30/2019 3:06 pm : link
thats got to impact the amount of work they can do
does this mean Jones has gotten zero reps with with the first team?  
ron mexico : 7/30/2019 3:12 pm : link
Q: Would you like to see (Daniel) behind the starting offensive line at some point? Is that something you feel is necessary?
A: At some point. At some point, it might happen. We have a plan for how thatís all going to play out. Weíll just let it unfold for you.

RE: does this mean Jones has gotten zero reps with with the first team?  
Diver_Down : 7/30/2019 4:06 pm : link
In comment 14513053 ron mexico said:
Q: Would you like to see (Daniel) behind the starting offensive line at some point? Is that something you feel is necessary?
A: At some point. At some point, it might happen. We have a plan for how thatís all going to play out. Weíll just let it unfold for you.

Correct. DJ has only been taking reps with the second team.
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