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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/31/2019 2:48 pm
QB Daniel Jones -- July 31, 2019

Q: You threw an interception yesterday, how did you react to it?
A: I certainly wasnít happy about it. Itís going to happen. Thatís part of playing the game. Corey made a heck of a play there, definitely something to learn for me from that. I can be sooner making that decision, probably put the ball a little higher in the back of the end zone. Definitely not happy about it, but something to learn.

Q: Had you been aware that you hadnít thrown one?
A: I donít know if it was like how you were keeping track. I realized I hadnít thrown one yet, I realize that was my first one. Like I said, thereís something to learn from it, but you move on.

Q: You donít know track your completion percentage during practice?
A: No, I donít.

Q: Coach Shurmur said you were pissed. You seem like a pretty easy-going guy. Is that something people donít realize about you, the fire you actually have?
A: I get can fired up on the field. I think usually I have pretty good control of that, I think I do on the field also. I think when something like that happens itís going to get you going a little bit. As long as it doesnít take away from how you are playing and your decision making, I think thatís natural.

Q: Dexter Lawrence said yesterday he was trying to bring some trash talk out of you?
A: Dexterís funny, I donít know if we will get into it. Heís had a really good camp so far, itís fun watching him play. You can kind of see it when we talk every night, you can tell heís getting more comfortable and figuring out the defense and what they want him to do. Itís not fun to play against, but itís fun to watch him and how well heís playing.

Q: Are you much of a trash talker, has it ever been a part of your game?
A: No, not really.

Q: You have had other bad plays during this camp, dropped passes and things like that. That one seemed to stick with you, why?
A: Well, I think just the situation. A turnover in the red zone is a costly mistake and we talk about that a lot, scoring points in the red zone, touchdowns. Making sure we are getting points. Anytime we turn it over in the red zone, thatís a costly mistake. I think that had something to do with it. I think in a lot of those situations there is a lot to learn from. That situation right there is the reason for the reaction.

Q: What part of the game has slowed down the most?
A: Itís slowed down to some extent. I still think Iím learning a lot, I wouldnít say that in terms of my development or my progress, itís still pretty early in the development. It has slowed down to some extent, maybe thatís just the reads and seeing the defense. You know the defense is going to put something in new the next day. I think itís a constant process and learning and adapting and learning on the fly for me right now. Still slowing down.

Q: What do you use as your criteria to judge if you had a good day at practice?
A: I think the biggest thing to me is how we execute as a unit. Getting in and out of checks and understanding what my assignment is and properly executing that. I think execution in a general sense and thatís putting the ball accurately when we are throwing, getting the right protection and understanding what Coach Shula, Coach Shurmur, and Coach Roeder want me to do on a play and being able to do that throughout practice.

Q: Shurmur said on your day off you were in the quarterbackís room, what did you do?
A: I came in and we prepared with the script for practice yesterday. Kind of a light workout and watched more film and studied more practice. I just felt like I needed to get in the building doing something.

Q: Did Eli say we should all come in, or did you just show up individually?
A: I think we all just kind of showed up at different times.

Q: Youíve been here for like a week now, whatís been the most challenging thing about training camp so far for you as a quarterback, or a rookie quarterback in particular?
A: To me, itís as weíve gotten a little bit further into camp, the defense has put in more different looks and a lot of stuff I havenít seen before. Youíre playing against an NFL defense that can do a lot of different things, so I think itís that. Itís seeing and understanding the defense quickly, and kind of letting that lead you into your decision and into your progression. So, I think that to me has been a challenge.

Q: How much does that naturally lead to ups and downsólike certain days might be better than others, and the day you see all this new stuff, the next day you kind of know how to adjust to it?
A: Yeah, theyíre constantly putting in new stuff and constantly evolving with their installs and everything, but hopefully you can learn from it one day and then see some progress or see some improvement the next day once youíve seen it. I think thatís kind ofóthatís a good exercise for me right now in my development.

Q: What has been the biggest revelation for a week playing in the NFL? The whole thing, not just practice, but just the whole experience. What has been the biggest revelation for you?
A: I think I got a sense of it, as far as just the preparation that goes into every practice, I got a sense of that with OTAs and mini-camp. Iíd say all of that is just elevated even more with training camp and the time youíre spending in the building, and the time youíre spending in the meeting room. Iím not sure thatís a surprise necessarily, but it is different from in college.

Q: When Eli was a rookie, it was pretty well documented how some veterans, especially on the offensive line, they basically tortured him with pranks. Have you had any experience with that yet? Has anybody sort of been in charge of torturing you?
A: No, I havenít been tortured yet. I had to sing, I had to make sure we had sunflower seeds in the quarterback room, and all that kind of stuff, but I havenít been tortured yet.

Q: Are you going to stay on your toes for that?
A: Iím going to stay on my toes, Iíll definitely stay on my toes, but not yet.

Q: Howís your singing?
A: Singingís not great. I tried, I put my best foot forward.

Q: What did you sing?
A: So, first time I sang ďWagon Wheel,Ē but that didnít go over great, so I tried ďBuy You a DrinkĒ by T-Pain and got a little better response.

Q: You havenít fallen victim yet to Eliís famous pranks?
A: Not quite. Weíll see, weíve got some time left in training camp, but Iím going to stay on my toes.

Q: From being tortured to having a mentor, and somebody who you have leaned on for a lot of the stuff thus far for just learning some of the nuances of the pro game?
A: Yes, I think Eliís been extremely helpful for me and just being able to watch him prepare, but any questions Iíve had or any question Iíve asked, heís been more than helpful with me in answering that. I think whenever anything comes up, itís easy to ask him and get a full explanation. For me, itís been a great way to learn so far.

Q: Do you process or do anything different after a practice when youíre unsatisfied, maybe like yesterday versus another day where you feel like you came out and did everything you wanted to?
A: Maybe a little bit, but I think your process needs to stay consistent. Iím stillóeven on better days, thereís still a whole lot to learn for me right now, and I realize that. So, I donít think the process changes too much.

Q: But if you do make a mistake, thatís not going to stop you from being aggressive? Do you maintain your aggressiveness if you throw a pick?
A: Yes, I think so. I think you have to, particularly right now, because thatís how Iím going to learn and I understand that, but I donít think it can change your decision-making process.

Q: Do you feel like itís getting easier in that regard, just comprehending the whole system and grasping what youíre supposed to do?
A: I think maybe in some ways, maybe with the stuff weíve had in longer, but I think part of the challenge for me is seeing the defense and understanding the defense. As weíre putting in stuff, theyíre putting in stuff, too, so itís kind of a lot of stuff that I havenít seen before, and for me it takes me a little bit longer to recognize. So, those are things that require more preparation, seeing it more, and learning from them. So, it slows down in some ways, and not as much in other ways, but just trying to learn as much as I can from each look so I can make the progress.
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