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Thursday Media Transcript: G Kevin Zeitler

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/1/2019 3:08 pm
G Kevin Zeitler -- August 1, 2019

A: Different theories here and there, but we understand. Itís speed of reaction, understanding the basic rules, and then that stuff comes really quick.
Q: (Coach) Hal (Hunter) was talking about your group, and he said thereís this veteran attitude, and thereís a maturity. Do you sense that? I think he used the word Ďold-school.í
A: Oh absolutely. I think you look down the line of the main guys, the guys who have been here, and I think we have a lot of years in the room, which is great. We have a lot of football under our belts, and we all have the same focus. I think we all want to be good, I think we owe it, the oline, owes it to Eli (Manning) and to Saquon (Barkley). Itís up to us to make them the best they can be, just like theyíre going to make us the best we can be. So we owe it to make sure we get everything down, learn everything we can, and help this team be the best it can (be).

Q; Obviously youíre working with two guys. You have Mike (Remmers) on one side and on the inside you have Spencer (Pulley) and you have Pio (Jon Halapio). Have you picked up easily with them?
A: Absolutely, like I said, Pio has been in the league for a while, he can play. Spencer got to play last year, so itís working well. They are smart, they know how to start everything off as a center, and it just goes out from there.

Q: Coach was talking about the no-nonsense sort of serious approach that you bring. Do you see that rubbing off in the room, or was that already there?
A: I think it was already there. Nate (Solder) came in last year, he came from the Patriots, he knows how to focus in, how to work, and how to set the tone in the room, and then youíve gotten that already from Pio and Spencer. Itís just part of the room, we know how to have fun, but we really want to take advantage of the time we have on the field and in the meeting rooms and then weíll have our fun off of it.

Q: Eli has been kind of a quiet, practical joker over the years. Has he gotten you guys yet?
A: I donít believe he has, but thanks for the warning (laughter).

Q: There is always the blue ink in the socks that wouldnít wash off for a week, or donít leave your phone hanging around, because heíll change the languageÖ
A: (laughter)

Q: When you have a (running) back like Saquon, are you sitting there going Ďall we got to do is give him a crack?í
A: I think thatís definitely part of it. Heís that type of special back. There are so many great running backs throughout the league, but then there are those backs that it is kind of wild what they can do, so I think it gives us an extra ďumph,Ē to just finish. Even if it isnít perfect or pretty, just keep running because you just never know what could suddenly break. I think it just gives us a little extra energy every time you know youíre going to run the ball.

Q: How would you describe how you and Remmersí personality mix? Hal said heís a little bit more lowkey out on the field.
A: I think we balance each other out nice. Iím very hyper-focused, a Ďletís get this doneí type, and he takes a little lighter focus. He likes to joke around and have a good time out there, so I think itís a nice balance and keeps us both kind of level.

Q: Is that easier to do when itís two veteran guys who have been through it?
A: Absolutely. Like I was saying earlier, thereís a lot of football under our belts. We each know the game, and now we are learning how to work together.

Q: Both Mike Remmers and Nate Solder have played in the Super Bowl and some conference championship games. Having that kind of experience, how does that help the room to formulate your identity and grow the o-line?
A: Itís big, they have been there. They have gone far in the playoffs, they have that experience, they know those slight characteristics of the o-line that help them get that far. They know the feeling, and how to manage going that long, and thatís invaluable. When we get to that point, to have that information will be very good for us.

Q: Eli was put down 47 times last year. Is that something in the room where everybody is saying that canít happen again?
A: The way we look at it is last year is last year. As an o-line, we know the things we need to do, everything we can to protect, and we need to do everything to run block. Weíre going to have to take it this whole camp. We just got to keep getting better, keep running, keep learning our reaction times, levels, and all sorts of things. If we do our job, Eli will be able to do his job better, itís just a simple fact right there.
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