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Saturday Media Transcript: Offensive Asst Coach Ryan Roeder

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/3/2019 2:31 pm
Offensive Assistant Coach Ryan Roeder -- August 3, 2019

Q: Whatís your job description when it comes to Daniel (Jones) when he gets the ball?
A: Well, obviously itís Coach (Pat) Shurmurís offense, and heís got a lot of experience coaching quarterbacks, so heís heavily involved. Coach (Mike) Shula, whoís the offensive coordinator who coaches the quarterbacks, and then Iím in there with Coach (Mike) Shula trying to assist him in any way that I can. Iím just trying to help out and Iím just trying to help him improve every day.

Q: How much of your time would you say goes to the quarterback?
A: In every quarterback meeting and out at practice. Obviously when Coach (Mike) Shula is busy doing something else, I try to fill in the cracks and do anything like that, and just help out whenever I can.

Q: Where do you think Daniel (Jones) has made the biggest strides since he got in the building?
A: Well, heís a fast learner. He works extremely hard at it, so itís kind of like learning a new language, so you come in and it may have been called something different in college than what itís called here and guys can convert the language. So it he works at it. I think the game is starting to slow down for him a little bit. So I think thatís kind of the biggest thing, making the language his own and playing faster.

Q: Whatís it like working with him?
A: Heís a great kid to work with. Heís smart, he works at it, heís conscientious, heís competitive and heís got a desire to improve every day. So itís fun, itís fun to coach him and itís fun to just try to improve each day.

Q: Different people have different personalities. So you have to coach guys maybe a little differently. Can you get on him? Can you ride him? Does he have to be handled softly? How do you do that?
A: Well I think the thing with all the guys, we have kind of, itís intrinsic motivation. They are really hard on themselves, so usually with those types of guys, you say, Ďyou couldíve done this here or you could have done that there.í But usually theyíre the guys that are hardest on themselves. Those are the kind of guys youíre looking for.

Q: Where is the biggest transition youíve seen install-wise for guys to really get up to speed or what they have the most trouble as far as install? What seems to be the outstanding grasp?
A: Well, I guess itís just like anything, youíre presented in the rookie minicamp, youíre presented with 20 plays, right? So you study those 20 plays and once you get through install 7, that number goes up probably to the hundreds, so itís just volume and in my mind itís keeping things in the right category, so you install a play and then you put this play in this category, you put this play in this category and it kind of helps group in your mind and you go forward. So think thatís the challenge for probably where all the players are now. You know we are through with the majority of our install. So I think itís just the volume and keeping things straight and making sure you can play fast out there on the field.

Q: What have you seen from Eli (Manning) so far? Youíve worked with him for a while but what have you seen from him so far?
A: I think Eli (Manning) has done a wonderful job taking care of himself. He works at it endlessly and I think the things he does on the field, you canít just say, ĎOh, heís done that because heís been here so long.í Itís just really impressive the way he can diagnose a defense. Physically, I think heís done an unbelievable job taking care of his himself. Heís just a phenomenal teammate. Itís really a great room. Itís really a great room for guys to learn and grow and just be a part of.

Q: A lot has been made of Eliís (Manning) different offseason training, where do you notice that the most?
A: Well, honestly, I think the last couple of years youíve just seen him in the offseason and you just notice it being around him in the offseason. So I think heís taking care of his body so well. So I canít really comment on that. He takes it seriously. You see him in here three days after the season ends and heís in here working out, so itís obviously something heís taking very seriously and he looks great.
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