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Monday Media Transcript: DL Dalvin Tomlinson

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/5/2019 4:05 pm
DL Dalvin Tomlinson -- August 5, 2019

Q: Are you anxious to actually hit someone in a game for the first time in a while on Thursday?
A: Most definitely, because you know in training camp you get tired of going against your teammates and you just want to see a different face across from you.

Q: What has it been like going against this new offensive line with some more veterans like (Kevin) Zeitler out there? What have you seen from that group, going against them in practice?
A: Itís good, Theyíre coming together pretty well, the unity they show on the offensive line is tremendous right now, and I feel like theyíre getting better and better every day.

Q: How unique is watching Dexter Lawrence II go about what he does with his size?
A: Itís super unique, just to be that big and that athletic is amazing to see when youíre playing right beside him.

Q: Did he surprise you how well he could move?
A: Oh, most definitely.

Q: Have you seen anybody that kind of size move that well?
A: Iíve never seen anybody near as big move that well.

Q: Whatís different about this defense for you this year?
A: Just the brotherhood and comradery of the defense we have right now is just crazy. The unity and the energy we bring to the field and coming out of the locker room each and every day.

Q: Was it not at that level last year?
A: It was, but I just feel like just coming into this year we have a lot of guys who are super hungry right now and we just want to prove how good of a defense we could be.

Q: Are you looking forward to seeing the Jets?
A: Yeah, Iím always looking forward to the preseason game against the Jets and just to get to see somebody else. I like going against a different offense, a different scheme.

Q: Why do you think that this defense can kind of creep up by surprise? Obviously the outside expectations arenít very high.
A: Just because the way Iíve seen everybody work day in and day out during training camp and just the things weíve put on tape so far and the film we watch each and every day just shows tremendous play from us.

Q: Do you think that this defense can generate a pretty consistent pass rush?
A: Most definitely, just the aggressiveness the front seven are showing right now and just the players we have coming off the edge, theyíre great pass rushers.

Q: Do you see anything different from Jon (Halapio) this year at center as opposed to last year coming at him at practice?
A: Yeah, heís super strong, as you already know, and a great offensive lineman, great footwork and heís just been practicing pretty well right now.

Q: Any different from before he had that major injury?
A: I feel like he got a little bit better from last year and I donít feel like the injury from last year affected him at all.

Q: Howís B.J. Hill after that year of experience?
A: Oh, you can just tell B.J. is more comfortable this year just running different games and just playing beside him in the run game. Heís more patient with things, like playing run blocks and things like that. B.J. is playing pretty well this year, too.
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