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A few observations from last night's game

M.S. : 8/9/2019 7:07 am

(1) I can't recall a past exhibition game in which the Giants pass blocked so well -- every unit out there throughout the game;

(2) Paul Perkins deserves some credit for his pass protection, but may have hurt his chances of making the team with a fumble and a dropped pass;

(3) Giants also pretty much stoned the Jets rushing game all night;

(4) Giants had LB Ryan Connelly and CB Corey Ballentine out there for a lot of minutes and neither one disappointed. Connelly looks small and skinny, but he gets to where he supposed to be real fast. All he does is make tackles. Ballentine looks like a 10-year vet, not a rookie out of a Division II program. He had an interference called (as did Deandre Baker), but they both stuck to their receivers like fly paper;

(5) Speaking of rookies looking like vets, Daniel Jones looked methodical and deadly accurate in his 5 for 5 passing debut, including a 12-yard TD pass to Benny Fowler that was threaded through a couple of Jet defenders. It wasn't a laser, but he put the ball EXACTLY where it needed to be. Also what stood about about this guy, on one play action, he got back to set-up for a pass in a nano-second -- fluid and instant quick;

(6) Real nice athletic move by Jake Carlock, engaging Jets offensive tackle; jumping up; deflecting the ball; picking it off; and then sprinting for a long TD like his pants were on fire. Whoa... this guy has got some wheels;

(7) First team defense got some pressure on Sam Darnold, but he was very proficient moving around in the pocket; buying some time; and then destroying the Giants back seven with short passes that turned into huge gains;

(8) Mixed bag debut for Jabrill Peppers. Made a beautiful move to undercut pass from Sam Darnold, but then let the ball sail right through his hands. Also looked like there was some confusion between him and Julian Love, who had a rough debut IMO. He made some plays, but he also revealed why his stock dropped -- the pro game is fast, and he is not. Also got caught up in a pick play for the Jets first TD;

(9) Tae Davis, however, plays very fast and while he got burned on one passing play on very first Jets drive, he also made several tackles arriving with speed and bad intentions.
The good thing  
TrueBlue56 : 8/9/2019 7:22 am : link
Is we saw a few players check off some boxes and it was a good game to learn from. Shaun o'hara talked about our defensive line losing contain on the quarterback. You mentioned julian love on the pick play. He needs to be able to see that. Looked like there was some miscommunication at times too as some wide receivers broke free. Its game one and there is a lot to like and areas that need work.

It will be fun to watch the following preseason games to see how we improve
The Ledger toasted Love  
section125 : 8/9/2019 7:40 am : link
(said he is a descending player) because he missed that coverage hand off from Peppers. Really? 1st series of the 1st pre-season game and he is descending because of 1 missed coverage?
He looked ok afterward. Lots of rookies get fooled by the speed of the game early on. Yes he does not seem to have the top speed of Jenkins or Ballentine. He also has been playing 3 different positions - CB, Slot DB and safety. But he seems to stick to his man.

I said it last night - Ballentine is fast and smooth. His K/O return coming from deep in the end zone was close to going all the way. He is also no skinny mini. Looks solid. Baker looks a bit undersized (not sure if it was Gidie or Sy'56 that had said that in a report.) DG and Shurmur seem to have picked up some solid DB prospects.
mdthedream : 8/9/2019 8:26 am : link
looks terrible running the ball.
It looked  
mittenedman : 8/9/2019 8:37 am : link
to me like the Jets game planned a bit more than youíd expect offensively which is no surprise given Gase trying to make a good first impression.

But having Darnold come out in shotgun slinging it, and clearly attacking Love, was pretty aggressive for Game A.
mittenedman : 8/9/2019 8:37 am : link
I agree, he stinks. No idea where that rookie is who reminded me of Tiki.
RE: Perk  
BillT : 8/9/2019 8:43 am : link
In comment 14524043 mdthedream said:
looks terrible running the ball.

I donít know for sure but it didnít seem the 2nd/3rd team OL was giving him much room.
side note on the uniforms...  
ATL_Giants : 8/9/2019 8:53 am : link
I think they looked great with the blue socks.
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