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NFT: Natalies at Metropolitans GAME 2 THOR!!

ZGiants98 : 8/10/2019 3:17 pm
McNeil 2B
Rosario SS
Alonso 1B
J.D. Davis LF
Ramos C
Conforto RF
Frazier 3B
Lagares CF
Syndergaard RHP (8-5, 3.96)

14 of 15! When will the streak stop? Last night was insane! Lets take this series tonight! LFGM!!!
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Of course THAT wasn't effective...  
ChaChing : 8/10/2019 9:16 pm : link
Soto HR 3-2 Nats

1st run given up by Lugo in a long while
Seriously, is it necessary to allow hitters to call timeout  
PhiPsi125 : 8/10/2019 9:17 pm : link
all the damn time? I just don't get it.
KDubbs : 8/10/2019 9:19 pm : link
Needs to get drilled
RE: Soto  
PhiPsi125 : 8/10/2019 9:21 pm : link
In comment 14526447 KDubbs said:
Needs to get drilled

How about just keep him in the damn batters box? Donít like how quickly the pitcher pitchers? Fuck off. Umpires and their selective game calling suck.
Well he's no Doolittle...  
ChaChing : 8/10/2019 9:22 pm : link
but those numbers for Rodney are right there w/ the 2019 Nats BP numbers
RodneyHamp : 8/10/2019 9:23 pm : link
ChaChing : 8/10/2019 9:23 pm : link
of course he was gonna hit a HR!!!

Tied again...LGM!!!1
RE: Balls are not juiced  
ChaChing : 8/10/2019 9:24 pm : link
In comment 14526359 ChaChing said:
How many games in a row can we say holy shit  
Eric on Li : 8/10/2019 9:24 pm : link
RodneyHamp : 8/10/2019 9:25 pm : link
Btw that Guillorme hr isnít a complete fluke  
Eric on Li : 8/10/2019 9:26 pm : link
This year heís hit more hrs at Syracuse than his entire previous career combined.
I was behind it, but for all that Chili Davis talk  
ChaChing : 8/10/2019 9:27 pm : link
Mets are hitting bombs for almost all their runs of late

Not that CD's strategies aren't helping hit those blasts (don't think they are going 'launch angle' as they did prior seasons)...just ironic

And awesome!!!
holy shit  
Rory : 8/10/2019 9:27 pm : link
this is amazing
Nats error, Panik gets on...  
ChaChing : 8/10/2019 9:28 pm : link
& the McSquirrel hits

1st, 2nd no outs
JD HUGE Sac fly  
ChaChing : 8/10/2019 9:36 pm : link
4-3 Metsies bot 8th

Still 1st & 3rd w/ 2-outs and Mr RISP / b'day boy up...
JayBinQueens : 8/10/2019 9:37 pm : link
1st run not by hr tonight!
Come on Diaz. Close this shit out!  
PhiPsi125 : 8/10/2019 9:38 pm : link
Ramos was so close  
Canton : 8/10/2019 9:38 pm : link
Great D by Nats
Oh man  
RodneyHamp : 8/10/2019 9:38 pm : link
Here we go. Lugo or Diaz, who is coming out to pitch?
Ramos INCHES from a 3 run HR....  
ChaChing : 8/10/2019 9:38 pm : link
holy shit. Nice play in the OF too...stays 4-3

Interesting to see who's out to pitch. Still think it should be Lugo but, it's also the Mick
Man with this defensive lineup now  
RodneyHamp : 8/10/2019 9:39 pm : link
They better close it out
RE: Come on Diaz. Close this shit out!  
PhiPsi125 : 8/10/2019 9:39 pm : link
In comment 14526465 PhiPsi125 said:

Or Lugo!!
RE: Ramos INCHES from a 3 run HR....  
PhiPsi125 : 8/10/2019 9:41 pm : link
In comment 14526468 ChaChing said:
holy shit. Nice play in the OF too...stays 4-3

Interesting to see who's out to pitch. Still think it should be Lugo but, it's also the Mick

Lol, Ramos thought that was gone. He had his HR walk on display.

Or maybe he was running...hard to tell between the two with Ramos.
Lol real buffalos are fast  
ChaChing : 8/10/2019 9:42 pm : link
this one not so much

But this one is much better than those with a bat
ChaChing : 8/10/2019 9:43 pm : link
8 Straight!!!!!!!!  
ChaChing : 8/10/2019 9:46 pm : link
What a game...again wow. Seals the series too
PhiPsi125 : 8/10/2019 9:46 pm : link
Keep on rolling! This team, man.
Ha I saw Dom on his trikey this time  
ChaChing : 8/10/2019 9:47 pm : link
out front on the field to congratulate & celebrate
This is  
KDubbs : 8/10/2019 9:48 pm : link
Just awesome. Dont let it ever end!!!
wow Citified is  
Rory : 8/10/2019 9:49 pm : link
rocking tonight.

Awesome win!

lets sweep the leg
Go Rangers  
spike : 8/10/2019 9:49 pm : link
beat the Beer Crew!
I am in awe.  
RodneyHamp : 8/10/2019 9:52 pm : link
Flat out speechless. This turnaround is unreal!!!!

deGrom tomorrow for the sweep, too??

I have a feeling that the Cardinals are going to be our biggest issue  
PhiPsi125 : 8/10/2019 9:53 pm : link
They have a much easier schedule for much of their remaining games.
I really hope the Mets can keep this up. What they have to  
PhiPsi125 : 8/10/2019 9:57 pm : link
go through for the next month+ is an absolute gauntlet. Statistically the most difficult schedule, as was shown during the game last night.
Yeah it's gonna be a grind  
ChaChing : 8/10/2019 10:00 pm : link
This is awesome, Nats are a big obstacle, but these next series what, Cle, Atl, Chi...if they can stay above 500 in that stretch it will be huge. Then again there's a ton of tough ones even after those 3 so it's a long way to go

But this is fun as hell right now!
This team has developed confidence and belief  
Eric on Li : 8/10/2019 10:11 pm : link
Thatís what the 15&16 teams had. Chemistry is a funny thing and this team started developing some good mojo against the bad teams and then seems to have taken it to a different level since Cano was forcibly removed from the middle of the order. Once the spotlight got off the aging, underachieving, overpaid and under hustling vets the #lfgm crew took over.
21-6 since the break  
Chris684 : 8/10/2019 10:13 pm : link
This is incredible
if we can get  
CMicks3110 : 8/10/2019 10:32 pm : link
Smith, Nimmo and Lowrie back that would be huge
ripdumaine : 8/10/2019 11:25 pm : link
Could easily been 24-2 with the SF series. This is really fun. JD Davis has been huge during this run
ZGiants98 : 8/10/2019 11:28 pm : link
RE: 21-6  
ripdumaine : 8/11/2019 1:36 am : link
In comment 14526517 ripdumaine said:
Could easily been 24-3 with the SF series. This is really fun. JD Davis has been huge during this run
fixed my math lol
Well, we're playing 'meaningful games' in August and we're the hottest  
Ira : 8/11/2019 5:08 am : link
team in baseball. Keep it up guys. LGM!!!
ChaChing : 8/11/2019 6:05 am : link
Did I stutter?

Anything Mets is good atm, but solid article about Noah & Ramos...and not personal catcher Nido this time

A chat w/ Regan, Thor puts down the hammer - ( New Window )
JD Davis  
Shecky : 8/11/2019 7:57 am : link
Has now officially surpassed Wilmers career high season in WAR.
I can finally stop this and move on ;)
RE: JD Davis  
Eric on Li : 8/11/2019 10:02 am : link
In comment 14526572 Shecky said:
Has now officially surpassed Wilmers career high season in WAR.
I can finally stop this and move on ;)

Davis has a very chance to become the defining move of the offseason if heís not already. The other big aspects of the offseason (losing kelenic and taking on cano $) are both currently less important by a healthy margin. Team control of Davis until 2025 presents a monetary value that dwarfs Canoís contract and only a best case development path would project Kelenic to hit better (and stick in CF) than Davis has been (and as with all prospects still in A ball thereís risk).

Whichever scouts liked the way the ball sounded off his bat in ST 2018 need a raise.
Not sure if this was mentioned about the game the other night  
PhiPsi125 : 8/11/2019 10:21 am : link
where the Mets came back to win in the 9th down by three runs but...

The Mets were 0-187 in those situations dating back to September 2015.
Guillorme should  
Metnut : 8/11/2019 10:28 am : link
get some starts. Much bigger threat than Panik
Named Later : 8/11/2019 10:40 am : link
The Braves Bullpen shit the bed again last night and pissed away a 6-2 lead late in the game. The frustration boiled over and somebody blew up the fire extinguisher in the dugout....

"Gabriel Burns of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution added that an unidentified Braves player was the culprit and that the hats and jerseys of players, coaches, reporters, and team employees were all covered in powder."

Pennant Race Pressure !!

RE: Guillorme should  
Mike in NY : 8/11/2019 10:41 am : link
In comment 14526674 Metnut said:
get some starts. Much bigger threat than Panik

Panik gets on base more and is the more disciplined hitter. I still would like Guillorme getting some consistent AB giving Panik and Frazier breathers as needed. He needs more consistent AB versus languishing on the bench. If we wanted a final utility bat to sit on the bench we could have gone with Haggerty or Alcantara
Guillorme has never gotten 2 weeks of starts and it won't happen now  
Eric on Li : 8/11/2019 10:52 am : link
it is what it is, if he keeps getting hits maybe that changes. As DMM said a few days ago it's just insane they didn't give him a few months at the end of last year instead of trotting Reyes' corpse out there. I love the type of hitter Panik is and it fits well in the 8 hole, but i'd have a reasonably tight leash with him bc Guillorme also has good contact skills that seem suited to that spot.
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