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Sy'56's Giants-Jets Game Review is Now Available

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/11/2019 10:28 am

Preseason Game Review: New York Giants 31 New York Jets 22 - ( New Window )
Klaatu : 8/11/2019 10:53 am : link
However these games are the most important part of the evaluation process when it comes to roster decisions.

You're up, Fat Man.

Anyway...thanks, Dave. A bit surprised to read about Perkins not breaking tackles. I thought that's what he was known for in college, gaining yards after the initial contact. One thing about Smith, though, with regard to making the team. I believe he was on all four special teams units, which should work in his favor.

I hope Reggie White, Jr. continues to impress. Hard not to root for him and guys like Jones and Russell, but it's just as hard to see all three of them sticking.
Our running game was a turd  
Coach Red Beaulieu : 8/11/2019 11:11 am : link
Which makes the QB play more impressive, constantly behind the 8 ball.
As much as our OL has improved  
Jay in Toronto : 8/11/2019 11:33 am : link
problems at LT are indeed a source of worry.

Sy, has your evaluation of Hernandez as a collegiate changed at all based on his development as a pro?
Olsen Pierre  
xman : 8/11/2019 12:20 pm : link
Agree with Sy 100% on Perkins  
PatersonPlank : 8/11/2019 12:53 pm : link
I was a big proponent of his coming out of college, but now I can see I as just plain wrong (although it sure did seem like he played better his first season). He adds absolutely nothing out there. He doesn't break tackles at all, and he does not look dangerous in the passing game. Right now I would take all the other RB's ahead of him
Canton : 8/11/2019 1:08 pm : link
You said that DJ8 threw near-perfect their after 'near-perfect throw'

So please do tell. What wasn't perfect about EVERY throw to consider it only 'near-perfect.'
I liked Perkins coming out of college ...  
Spider56 : 8/11/2019 1:08 pm : link
I thought he had scatback type qualities ... but then he bulked up and has not looked the same since. I thought maybe the year off would help but apparently not.
TheAthletic has Russell  
ColHowPepper : 8/11/2019 1:41 pm : link
as not making the 53, in contrast to Sy's assessment. I hope Sy is right. Alonzo got a lot of 'damn, tough luck, sorry' pats on the back when he had broken wide open behind the secondary and Tanney threw short, plus of course his nice catch and run along the far sideline.

Gonna be some tears shed in the fight for last WRs roster spots.

Love, I think Sy had it pegged right in his comment, and there was another coverage he was late on, medium route to team sideline. One of the doubts by scouts was lack of speed. Clearly, there were recognition issues Thursday night as well. All in all, though, I though it was ok for a first outing. He also had nice coverage from S spot that resulted iirc in a pass break-up. Not sure he is cut out for nickel/slot coverage.
Love looks like  
Dave on the UWS : 8/11/2019 3:02 pm : link
more of a FS to me. I think they want to keep Chandler around too.
In Sy's report  
XBRONX : 8/11/2019 3:29 pm : link
he mentions Jones quick release, which we have seen since day one. Tell me how the person writing draft review for said Jones has average release speed slowed by a small windup. What player was he watching at Duke?
Interesting comment regarding Shurmur not openly committing to Eli  
BSIMatt : 8/11/2019 4:27 pm : link
Did Anderson punt well enough to  
12aob : 8/11/2019 7:35 pm : link
give himself a decent chance at replacing Dixon?
RE: Interesting comment regarding Shurmur not openly committing to Eli  
TrueBlue56 : 8/12/2019 12:48 am : link
In comment 14526963 BSIMatt said:

Yeah real interesting. It's like shurmur says eli is our starting quarterback time and time again and yet some people must put their ears on mute or something. I don't know how many different ways he has to say it before people stop mentioning it.
RE: As much as our OL has improved  
Coach Red Beaulieu : 8/12/2019 11:06 am : link
In comment 14526724 Jay in Toronto said:
problems at LT are indeed a source of worry.

Sy, has your evaluation of Hernandez as a collegiate changed at all based on his development as a pro?

I'm not "worried" in that I know what we were getting with Solder. He's not Anthony f*cking Munoz, he's in the Diehl at LT, Beatty tier. Which unfortunately is also rare and valuable.
Re: Eli  
LG in NYC : 8/12/2019 11:38 am : link
Hasn't PS stated numerous times that Eli is the starter?
what else are we looking for him to say?

Sy - really great write up. thanks.
From Sy's comment regarding Eli-Jones, I get the impression  
GeofromNJ : 8/12/2019 1:02 pm : link
that Sy thinks the next three pre-season games will serve as an audition for Eli as much as an audition for Jones as to who will be the opening day quarterback. While having Eli sit on the bench opening day may seem weird, it's difficult to decide what would be the greater insult to Eli -- having a rookie replace him mid-season because of poor performance or having a rookie replace from the get-go. Obviously, Giants management would prefer that Eli start all 16 games and then retire, but I don't think Eli's play will be impressive enough for that to happen.
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