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Sunday Media Transcript: LB Jake Carlock

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/11/2019 2:20 pm
LB Jake Carlock -- August 11, 2019

Q: Has your life changed in the last 50 hours, or whatever it has been?
A: I mean besides some Instagram and Twitter followers, nothing has really changed.

Q: Who did you hear from that you were like, ĎWow I didnít think Iíd hear from themí?
A: Honestly, I feel like every person Iíve ever met in my life reached out to me and it was pretty cool and I tried my best to get back to everyone because Iím just enjoying the moment right now. But I knew that coming back today I just had to get back to work.

Q: What was that moment like when Coach Shurmur called you up in the locker room after that game?
A: It was cool, itís nice to see guys genuinely happy for you, I mean these guys are awesome and something like that, is something Iíll remember for the rest of my life for sure.

Q: I would imagine that everything you hear about you is accurate in that youíre not necessarily focused on the play you made. Youíre focused trying to find plays that you didnít make Thursday. What are some of the things you saw when you broke down the film the following day?
A: Yeah for sure, I mean even on the play with the pick, I couldnít really get around the tackle and itís not a good job by me. I need to get around him to make the sack but thankfully I made that play. Then there were other plays where I didnít get off the ball quick enough and I couldíve hustled on that other play earlier in the game. So I had a good play but there were many things I could correct and Iím going to.

Q: How realistic were you with yourself when camp began? The goal is to make the team, does your mindset change as you go practice to practice, week to week?
A: Honestly no, coming in I knew it was going to be a challenge for sure. I knew it was going to be tough coming from D2 (division two), coming from a small school but they gave me a shot and them giving me a shot Iím so thankful for and I knew I was going to give 100% every single day. Just to prove to them and give them a reason for me being here, so every day I think the same and I got a great group of guys and coaches around me and they help me so much. Itís easy coming out and working for them.

Q: Because youíre making the jump from Division 2, do you feel like you have to make spectacular plays to get noticed or can you just get noticed by your work ethic and your dedication to the game?
A: I think itís both, I think the plays definitely help for sure, but at the same time some of the coaches were coming up to me and telling me how theyíve seen me in film running around and hustling other guys and I think thatís where it really comes into play. You just got to run around and youíll get noticed if youíre going all out, so thankfully Iím starting to get some notice but Iím nowhere near where I want to be and Iím not going to settle now.

Q: What did that play do for your confidence?
A: It helps, I mean itís cool to look back and think, I wasnít even sure if I was going to get into the game and I think a play like that itís pretty cool and it definitely makes me feel more comfortable and then coming out I was just excited to get to work honestly. It was a cool two days off but I was ready to get back to it.

Q: Were you surprised with the reaction on the sideline? Especially for some of the older guys it kind of seemed that they made a gauntlet for you.
A: I wasnít too surprised, like I said there are some really good dudes around here, the team is really tight, and I mean it was really just a great time. Whenever someone makes a play, everyone is rallying and what not so to see guys acting like that was really cool.

Q: Did it feel like the end zone was never going to come near you? Did it feel like you were just getting further away?
A: Yeah, I couldíve sworn someone was right behind me so I was sprinting as fast as I could. I donít even care if someone was there they could have jumped on my back - I was going to score either way. So yeah, it was cool.

Q: When we talked to you the other night, you said you didnít know where the football was, did you track it down?
A: Yeah, someone found it and put it in my locker yesterday morning, so I actually went home and gave it to my Pops.

Q: How cool of a feeling was that?
A: Real cool my family was pretty excited. Iím one of 8 so thereís a bunch of us and I got a bunch of messages from them. So I actually went home yesterday just to see them and everyoneís pretty happy.

Q: Which number are you of the eight?
A: Iím the second youngest so I got my baby bro, whoís going up to Cortland this week, he plays up there and everyone else is just older so got a bunch of nieces and nephews and everyoneís enjoying it right now.

Q: You went home to Babylon?
A: Yes.

Q: You happy with Newsdayís coverage?
A: Yes (laughter).
It'll be a great story if Carlock earns a place on this team and  
Ira : 8/11/2019 6:37 pm : link
becomes a good player.
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