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Sunday Media Transcript: S Jabrill Peppers

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/11/2019 2:24 pm
S Jabrill Peppers -- August 11, 2019

Q: How are you feeling? Did you bang your wrist up or something?
A: I知 good, just fell on it weird.

Q: According to the tape, what did you think about how the defense played in the first preseason game?
A: I think we played well. Some communication issues where we gave up big plays, but other than that, I think we did a pretty good job.

Q: What痴 different for you? What are they asking differently from you than maybe you were asked to do in the first two years?
A: Different coverages. I知 moving around a lot more. Other than that, it痴 pretty much all the same. I知 in my same position, just playing a different coverage, so I知 doing a different job than I知 normally used to.

Q: Do you like that? It seems like they also bring you up to the line of scrimmage against the run.
A: I love it. It keeps them guessing, keeps you in position to make plays to have an impact on the game.

Q: What does that say about how they feel about you, that they trust you in all those different areas?
A: They threw a lot at me when I first got here, I guess they wanted to see how I could handle it. I think I handled it pretty well, so I知 gracious because they see that I can receive and put forth information that I知 receiving. So, it definitely means that they definitely have a lot of trust in me. I致e just got to make them right and go out there and play good, and make the plays I知 supposed to make.

Q: How much is it more new, the line of scrimmage, than maybe it was in previous years?
A: Well, my second year I was around the line of scrimmage a great deal, but definitely more this year still than I was last year, and definitely way more than my rookie year.

Q: You were probably deep, right?
A: Yes.

Q: Does that benefit you at all, because obviously that痴 probably not what you池e--
A: It definitely benefitted me being back there because I知 still going to be back there sometimes. But, just working on my angles, seeing the game from that angle back there, seeing how the routes develop, reading quarterbacks front hip, things like that that you need in-game reps to be good in the game at.

Q: On the first pass play of the game vs. the Jets.
A: Yeah, I actually didn稚 think he was going to throw that, but you致e got to stay ready. But, plays like that, definitely, even though that痴 more underneath coverage, but the angle that I知 exiting out of, definitely.

Q: Was that a zone that you were playing that you dropped into, or did you just kind of see him do that and just sprinted upfield?
A: It was a little bit of both, it was probably the scheme, and I kind of saw his shoulders open up like as a three-step, so I tried to get out there real fast thinking he痴 not going to throw it, but he still threw it, so I致e definitely got to make that play.

Q: How tough is it when you have guys going down in the secondary with injuries?
A: That痴 how this league is, next man up. Whether it痴 preseason or the regular season. I think it痴 good now that our young guys are getting a lot of reps, in the unfortunate event where somebody does go down there won稚 be any drop off.

Q: How has Ryan Connelly been, he got some first team reps today?
A: Ryan痴 been having a great camp, he competes, practices hard, he痴 working on his route running. He catches the ball at a high level, it痴 definitely good to see him in there.

Q: What do you see in the secondary when you look around and see the pieces that are there?
A: I think we can be good. I think once we put it all together and everybody plays on one accord and we really get a feel for the next man on how he plays, how he sees one route versus how another guy sees it and the better we can play off of each other, the sky is the limit for us, we definitely have potential.

Q: How are things going with you and (Antoine) Bethea?
A: That痴 a great dynamic. We kind of hit it off from the jump, I bounce stuff off of him all the time. He has played in this system before but now things are really starting to slow down for me so I知 not asking him as many questions as I was. It痴 definitely good having a veteran guy back there to tell you watch this and that before the play so you keep it in the back of your mind, and it gives you a chance to make some big time plays.

Q: Is it better to have communication issues as opposed to physical ones?
A: Absolutely. You can coach the 選 thought you were cutting that guy instead of that guy. But the other stuff you can稚 coach and then you have problems. Right now, I知 not really worried about it.

Q: What have you seen from TJ Jones?
A: Ever since he has got to practice we like to call him 吐resh legs. He痴 out there running past everybody. He catches the ball well, he痴 a great route runner, fast, quick and he can help in the return game as well. He made a big time play in the game so you know he痴 doing really well for himself.

Q: How impressed are you with how far Corey Ballentine has come?
A: Ever since he has gotten here he has made plays. He痴 been the leader in production, he has five turnover trophies. That stuff you guys saw in the game, he痴 been doing that all camp. I知 just happy that guys can finally buy into how you practice is how you are going to play. If you practice at a high level, you are going to play at a high level. He played at a high level, minus the little rinky-dink pass interference call. Other than that, he did a real good job.

Q: What痴 the turnover trophy?
A: You get a little trophy when you get a turnover in practice, he痴 leading, he has five of them.

Q: Who came up with that?
A: It was kind of a room thing.

Q: A new one every day or the same one gets passed around?
A: A new one every day.

Q: So, you go to a trophy shop for little leaguers?
A: Yes, it makes you compete and want to go out there and cause turnovers. It痴 just a good little thing.

Q: Is that a coaches thing, or you guys come up with it?
A: A little bit of both.
Ryan Connely
AnskyJK : 8/11/2019 8:42 pm : link
Needs to introduce himself to Jabrill it seems
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