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Sam beal

jintman : 8/12/2019 10:06 am
What's the deal with this Guy. Some players are tough and some are just a piece of glass.
Remember the best "Abilty" is "Availabilty". Better get back soon!!
Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/12/2019 10:07 am : link
Beal has a hamstring injury. He came back early and obviously aggravated it. We've seen this over and over again through the years with football players. This is nothing new and is no indication that Beal is "injury prone".
FatMan in Charlotte : 8/12/2019 10:09 am : link
here's a little observation. You really don't want to have players whose speed is their main attribute to run with a hurt hamstring.

But I think I put 20+ words together you probably can't comprehend - so the joke is on me.
obviously you have never played a sport  
bLiTz 2k : 8/12/2019 10:09 am : link
at a high level and have been hurt.

People calling other people soft when they have no idea makes you a total toolbag.
I love when people conflate tough and injury prone. Usually those  
Zeke's Alibi : 8/12/2019 10:15 am : link
injury prone guys are pretty god damn tough as they are the ones slogging through injuries.
Certainly can't call him  
Coach Red Beaulieu : 8/12/2019 10:49 am : link
Sam Heal.
ryanmkeane : 8/12/2019 10:51 am : link
while i don't think its necessarily fait to label Beal injury prone, this is now his second year where the dude has not really played at all to start the season. Hopefully like you said its just a hamstring and he'll be fine, but this is usually not a good sign.
RE: Certainly can't call him  
ShocktoBeck : 8/12/2019 11:40 am : link
In comment 14527352 Coach Red Beaulieu said:
Sam Heal.

Alrighty, then.  
Klaatu : 8/12/2019 11:45 am : link
Better get back soon!!

If that doesn't motivate him, I don't know will. I mean, two exclamation points? Wow. That should get the little pansy off his ass.
Its now been 2 seasons where he has played very little  
PatersonPlank : 8/12/2019 11:46 am : link
yes I know its just preseason but still. He can't make the team, or even contribute, if he can't stay on the field.
Mr Glass  
5BowlsSoon : 8/12/2019 12:12 pm : link
So far.....but hopefully that will change.

This post was meant to be funny, so put your gun back in the holster.
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