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Monday Media Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/12/2019 2:42 pm
Head Coach Pat Shurmur -- August 12, 2019

Opening Statement: News is getting around. They did further tests on DeAndre Bakerís knee, and it appears like itís just day-to-day. Weíll see moving forward how much he can do and if we can get him ready to play. Thatís all I know about that. Otherwise, Iíll take your questions.

Q: Who hit you?
A: Nobody. I was putting the dog out. Sheís a big girl, and she kind of ran between my legs and I just fell.

Q: How much of a relief is it about DeAndre not having a serious injury?
A: Itís a big relief, certainly. Heís been coming along real well, and to know that itís not serious at this point is good.

Q: You say itís day-to-day with DeAndre, does that mean itís a mild sprain?
A: Itís day-to-day. The final evaluation was done while I was on the practice field. So, Iíll get as much of an update here in a couple minutes as anybody.

Q: Do you expect to have any update on when youíre going to have Sam (Beal) back at practice?
A: I have no update. Again, he is day-to-day, too. Heís making progress. As soon as we get him out there (itíll be good).

Q: What stood out to you from the other night on film about Dexter Lawrence? I know itís hard to see live, but when you go back and watch it, what stands out?
A: I think for all of those rookies that were in there, it was the first time out. Youíre sort of getting the feel for everything. I thought he had some good plays. Certainly, there are some things that he can correct and move forward with. Heíll get some more opportunities here in the next three games.

Q: You said after the game that you wanted to see the first team offensive line on film. When you went back and watched them, what was your opinion? I know itís only 11 or 12 plays, but for those five guys out there in a game situation for the first time, how did they do?
A: I think the ones, and even the linemen that came in after them, I thought the pass protection the other night was actually very good. That helped contribute to our success throwing the ball. I think there were some areas that, as you got into the core of the game, where we could have run the ball better. I think thatís something that weíve been trying to improve here.

Q: This is not any type of game situation or second-guessing, but the 3rd and 8 in Eliís first possession, was that just a straight run?
A: No, it was a draw check pass. It was a two-deep look. We had a favorable look to run the ball, and it didnít work out. So, if youíre second-guessing, then go ahead.

Q: No, it was more of an explanation. You said he was getting one series, you were hoping (for more).
A: Yeah. You just didnít want to beÖ Yeah, I get you.

Q: Do you have any update on the status of Golden Tateís appeal?
A: We havenít. Again, weíre waiting just like the rest of the world is. I donít know. Originally it was reported that it was three days. After I was asked that question, I didnítÖ itís not three days, obviously. I think it can take as long as it needs to. So, Iím not sure.

Q: Different subject. Ryan Connelly. What has he specifically done this summer to earn his way up to getting these types of snaps when (Alec) Ogletree is not in?
A: I think heís shown us that he belongs on the field. Like any young player, when somebody goes down ahead of you, you get in there and take advantage of the reps you have.

Q: With DeAndre Baker, how big of a step back is it for you to have a rookie, if you have a guy that you were looking to start probably in the first game, if he has to miss a week or two of the season?
A: Itís never good when anybody misses practice time. But we have some time left before the game against Dallas, the opener. Weíll just see where he is. Again, heís day-to-day. DeAndre is a tough, competitive guy. I anticipate that heíll be back out there soon.

Q: Howís his progression been so far?
A: Heís been very good. I think heís progressed extremely well. He had some good plays in the game the other night. Weíll get him out there as soon as we can and keep him going.

Q: What did you say to him after he got called for a pass interference? What did you think of that play in particular?
A: He was tight in coverage, and he was called for it. Thatís what happens sometimes.

Q: When you play as tight in coverage as him, thatís his thing, right? Tight man coverage. Do you just have to live with some of those (penalties)?
A: No. You never want pass interference. You want your guys to be up there and be competitive, and thatís part of his charm.

Q: I was just wondering if you said anything among the likes of Ďyou donít have toÖí
A: Yeah, ĎDonít do it.í

Q: Because it looked like he had good coverage. It didnít look like it was almost necessary in that situation.
A: No. I think you compete. When you have to cover your guy, you cover him as well as you can all over the field. Once in a while, you get PI. You just have to work on not PIíing.

Q: In the red zone period in practice today, it looked like Daniel Jones had three passes thrown over the middle, to the line and to the corner of the end zone. Were those scripted passes, or were those made off his reads?
A: They were called run/passes. There was one in there where he made an adjustment to the route. I think thatís pretty standard. The way we function is the quarterback is given a base play, and then we give him a couple of the answers to go to. Then he can decide to do that, or he can just leave it the way it is and run with it.

Q: Darius Slayton was back out there. Does he have enough time to still be an impact player for you at the beginning of the season?
A: Absolutely. Heís made good progress. Heís been out there the last couple of days, which is good. Weíll just see where he is with this game moving forward. Heís got plenty of time in my mind.

Q: Jonathan Anderson had a bunch of tackles and a forced fumble in the game. Heís kind of a veteran in there. He played for the Bears a couple years ago. What have you seen from him in terms of that inside linebacker mix?
A: I think heís pretty steady. Heís actually done a really good job. Heís good with his run fits. Heís actually been pretty good in coverage as well for a bigger guy. We like what he has done.

Q: Weíre going to talk to Saquon in a little bit. He didnít play the other day. I was just wondering, do you feel like you need to see him at all in the preseason? Where do you stand on that, and how important is it for you to get him reps, and at the same time protect him?
A: Heís getting a heck of a lot of reps here in practice. I have a plan moving forward, and I said it with the quarterbacks last time, Iíll let it reveal itself. I think weíll just have to see. Weíll just have to see as we move forward.

Q: With your quarterback plan, you arenít revealing it publicly. Do you wait until the night before to tell those guys? Do you tell them in the days leading up? Do you tell them right before a game? How do you handle that?
A: I tell them in a timely fashion. No, but closer to the game. They all need to be ready to play. Typically, I like to play all of them in every game, except maybe the last game where you wouldnít play the starter. Hopefully we can get all four in the game this week.

Q: Grant Haley was back out there today. He seemed to take a big step forward from last season. Can you talk about his progress?
A: I think he has, really. Heís got very good instincts. I think heís very competitive. I can say that about a lot of those guys in the secondary. Heís a tough, competitive guy. Guys that compete in practice tend to get better. I think thatís why youíre seeing his improvements.
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