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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/14/2019 2:38 pm
QB Daniel Jones -- August 14, 2019

Q: What is your mindset going into the second preseason game?
A: I think for everyone, itís just to build off what weíve done, what we did in that first game, and what we've done since then, and kind of taking the next step as a team. I think with each group, itís just building off what weíve done.

Q: Daniel, your owner (John Mara) said yesterday that an ideal scenario this season would be that you never play because that means Eli (Manning) and the team are doing well. Would you be prepared to sit an entire season?
A: Yeah, I think my job right now is to prepare, to improve as much as I can, and control what I can control. How that plays out, I certainly hope weíre winning a whole lot of games, too.

Q: Were you surprised to hear that at all?
A: Not really. Like I said, I think my job is to do what I can to improve, to make sure Iím taking the right steps to make sure the offense is moving forward to the extent I can help it.

Q: Do you take a step back and say, ďLast week was so easy,Ē you donít get overconfident?
A: I think itís the same process in preparing for this week as it was last week. I donít think letting that affect your preparation isóI think thatís part of being consistent, is having the same urgency to prepare every week, and Iíve certainly tried to do that so far.

Q: You checked some boxes last week--you played in a preseason game, you drove them down the field. Is there anything that youíre specifically looking to do when you get back out there for the second preseason game?
A: I donít know about specifically. I know there will just be more to it now with the second game. Weíve had a little bit more time to prepare, and Iím sure they have, so itíll be just a little bit more, I think. But, I think the same idea is to execute, to move the ball, and score points. So, If Iím doing that, if weíre doing that, I think itíll be successful.

Q: What do you feel youíve been doing well so far?
A: I think, for the most part, trying not to make mistakes over and over again. I think thatís how you learn, is not repeating mistakes. I think thatís a big thing, and trying to focus on that. When youíre told something once, to correct it and move on so you can take the next steps. I think Iíve done a decent job with that.

Q: Daniel, they say when you succeed at something, it builds confidence. Off of that drive the other night against the Jets, is there an instance this week where you can actually say you felt more confident because of that drive?
A: I think so. I think just being in a game situation and playing a live game, moving the ball, I think that built some confidence. But like I said, in the preparation, you want to go back to square one, you want to go back to where you were this time last week in preparing, and not letting that change the process for you. But yeah, I think it helped build some confidence.

Q: There were a lot of injuries to wide receivers in the early part of camp. Has TJ Jones surprised you, because heís looking really good?
A: Yeah, heís done a really good job for us. Heís a guy whoís been in the league for a long time, played a lot of games. So, heís able to come in right away, pick up the playbook, heís talented, runs good routes, and itís been a lot of fun working with him, for sure. Heís done a really good job.

Q: What can you tell us about C.J. Conrad?
A: C.J., I think heís done a great job also. He was my roommate for rookie mini-camp, so I got to know him pretty early. Heís done a great job, a really hard-working guy, going to be in the right spot and know what heís doing. Yeah, Iíve really enjoyed working with him, too.
Q: How does he compare as a roommate to Dexter (Lawrence II)?
A: (Laughter) That was a little different, a little shorter time period, but theyíre both good guys.

Q: Is it challenging in your situation going into the season not knowing how or when exactly youíre going to be played?
A: I donít think so. I think, like I said, itís just about improving. I think being able to control what I can control and accepting that is my job, and Iím certainly good with it.

Q: How do you balance making mistakes with trying to stay aggressive, and realizing itís going to happen?
A: I think just learning from each one of them. I think when you understand why it happened or what really happened, you can be more confident in making sure it doesnít happen the next time, and that kind of frees you up to stay aggressive. So, like I said, not making the same mistake twice and correcting it, but understanding what exactly it was that you did wrong and keep from doing that and staying aggressive.
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