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Field passes

Pete from Woodstock : 8/16/2019 2:46 pm
If I have field passes for tonight‘s game what time should I get there?
I don't know if it is the same as regular season & things may have  
GiantBlue : 8/16/2019 2:50 pm : link
changed.....but I believe we were told to report to the security area 90 minutes before kick-off back a few years ago when we had them.
I went on the field last year with my kids  
Matt in SGS : 8/16/2019 3:15 pm : link
and tonight is a 7:30 game, you will want to be out there before the warmups. I'd say look to go to the Giants offices and wait outside there around 6 PM and they will let you in where you sign in they and walk you through the tunnel and on to the field.
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