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Where to get tix?

Josh in MD : 8/16/2019 3:31 pm
I haven't been to a game in a decade or two. Now, I need to take grandsons to a game. Where to shop for tix? Stubhub? Seatgeek? Elsewhere? Most grateful for any guidance from BBIers.
Start here...  
HoustonGiant : 8/16/2019 3:46 pm : link
then try ticketexchange on

Also, if you sign up for season tickets, they'll tell you if there are any left available (they do for the Texans at least).

The rest are gonna charge a lot of surcharges.
Start w/ Tickpick and Seatgeek.  
Gatorade Dunk : 8/16/2019 3:55 pm : link
If there's a specific game you're targeting, you can more easily price shop.

Prices will be lower now than in two months, then will be cheapest right before the game, like an hour before kickoff or even tighter if you can stomach it, but only if there are still seats available. I always recommend buying seats earlier rather than riding the roller coaster of the secondary market, but I'm sure there will be some posters here who don't specialize in ticketing professionally that will tell you otherwise.
giantdan : 8/16/2019 5:33 pm : link
I know where you can get tix to the Arizona game 10/20 section 118 for face value but I don't know how I can tell you without violating the rules of this website. Any suggestions from the BBI Community?
Route 9 : 8/16/2019 5:43 pm : link
Vivid Seats.

Saw a pair for $8 but went bye-bye. Total with fees was $25.50.
$8 each  
Route 9 : 8/16/2019 5:43 pm : link
Route 9 : 8/16/2019 5:49 pm : link
Just remembered. Jaguars game opener I paid for a $35 ticket last year 20 minutes right before kickoff on VS.

Saints game very little was available before kickoff, wound up sitting in the 100s for an OK price. Honestly, I forget what it was. Maybe $150?
BBI has a page for buying tickets  
Steve in ATL : 8/16/2019 6:16 pm : link
it links to Ticket Monster and is located under the BBI Shop header. - ( New Window )
Josh in MD : 8/16/2019 8:30 pm : link
That's exactly the game I want - grandson's birthday. Can you email me at or call 301-933-2125?
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