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NGT - Josh Gordon reinstated

dep026 : 8/16/2019 6:44 pm
Huge for NE with the lack of WRs.
Gman11 : 8/16/2019 6:56 pm : link
Jesus, another year Iím gonna take a chance on this guy on fantasy.  
732NYG : 8/16/2019 7:37 pm : link
I should have learned my lesson by now, but his huge year a few seasons back was a big part of a championship run for me.
Pulling for anyone with those issues  
bc4life : 8/17/2019 10:26 am : link
But looking back - how do you take a chance on a guy like that?
Any Gordon discussion should be  
pjcas18 : 8/17/2019 10:28 am : link
caveated with "for now".

Talent is there, and most people have more tolerance for an addict than a cheater (for example), but how reliable will he be and for how long?
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