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Post-Game Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/17/2019 8:44 am
NYG Postgame (vs. Bears) Transcripts: QB Daniel Jones -- August 16, 2019

Q: How do you feel about where you are at this point, just generally?
A: I think Iíve made progress, and I think in certain areas I feel a lot more confident than I did even when camp started, or even a couple weeks ago. I think thereís still so much to learn for me. I think Iím certainly more confident, more comfortable, but I see a lot of things I need to improve on.

Q: The touchdown pass, just a go-route on the sideline?
A: Yeah, just a one-on-one opportunity there. TJ (Jones) did a great job of getting free and getting some space there in the end zone, so a really good play by him.

Q: Obviously, you guys get the turnover there and get you out there for that two-minute drive to close the half. I would imagine getting into the huddle for you after what had transpired, the ups and the downs, how much were you thinking, ďLetís punch this one in and go to halftime with a nice score?Ē
A: Yeah, I think thatís always what youíre trying to think. Get the ball with two minutes and you have the opportunity to score points and then weíre getting the ball back, itís just an opportunity to change the momentum a little bit. Defense did a great job with that stop, so I think when you feel that opportunity, you want to take advantage of it, and Iím glad we were able to.

Q: On the turnovers and making mistakes:
A: I think thatís a big part of football for everyone, particularly quarterbacks. I think there are going to be things that donít go great, and obviously you never want that, you try to guard against them. Theyíre definitely things I need to learn from, but when they happen youíve got to find a way to make it work. So, Iím glad we were able to do that. We got big plays there on the two-minute drive by a lot of people, so it was fun to put that together.

Q: The ball securityóhow upset were you with both of those plays?
A: I was very upset. I think those are two mistakes you canít make. One time we were driving with the ball in scoring position and I made a costly mistake there, and then kind of holding the ball in the pocket, two bad mistakes, so definitely things to learn from.

Q: Was the first one just not getting the ball, just not getting the snap really?
A: Yeah, just getting out too quick, so Iíve got to make sure Iím secure with the ball, secure with the snap.

Q: What did Coach Shurmur tell you after the second fumble?
A: Just get back out there. Just bounce back, I think, was his message. We talked about the play, I need to get the ball in my hands, I need to break the pocket. Yeah, just a bad mistake.

Q: Coach Shurmur used the phrase, ďYou didnít call home to your parents,Ē I think he said after the fumbles. What do you think about how you were able to handle it?
A: I think thatís a big part of football, I think for all positions. Obviously, you donít want things to go bad and you donít want to fumble the ball, but thatís going to happen in the game sometimes. So, the defense did a great job of getting us the ball back there with three minutes to go, and a few big plays by a lot of people, and got down the field. So, I think thatís a big part of the game, and just bouncing back.

Q: Youíve got a new nickname on Twitter via the Giants: ďDanny Dimes.Ē What do you think of it?
A: Thatís alright with me.

Q: The touchdown pass to TJ (Jones) looked like you put it only where he could get it. What did you see on that play?
A: Just a one-on-one opportunity for us with him. He made a great play getting free there at the end and getting some space, so a lot of trust in him, and heís done a great job for us. He made a great play there.

Q: How about the throw to (Cody) Latimer on the left side right before the fumble?
A: Just another one-on-one opportunity and Codyís a heck of a player. A big, strong, fast guy. You like the matchup, so he made a really good play there.

Q: Do you find value in being able to make some mistakes like you did tonight?
A: You donít want to make any mistakes, but I think it was going to happen and you realize that. There are going to be some mistakes and just figuring that out sometimes. I didnít try to make any mistakes.

Q: Did you feel that first big hit?
A: Yeah, I thought we had really good protection all day, good time to throw the ball. Like I said, I have to get the ball out of my hands.

Q: On the touchdown pass it looked like the cornerback tried to undercut the route, did you see him try to do that?
A: I think thatís a big part of TJ getting open at the end and getting some separation with his route. I think in that situation he wants to get on top of him and have some space and he did a great job of doing that.

Q: What do you make of your head coach pointing out a mistake last week and emphasizing that you canít drop the ball in the pocket?
A: Itís the truth. Itís what he is saying to me, Iím fine with it. I think there is a standard for accountability and I certainly respect that and appreciate that. Canít argue with it, itís the truth.

Q: Do you like to be coached hard?
A: Taking coaching is a big part of being able to improve. However it comes, you have to listen. Iím certainly willing to take that.
I donít know about any physical comparisons ¬†
Big Blue '56 : 8/17/2019 8:55 am : link
to Eliís game, but this kid is mature beyond his years. The perfect answer for the intense media stage of NY, demeanor-wise
RE: I donít know about any physical comparisons ¬†
arcarsenal : 8/17/2019 9:02 am : link
In comment 14533596 Big Blue '56 said:
to Eliís game, but this kid is mature beyond his years. The perfect answer for the intense media stage of NY, demeanor-wise

I said this yesterday and somehow that was a contentious point.

Are people really worried about Daniel being able to handle NY? He's a really bright and humble kid. I think he's going to be totally fine.

We can endlessly debate what he'll be as a player - but I have zero concerns about the person. I don't see him ever being any sort of problem or distraction.
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