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Saturday Reading

Defenderdawg : 8/17/2019 9:18 am

Salomone What we learned from Giants’ win over Bears

Traina Football Maven: Giants Stomp Bears 32-13

RV SNY: Giants Takeaways from Friday's 32-13 win over the Bears, including a resilient showing from Daniel Jones

Leonard NYDN: Shurmur insists he’s on same page with Mara; veteran Giants receivers standing out to head coach; Nick Gates and Alonzo Russell show big-time hustle; Bears play no starters; and more notes from Giants preseason win

Schwartz NYP: Giants turn up heat on QB in welcome sign

Dunleavy Giants roster bubble: Last four in, first four out and who is in the clear | Kyle Lauletta and other surprises?

Lombardo Giants 53-man roster prediction after two preseason games | Major shakeup coming on defense?


Lombardo Is Giants owner John Mara forcing Eli Manning starting over Daniel Jones Week 1 on coach Pat Shurmur?


Glauber Newsday: Efficient Eli Manning pleased with progress of Giants' offense

Nick Turchyn (@Tmanic21)
8/16/19, 7:51 PM
Giants TD:

3x1 Left Shifts to Nub (ran a lot of Nub TE this drive)

Slant w/Rub (called Reno in a lot of WCO PBs)
Fowler plays through contact well (his play strength is under rated)
Nice Finish to a very efficient drive

Schwartz NYP: Daniel Jones shows Giants something new in uneven encore

Serby NYP: Daniel Jones showed why Giants fell in love with him

Leonard NYDN: Daniel Jones performance in Giants second preseason game earns him ‘Danny Dimes’ nickname

Glauber Newsday: Giants rookie Daniel Jones passes 'Parcells test,' gets redemption after turnovers in preseason outing

Lombardo ‘Danny Dimes’ outing a mixed bag vs. Bears | Giants’ Daniel Jones Report card

Slater In uneven (but encouraging) game vs. Bears, here’s how Giants’ Daniel Jones showed exactly what Jets loved about Sam Darnold last year

Stapleton The Record: NY Giants: Daniel Jones no longer perfect, but still impresses in resilient showing

Raanan ESPN NY: Giants QB Jones faced with fumbles, 'adversity'

Eisen Learning process continues for Daniel Jones in strong performance vs. Bears

Dan Schneier (@DanSchneierNFL)
8/16/19, 9:06 PM
I’m a big fan of what I saw from Daniel Jones tonight. His ball placement is excellent. The ball releases from his hand much cleaner than I thought. He’s quick, decisive with his reads, mechanically sound and moves his feet well in the pocket. Needs better ball security. Very easy fix and not a big worry

Dan Schneier (@DanSchneierNFL)
8/16/19, 8:57 PM
Great ball. Great freakin ball. On the replay at the stadium you could see a perfect spiral too. The touch and accuracy is exactly what the Giants need and have at times been lacking once they get down in the red zone. This one dropped right in. The game ain’t too big for him

Nick Turchyn (@Tmanic21)
8/16/19, 8:10 PM
Said this in Mobile:

Jones had the best looking deep ball in the class, especially rhythm fades . Great placement and watch Latimer attack the catch point over the defender

Nick Turchyn (@Tmanic21)
8/16/19, 8:22 PM…

This issue with throws to the field (wide side) to his left. You can see the extra hops clearly that effect the timing. This is one of the reasons why many considered him to be developmental as a pocket passer

Drift (2)
Most debilitating on throws that require anticipation to the far left field. Many have highlighted this play, as it clearly affects his play speed delivering this Out very late. NFL hashes will reduce the severity of angle, but the issue must be addressed

Nick Turchyn (@Tmanic21)
8/16/19, 8:20 PM
This is the first throw I have seen where the Crow-Hopping shows itself (extra hitches on throws to Left). Misses on the low side, I think this is a mental thing (his arm strength is fine for this intermediate route). Something to watch in his development

Nick Turchyn (@Tmanic21)
8/16/19, 8:40 PM
So, I get the ball carriage issue for this fumble, which absolutely is a big deal.

BUT, heres what I will add. Jones sees color shortly after he gets the snap, but really never moves off his spot. His rush read is in the upper left part of the screen. Escape

Nick Turchyn (@Tmanic21)
8/16/19, 8:40 PM
Not saying he can avoid this sack, but think its an example of being developmental as a pocket passer bc his movement habits did not exist on tape. I am not sure if it was emphasized at Duke. Wanna see him move and face his target and then get wrapped up atleast

Nick Turchyn (@Tmanic21)
8/16/19, 8:59 PM
Jones to Jones for the TD in the Far RZ:

Delayed release vs Press by WR Jones
DB expected back shoulder placement? (looks back, loses near hip)
QB Jones throws Jones open w/pylon fade. +Placement

Nick Turchyn (@Tmanic21)
8/16/19, 10:26 PM
Running Mesh out of 12p in the RZ for Lauletta TD

QB reads Zone and waits on the Sit Route
Nice placement, understands that he has to get some zip on it
Dickerson with solid hands
(Note: LOVE the shot Adams gives at LT for the knock down)


Dunleavy Why Giants rookie Jonathan Hilliman owes Saquon Barkley | What bad blood between Rutgers, Penn State?


Walker NYP: Giants receive big lift from unsung wide receivers


Nick Turchyn (@Tmanic21)
8/16/19, 10:04 PM
Broadcast doesnt mention CJ Conrad washing down the Edge and ending up on top ? Again, the backside blocking is HUGE for a team that runs so much Zone where the cut north is SO important


Daniel Jeremiah (@MoveTheSticks)
8/16/19, 8:27 PM
Lorenzo Carter flashed when I visited the Giants camp. Nice pass rush tonight too. Good sign for this defense

Nick Turchyn (@Tmanic21)
8/16/19, 8:31 PM
DanSchneierNFL and I talked ab Lorenzo Carter's potential development for this year. This is a step in the right direction, as highlighted on the broadcast really good body control and timing to dip and rip and pass the LT. Starts w/the basics


Nick Turchyn (@Tmanic21)
8/16/19, 8:01 PM
Giants 3rd Down D to Bunch:

Like last week where Love gave up the big throw to Hearndon, the Giants remain in Cover 3 vs Trips Bunch. Peppers playing 2nd Tier LB on the "Back To" side of the field. Nice play speed to carry a vert

NFL Updated: Aug. 17, 2019 at 12:46 a.m.
What we learned from Friday's preseason games

“3. Matt Nagy played it ultra-safe Friday night, sitting nearly every Bears starter on offense and defense. Those who turned in to NFL Network experienced a heavy dose of Chase Daniel, a dash of James Vaughters (a strip sack), a spark of Clifton Duck (an acrobatic INT) and, last but not least, Round 2 of the Great Chicago Kicker Clash of 2019. The edge after Friday night goes to Eddy Pineiro, who hit his two field goals (41, 27) while Elliott Fry missed his lone FG try (47) and hit one extra point. This one's going down to the wire, folks.
4. Sure, it came against Chicago's second-team offensive line, but New York got good interior and edge pressure on Daniel in the first half on Friday. Most of the action came from Big Blue's young nucleus; Dalvin Tomlinson, Oshane Ximines and Olsen Pierre all tallied TFLs, the latter two earning sacks. Lorenzo Carter was a problem for Chicago off the edge, as well. With all the attention this summer fixed on New York's young quarterback, the Giants' defensive youth shouldn't go unrecognized.”


Michael Lombardi (@mlombardiNFL)
8/16/19, 11:20 AM
We keep talking about all these PI calls and challenges instead of how the NFL is calling holding this year--which will impact the game more than the PI calls

Kevin Seifert (@SeifertESPN)
8/16/19, 11:23 AM
Bingo. Backside (offensive) holding is a point of emphasis for 2019. In Week 1 of preseason, holding calls nearly tripled compared to the same time period in 2018 preseason, per & #8294;PFF& #8236;& #8297;.

Hoffman NYT: The Air Raid offense — a brain child of Mike Leach — makes its way to the NFL. Will it succeed?

Somers AZ Republic: Arizona Cardinals must figure a way out of clap trap with Kyler Murray

Ledbetter AJC: McKay gives update on Julio Jones’ negotiations

Shaffer Baltimore Sun: Projecting the Ravens’ 53-man roster: How does Tavon Young’s injury change things?

Brown Patrick Ricard Finding Niche as a Valuable Two-Way Player

Shaffer Baltimore Sun: Ravens sign linebacker Donald Payne, waive punter Sean Smith

Maiorana Rochester Democrat: Josh Allen almost perfect, first-string offense superb in Buffalo Bills' win over Panthers

Marks Charlotte Observer: Panthers never get on track, lose sloppy home preseason opener to Bills

Bonnell Charlotte Observer: ‘Really maddening mistakes.’ Panthers found all sorts of ways to self-destruct

Marks Charlotte Observer: Analysis: Call the Panthers’ offense what it was in loss to Bills – just plain bad

Wiederer Chicago Tribune: With every starter sitting out and Kyle Long left behind, the Bears fall short in a preseason loss to the Giants

Mayer Game Recap: Young Bears take advantage of chance to impress

Dragon Cincinnati Enquirer: Cincinnati Bengals place guard Christian Westerman on the exempt/left squad list

Labbe Cleveland Plain Dealer: Jaelen Strong has some momentum and four other things to watch when the Browns play the Colts

Cabot Cleveland Plain Dealer: Kareem Hunt believes the Browns’ offense will be just as explosive as the Chiefs’

Watkins Dallas Morning News: Cowboys' connection to Cabo: A look inside Ezekiel Elliott's relationship with RB coach Gary Brown

Legwold ESPN Denver: NFL joint practices to replace preseason games? Not so fast

“"It seems like we're always talking about the preseason," Denver Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr. said. "Guys who know how to prepare are ready for the regular season pretty fast."
The Broncos are holding joint practices at their suburban Denver complex with the San Francisco 49ers on Friday and Saturday, a common occurrence in training camps across the league. And as the league and the NFL Players Association attempt to negotiate a new labor deal, there are people around the league who believe joint practices could offer a substitute for some, or all, preseason games in the future.
Niners coach Kyle Shanahan went as far as to say he could glean more information on his players from a joint practice than from a preseason game.
"You absolutely don't need four preseason games," Shanahan said earlier in training camp. "I'd rather have zero than four, preferably I'd like two. One to evaluate the people trying to make the team and then just one to knock a little rust off."
Then asked if he would put a lot more value on a joint practice session than he would a preseason game, Shanahan said simply: "A ton more value, yeah."

Joint practices are certainly nothing new. Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher eagerly extolled the virtues of such workouts during his rookie season as a head coach in 1992, and Jeff Fisher said he hoped "to get a lot of good work, almost like a game," before the Houston Oilers and Dallas Cowboys held a joint practice in 1996.
Sean McVay of the Los Angeles Rams comes from the same school of thought as Shanahan -- the two coached together under Mike Shanahan with the Washington Redskins, after all -- and sees greater value in joint practices than games. Since McVay took over as coach in 2017, the Rams have had regular joint practices during training camp. He uses mostly starters and key backups, not reserves and end-of-the-roster guys. On the flip side, he does not use starters in the preseason, but uses those games to evaluate young or inexperienced players.
"Definitely a little bit more competitive," Rams quarterback Jared Goff said of a recent practice with the Chargers. "... I prefer them over preseason games, honestly, because we're able to get the work in a controlled environment.
Goff said that the offensive line had 40 or 50 reps against Chargers defensive ends Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram and the defensive line. Whereas, in a preseason game, the defensive line might get five or 10, he said.
For other coaches, it's a chance to do something different.
"It gives you more reps and also gives you different kinds of reps," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. "Maybe you're going against a different scheme, you've seen some plays or defenses that you haven't seen before. Some stuff in the kicking game that isn't what you do. So those are all really positive experiences.
"I do think the teams have to be like-minded in what they want to get to of it. You don't want to make it into a fighting session. That's not really the objective of it. You certainly want to make it competitive. You want to go to that line, but you don't want to cross that line."
Fighting is a concern. Things got so bad between the Cowboys and Rams in 2015 that the coaches called off the last 20 minutes because all the teams did was fight. The Cowboys haven't held a joint practice since. For coaches like Ron Rivera of the Carolina Panthers, there's a no-tolerance policy on fighting.
"If anybody fights then we'll pull them out and throw them out of practice and they'll have to be disciplined," Rivera said. "We're not here to fight. That's bulls---."
Teams such as the New York Jets, Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Chiefs have opted against joint practices. While Andy Reid, who has not held a joint practice since coming to Kansas City, has had bad experiences with fighting, it's more about keeping the team's secrets safe.
"We try to teach on the field," Reid said. "... We try to teach as we're doing it. I really don't want anybody hearing that. That's my own personal feeling. As much as I can keep in house in today's world I'd like to. You give up a little bit of that when you work [with another team]."
Most of the hand-wringing about playing preseason games can be traced to the threat of injury. Coaches are not nearly as concerned about injuries in joint practices because there's no tackling, and all players are told to stay off the ground, versus in a preseason game, when there is tackling and no coaches standing on the field.
Developmentally there is a feeling that two sessions of joint practices, perhaps one or two weeks apart, would allow teams to make decisions on their younger players as well as new arrivals as rosters go from 90 to 53. There is even a better chance those decisions could be made if regular-season rosters were expanded in any new collective bargaining agreement.
"To me -- I must have done more than 40 of these over the years and -- it's just great to go against somebody else," Broncos coach Vic Fangio said. "Offensive linemen having to block different pass-rushers and run block different D-linemen, corners covering different receivers, wide receivers going against different corners, different schemes. I think it's great. I would do two of them a camp if I could."
Beyond the football, any change in the structure of the preseason probably would come down to what many of the league's issues do -- money. Unlike the regular season, teams do not have to share certain revenues in the preseason that they share in the regular season.
And given that teams charge regular-season ticket prices in the preseason as well, and include the preseason games on any season-ticket package, lost games are lost revenue.
That revenue is a small slice of the financial pie for teams in comparison to network television money or corporate partnerships. As ESPN reporter Kevin Seifert noted, adding an additional playoff game could offset the revenue.
Beyond the revenue, though, some coaches feel they need preseason -- all four games.
"Do I feel that way?" Saints coach Sean Payton asked. "Yes, just because of how much we're restricted in the spring and quite honestly, what we're restricted in training camp. I know the challenge oftentimes is that fourth preseason game, but I can't think of a season here where that fourth preseason game didn't mean something to a handful of players that were in it."
Fangio, who has spent more than three decades in the NFL, isn't quite ready to do away with preseason games, either. Asked if he could see a scenario when joint practices could replace preseason games in an NFL summer, he said: "I hope not. If you're into developing players, preseason games are important. If you're not into developing players, then they're not."

Fredrickson Denver Post: 49ers defensive leaders gush over Broncos’ Vic Fangio: “He should have been a head coach a long time ago”

O’Halloran Denver Post: Broncos offense “below average” in first practice against San Francisco

Mike Klis (@MikeKlis)
8/16/19, 3:42 PM
Broncos OC Scangarello on difficulty his O-line had w/SF's DeForest Buckner: “He’s probably one of the three or four best interior players in this league so yeah he’s always going to be tough to block and if you’re not planning around him he’s going to cause problems.’’

Fredrickson Denver Post: Broncos Insider: Newest offensive lineman not deterred by journeyman NFL path to Denver

““I was working out hard and staying ready,” Bisnowaty said. “The first time you start going around (the NFL), you’ve got the big suitcase, 50 pounds, and then you learn to fit it all into a carry-on. It’s not too bad.”
Since the Giants drafted the former University of Pittsburgh standout with a sixth-round pick in 2017, making one start at right tackle as a rookie, he’s bounced from practice squads with the Lions, Panthers, Vikings and Redskins. What keeps Bisnowaty confident he can carve out a role in Denver?
“I love football and want to play as long as I can,” Bisnowaty said. “So I’m going to keep doing it.”

O’Halloran Denver Post: Broncos safety Justin Simmons adds to camp interception total

Raven Michigan Live: A’Shawn Robinson, Mike Daniels among 21 Lions who could hit free agency after the season

Birkett Detroit Free Press: Speedy rookie RB Ty Johnson is Detroit Lions' version of 'muscle car'

Birkett Detroit Free Press: Always the underdog, Detroit Lions' Quandre Diggs returns to the place that 'made' him

Hodkiewicz Matt LaFleur looking for ‘more concerted effort’ with tackling

Wilson Houston Chronicle: Texans vs. Lions: Five things to watch

McClain Houston Chronicle: For Cullen Gillaspia, a chance to make impression on coaches and fans

Young Yahoo Sports: Andrew Luck's deep need for privacy complicates things when it comes to injury

Oehser What we learned: Eagles 24, Jaguars 10

Rapoport Rivers, Chargers to address contract after season

Miller LA Times: Chargers safety Derwin James will miss several weeks because of foot injury

Krasovic UTSD: James’ injury a blow to Chargers, but team still equipped to succeed

Heifetz The Ringer: Derwin James Does Everything for the Chargers. What Will They Do Without Him?

Klein LA Times: Rams running backs John Kelly and Justin Davis are eager to show abilities[

Volin Boston Globe: Brian Flores facing tough tests early on as Dolphins coach

Kelly Sun Sentinel: QB Josh Rosen leads Dolphins to two scoring drives, but Miami’s O-line struggles vs. Buccaneers

Beasley Miami Herald: Is the Miami Dolphins’ quarterback battle basically decided with three weeks to go?

Schad Palm Beach Post: Miami Dolphins: A CFL linebacker with stops at Footaction and the police academy is surprise of training camp

Mizutani As training camp concludes, Vikings won’t know what they have ‘until the bullets are live’

Mizutani The busiest Vikings player on the practice field: fan favorite Chad Beebe

Skribina The Tennessean: He was born in Nashville, has a house in Franklin and has frequented Tootsie's. This Pats visit has been about more than football for Bill Belichick

Duffy Boston Herald: Patriots at Titans: What to watch in second preseason game

Princiotti Boston Globe: Patriots receiver Josh Gordon reinstated by NFL

Guregian Boston Herald: Josh Gordon’s return just what Patriots offense needs

Reiss ESPN Boston: Josh Gordon's return just what depleted Patriots needed

Teope Saints training camp observations (Aug. 16): Kamara back to team drills, Ginn provides mentorship, and more

Just TE A.J. Derby 'in tune' with Saints as 2nd preseason game nears

Just Marshon Lattimore has game right where he wants it in Year 3 with Saints: 'I'm ready for it'

Teope Darren Rizzi takes Saints special teams unit back to basics

Costello NYP: Jets lose Avery Williamson for season with torn ACL

Kawahara SF Chronicle: Raiders’ Josh Jacobs hits ground running in preseason debut

Gehlken LV Review Journal: Raiders glad they stumbled upon safety Curtis Riley

“So, O’Neil began working down the names he had. Along the way, he studied 2018 game tape of New York Giants safety Landon Collins, a two-time Pro Bowler widely considered the best at his position in the 2019 class.
O’Neil’s attention then shifted to a Giants teammate.
“We were looking for a rangy post safety,” he said. “I watch a game, and Curtis Riley has an interception. I watch a game, he runs … and makes a good tackle. I watch another game, he makes a hell of a stream play, chasing somebody down the field. So I had the front office look him up, and it turns out he was a free agent.”
The Raiders are expected to enter the season with fourth-year veteran Karl Joseph and rookie first-round pick Johnathan Abram as their starting safeties. Quietly, Riley has pushed during training camp for playing time. O’Neil sold the veteran over the phone and during a somewhat awkward March free agency visit, ultimately landing the safety he discovered organically.
In March, the team couldn’t count on landing Riley.
Other clubs, such as the Cincinnati Bengals, were interested. Such is the reality of free agency, as a first-, second- or third-priority option can sign elsewhere, leaving a team to commit guaranteed money to a player it might covet less.
Hedging their bets, the Raiders hosted Riley and safety George Iloka for visits.
On the same day.
Riley and Iloka were on the same flight from Atlanta to San Francisco. They didn’t realize they shared a cabin until they shared the same airport pickup and lengthy drive to the team’s headquarters in Alameda. The timing, which was necessary given how coaches must balance free agency with cross-country college pro days, worked out in the end.
O’Neil sold Riley, a 16-game starter in 2018, on his fit in the Raiders’ defense. Riley signed a one-year, $810,000 contract that will allow him a chance to develop under O’Neil and cash in with a larger contract as a 2020 free agent.
“Me and J.O., from the first day we met, we had a great connection,” Riley said. “He seemed like he had a great plan for me, and he told me all the things I needed to work on, man to man. That was a big factor in me signing here. I know I only played a little bit; last year was my first real year playing, and I needed to prove myself again.
“J.O. told me he was going to work with me on everything I needed to work on to help me get to where I want to be with a multiyear deal to come back here next year, which I would love to do.”
Riley, 27, has focused on tackling.
He’s worked on footwork and training his eyes to track a ball carrier’s nearer hip. That’s the mental part. There also is a physical element. He entered the NFL as an undrafted cornerback in 2015 with the Tennessee Titans, who switched him to safety. Riley was still at a cornerback weight in his first extensive action on defense.
He weighed about 190 pounds last season.
In camp today, he’s around 200 to 205 pounds, he said, without sacrificing his speed and quickness.
“Right now, one of the things we’re looking for is who is our best deep safety,” O’Neil said. “Who’s the guy that is going to play the deep half? Who is the guy that is going to play the post and can read a quarterback and make plays? We call them ‘range plays.’ Who’s got those instincts in the deep part of the field? And he showed those instincts for New York last year. … I’ve been really happy with him.”
Riley’s instincts as a player caught O’Neil’s eye this offseason.
O’Neil’s as a coach led to his signing.”

McLane Phil Inquirer: Eagles-Jaguars: What we learned from the preseason victory

Mullin Phillyvoice: What they're saying: The Eagles' biggest roster hole and takeaways from second preseason game

Kempski Phillyvoice: Eagles 53-man roster projection after the second preseason game

Domowitch Phil Inquirer: Mike Quick on Eagles wide receiver Greg Ward: ‘He’s ready’

Bowen Eagles sign former Army offensive lineman Brett Toth, who received waiver to go to the NFL

Spadaro Daeshon Hall part of promising start for young DE core

Rutter Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Benny Snell leads pack of 5 Steelers to watch in 2nd preseason game

Fittipaldo Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Is Ulysees Gilbert the real deal? Mike Tomlin and the Steelers are eager to see

Batko Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Steelers LB Ola Adeniyi out with meniscus tear

Branch SF Chronicle: For 49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo, different results in a different state

Chan NBC Bay Area: How 49ers' Kwon Alexander is bringing out more energy in Fred Warner

Branch SF Chronicle: 49ers’ fast-maturing Tarvarius Moore making push to unseat Ward

Condotta Seattle Times: What we learned at Seahawks practice: When will Marquise Blair break into the starting lineup? Once he earns Pete Carroll’s trust

Stroud TB Times: Bucs signed general manager Jason Licht to a new five year deal

Auman The Athletic: ‘They’re going to carry me off boots first’: A life in coaching for Tom Moore, now 80g

Stroud TB Times: Bucs’ sloppy win far from Bruce Arians’ desired outcome

Wyatt Six Things to Watch in Titans-Patriots Preseason Game on Saturday

Copeland Washington Post: Redskins’ 53-man roster projection: Wide receiver Robert Davis makes his case


Baltimore Sun: Army football looks to keep the good times rolling

Sikkema The Draft Network: 3 SEC SLEEPERS FOR THE 2020 NFL DRAFT

Wilson CBS Sports: 2020 NFL Draft QB Watch: From Tua and Herbert to sleepers worth knowing, the 12 QBs to keep your eyes on in 2019

Edelson Asbury Park Press: Is Monmouth's Kenji Bahar the most underrated QB in college football?


Fitzpatrick Phil Inquirer: Best that never won: The 2002 Eagles, like their Veterans Stadium home, eventually collapsed

Giants Birthdays 8-17

Alex Hall LB W-PHI 2010 NYG 2010 8-17-1985

Ed McCaffrey WR D3-Stanford 1991 NYG 1991-1993 8-17-1968

Denver Post 1988 - Ed McCaffrey and his wife, Lisa, had a new apartment, a new baby and were settling into a comfortable life in New York when the phone call came.
"All of a sudden, the whole room starts spinning, like 'This isn't happening. There's no way this is happening,' " McCaffrey said.
The 1994 phone call was from Dan Reeves, then the coach of the New York Giants. Thanks for the three years of service, he said, but the team has enough wide receivers in training camp. Good luck finding work elsewhere.
"I really never even saw it coming," said McCaffrey, who is enjoying a career year with the undefeated Denver Broncos. "I had no plans of leaving. I pretty much had to just pack the bags and start flying around the country trying to find a team that had a spot left on their roster.
"It was probably tougher on Lisa. She just had to be by herself with a new 2-month-old in an apartment, and had to move everything out and had to take care of finding a place to live. I pretty much left her there on her own for a month and a half."
Things worked out well for the McCaffreys as Ed caught on with San Francisco and then followed 49ers offensive coordinator Mike Shanahan to Denver when Shanahan was hired as Broncos head coach in 1995.
In his fourth season with Denver, McCaffrey is putting up Pro Bowl-type numbers, leading the AFC with 10 receiving touchdowns and hovering among the leaders in receptions (55) and receiving yards (951).
Not bad for a guy waived in favor of Arthur Marshall and Thomas Lewis, who made the Giants roster in 1994 but are no longer in football. New York fans will see what they've been missing Sunday when the Broncos play the Giants in the Meadowlands.
"I can't imagine he'll admit it, but I've heard him dog-cussin' the Giants once a day," Denver wide receiver Justin Armour said. "When you go back to play a team that released you, you've got every intention in the world of showing them that, 'Hey, you should have kept me.' I doubt that's his main motivation, but I know it's there."
New York is paying for the sins of the departed father, Reeves, who is now head coach of the Atlanta Falcons. Reeves admitted this week that he misjudged McCaffrey in 1994.
"I don't think I've ever made a mistake that bad," he said. "I've had guys go play somewhere else, but not go on to the level where they could be an All-Pro and a major contributor on a Super Bowl team."
"I was extremely pleased to hear that," McCaffrey said. "No one has to admit that he made a mistake, and he did. It feels good that maybe he didn't see much in me then, but maybe he regrets his decision."

Elijhaa Penny FB AZ-PSQ 2018 NYG 2018 8-17-1993

In Memoriam

Knuckles Boyle T UDFA-Albright College 1934 NYG 1934 Born 8-17-1909 Died 1-26-1943

Cumberland County LE Memorial Foundation:

“Homer attended Shippensburg State Teachers College, the New York Military Academy and Albright College. Homer also played professional football for 12 years. Using the moniker “Knuckles Boyle,” he played for the New York Giants (NFL) in 1934, the Reading Keys in 1935, and the Pittsburgh Americans (AFL II) in 1936. He used this alias because he could not be enrolled in Albright College (1935-1936) and play pro football at the same time. He used a friends’ name Boyle, but was so tough on the field, he earned the nickname “Knuckles”. He also played baseball in the New York-Pennsylvania League. He served as the freshman football coach for Franklin and Marshall College in 1938.

Homer was married to Marie K. Gilbert and they had one daughter, Joan. He was employed full time by the Atlantic Refining Company, Mechanicsburg, Pa., and part-time by Mechanicsburg Borough as a police officer. He was a firefighter with the Rescue Hook and Ladder Volunteer Fire Company and the manager of the Mechanicsburg Independent Baseball Team of the West Shore Twilight League. They lived at 306 S. High St Mechanicsburg Pa.
On January 26, 1943, he was on duty at the Mechanicsburg borough building, attending a training class for auxiliary police that was being taught by Officer William Martin. Just before 11 pm., a report came in about a disturbance in the street near Hershey’s Restaurant. Homer left class to handle it. One newspaper reported that it was a fight at the ball field at the school, which would have been just two blocks away. He returned to the borough office on Main Street and asked for a doctor, saying he was feeling ill. He was treated by Dr. Walter P. Bitner and removed to Seidle Memorial Hospital where he died of a heart attack in less than an hour. He was only 32 years old.”

Hank Soar HB/FB FA-Boston AFL 1937 NYG 1937-1946 Born 8-17-1914 Died 12-24-2001

Obituary: “He went to high school in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He was a star running back at Providence College, garnering Little All American honors. He left college to play pro football for the Boston Shamrocks in 1936 in the American Football League for $100 a game. He was #1 in passing in the AFL in 1936. The following season, he joined the New York Giants in the rival NFL for $200 a game and a $100 bonus. Soar and Tuffy Leemans, a future Hall of Famer, led the Giants' ground game in the late 1930's, alternating at fullback. Soar also played safety on defense. He played 9 seasons with the Giants from 1937 through 1946. In the 1938 NFL championship game, he caught the game-winning touchdown pass for the Giants against the Green Bay Packers in the Polo Grounds. He played in the Pro Bowl in 1939. He served in the Army in Greenland and Iceland during World War II. His military service caused him to miss the 1945 season and he only played a few games in 1943 and 1944. He retired from pro football after the 1946 season, umpired in the baseball minor leagues and was named coach of the 1947-48 Providence Steamrollers of the Basketball Association of America, the forerunner of the NBA. He then became backfield coach for the football team at Rhode Island State College from 1947 to 1949. He was an American League baseball umpire from 1950 to 1975, working in five World Series, and was an assistant supervisor of umpires into the mid-1980's. His professional sports career spanned a half-century.”

Willis PFJ: The Best-ever Pre WW II Halfbacks

“(29)  HB- Hank Soar (1937-1944, 1946) Underrated, the rather burly 6-2, 205-pound Soar played 9 seasons (82 games) as a super-sub for the New York Giants. Played for Steve Owen, Soar usually came in to give Leemans, Cuff and the other Giants backs a break. But was a highly serviceable back….was part of 5 division championships (1938-39, 1941, 1944, 1946) and 1 NFL Championship, 1938…made one of the biggest plays in Giants post-season history, by catching the game-winning TD from Ed Danowski in the 3rd quarter of the 1938 NFL Championship Game to give the Packers a 23-17 victory- that game he had 20 carries for 68 yards and 3 catches for 41…had 10 career TDs (6 rush., 2 rec., 2 INTs returns). In those games the Giants went 10-0…made 1 Pro Bowl, 1938…led Giants in rushing in 1937 with 442 yards (beating out Leemans) and led team in receiving twice, 1938-39…after playing career was over became a longtime major league baseball umpire, was on field for Dodgers’ Dan Larsen perfect game in the 1956 World Series.”


“The A
"In 1937, Steve came up with the A-formation" Hank Soar recalled. "He split his lineman (another innovation) and placed four on the right side of the center and just an end and tackle on the left. He put the wingback behind the weak side end, the blocker behind the weak side tackle, the tailback four yards behind the center with the quarterback a yard in front of him and to his right. Owen had planned to use several formations so he called this the A-formation with the others to be called B, C, and D; however he ended up using this one almost exclusively.
"Steve regarded our 1938 team as his best," said Soar. "We had two backfields of equal strength which he alternated. In one backfield Ward Cuff played the wingback. He was a fine receiver and one of the best place kickers I have ever seen. Nello Falaschi played the blocker, I was the tailback and Ed Danowski, a great passer, played quarterback. The other quartet included Dale Burnett, Leland Shaffer, Bull Karcis, and Tuffy Leemans, another fine passer. For spares we had John Gildea, a punter,
Kink Richards, and Len Barnum."
Soar went on to relate how Owen detested taking chances. "One game I was tackled near the goal and lateraled to ‘Tarzan' White who scored a touchdown. Owen pulled me out and gave me hell, he kept reminding me we could have fumbled.
"On defense we used the five-man line with Falaschi, John Dell Isola, and Hall of Fame center Mel Hein as linebackers. Shaffer and Cuff played the hatfbacks and I was the safety. On the line there was Jim Poole and Jim Lee Howell at the ends, Ed Widseth and John Mellus tackles and Orville Tuttle and Pete Cole guards.
"We finished with an 8-2-1 record and played the Packers for the title. I caught the pass that won the game. I was just inside the end zone and went up between two Packers, I don't recall who they were, and caught the ball. To this day I do not know how I did it, but we won and that's all that counts."

Tommy Tomlin LG FA-1925 NYG 1925-1926
Born 8-17-1894 Died 3-23-1949

Nice stuff on Hank Soar.  
Big Blue '56 : 8/17/2019 9:39 am : link
He really was a great umpire. One of the best in my growing up years
Wow, one guy ( I think Lombard)....  
5BowlsSoon : 8/17/2019 9:39 am : link
Actually had us cutting Ogletree. What is he smoking?
Lombardi is wrong at nearly every position ...  
Spider56 : 8/17/2019 9:49 am : link
How do these clowns get and keep their jobs ?
RE: Lombardi is wrong at nearly every position ...  
Big Blue '56 : 8/17/2019 9:59 am : link
In comment 14533666 Spider56 said:
How do these clowns get and keep their jobs ?

I was so spoiled by writers/columnists/reporters growing up. In fairness, they had some time to formulate their thoughts, these guys shoot from the hip, oft times with little basis, imv. It’s about sho can tweet first. I am happy I don’t partake in tweeting
Part 2  
Defenderdawg : 8/17/2019 10:41 am : link

Traina Takeaways From The Giants’ 32-12 Preseason Win Over The Bears

Art Stapleton (@art_stapleton)
8/17/19, 9:16 AM
Some non-DannyDimes thoughts comes my on a thread on last night, and yes, all of this comes with the underthat these were the JV Bears:

Will Hernandez has improved from last season. At one point last night, he took out two defenders with one block

Can’t be overstated how big of an upgrade Zeitler/Remmers is on the right side, and not just to Omameh/Flowers, but Brown/Wheeler

Antonio Hamilton’s groin injury places more significance on Sam Beal’s health and recovery from hamstring. Can he get back on field + stay there

Ryan Connelly looked very good with the first group last night. Shurmur made point early in camp about “no false steps” for rookie and that shows up down in, down out. Is he putting himself in position to make plays, or setting teammates up? Latter comes with more PT with 1s

Sean Chandler and Kenny Ladler are making themselves noticed in a crowd at safety. It’s a numbers game back there. Need to force Giants to create spots on defense and special teams. Chandler has done that. That has to be Ladler’s mission next two weeks

Found Shurmur’s goal line approach on Tanney INT interesting. Says he wanted to get Reggie White Jr. a TD, which says a lot about White, and also didn’t want to put in film any red zone plays - not just to other opponents, but also to Bears, who they play in the regular season.

Shurmur said they drew up to play for White on the spot.


Lupica NYDN: Eli Manning is the Giants’ Jeter, Rivera, Messier and Ewing

Scott Barrett (@ScottBarrettDFB)
8/17/19, 1:04 AM
Through two preseason games, Giants rookie Daniel Jones leads all of 81 QBs in yards per attempt (12.0) and passer rating (151.8). Has completed 16 of 19, with one of those passes being dropped


Valentine BBV: Alonzo Russell’s hustle saves TD, helps his bid for spot on 53-man roster


Jamison Hensley (@jamisonhensley)
8/17/19, 10:00 AM
Ravens signed kicker/punter Cameron Nizialek, a day after waiving punter Sean Smith. Nizialek played at Georgia and was a graduate transfer from Columbia

Hyde Sun Sentinel: Ten thoughts on Dolphins’ 16-14 preseason loss at Tampa

Kelly Sun Sentinel: Ryan Fitzpatrick likely to return to starting role for Dolphins in Thursday’s preseason game vs. Jaguars

Farrar Touchdownwire USA Today: The All-22: How Josh Gordon could take the Patriots to another Super Bowl

Schefter ESPN: Sources: McCown unretiring to sign with Eagles

Inman SJ Mercury News: Peyton Manning shares comeback advice for 49ers Garoppolo

Stuart Football Perspective: 2019 Team Records (Coach, Quarterback, Rushers, Receivers) – Buccaneers

“Andy Reid is close, and Don Shula is up there, and Weeb Ewbank of course won titles with two teams, but there's a good argument that no head coach has had as much regular season success for two teams as Tony Dungy.”

Fortier Washington Post: For Redskins’ retooled secondary, success hinges on a combination of talent and disguise


Jackson Miami Herald: Miami Hurricanes are experimenting with quarterback Tate Martell at a new position

Towers AJC: Georgia’s Grant, Webb offer different tales of the position change

Think Tua Tagovailoa is what makes Alabama so explosive? Check out the guys he's throwing to. In what might be college's best-ever collection of talent at WR, the Tide run four superstars deep


Varley An emotional return for Bleier

Rocky Bleier returned to Vietnam last year to revisit the area for ‘The Return,’ a documentary which will air on ESPN2 on Aug. 20 at 8 p.m. and premiered today in front of a private audience...
Defenderdawg: Question  
ColHowPepper : 8/17/2019 1:56 pm : link
How long does it take you to compile a reading list such as this, day after a game, for Giants and for rest of the League? Pretty darn comprehensive.
Nice story on Curtis Riley  
ChicagoMarty : 8/17/2019 4:26 pm : link
It didn't work out for him in NY but I want to wish him well in Oakland.

Putting on the extra weight will help him greatly with tackling
Who is this Turchyn guy?  
PatersonPlank : 8/17/2019 5:07 pm : link
He seems to hate Jones. He spends all his time focusing on the 3 incompletions and ignores the 11 completions. Barely mentions the TD.
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