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Baldy analysis in full of 2nd preseason game

Daniel in Kentucky : 8/17/2019 4:44 pm
Good breakdown.
Link - ( New Window )
I'm impressed  
mrvax : 8/17/2019 5:14 pm : link
with what DJ has done so far in pre-season.
Thanks for sharing that.  
BlueLou'sBack : 8/17/2019 5:41 pm : link
Baldy's riding the Jones train in a premium seat.
He also evaluated Murray and Haskins  
Archer : 8/17/2019 6:14 pm : link
He was somewhat critical of Arizona and thought that Murray while talented needs a lot of work

I think he really likes Haskins
Haskins had an up and down day but made one really nice td throw that exemplified his potential
I think Haskins will be, um, fine.  
81_Great_Dane : 8/17/2019 6:28 pm : link
I think he is probably going to be a very good old-school pocket passer.

Jones has been almost too good to be true so far. Wasn't happy he was the pick at #6 but I'm getting happier all the time. (WTF do I know anyway?)

I'm not as sure about Murray. High-risk, high-reward pick. So far we're seeing the downside more than the upside.
Awesome video  
5BowlsSoon : 8/17/2019 6:50 pm : link
Thanks for linking this.
Haskins still have not resolved his lack  
George from PA : 8/17/2019 7:12 pm : link
Of driving the ball by stepping into his passes.

Granted, he has a strong arm....but will need to figure out how to throw with his entire body.
No problem  
Daniel in Kentucky : 8/17/2019 11:33 pm : link
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