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Sunday Media Transcript: WR Sterling Shepard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/18/2019 5:35 pm
WR Sterling Shepard -- August 18, 2019

Q: On if his hand injury is an issue?
A: Itís not an issue, I felt good. Iím doing everything that the trainers are telling me to do. We are on pace for where we want to be.

Q: When it happened did you think you would be back so quickly?
A: I have broken my finger two or three times before this, so I kind of knew how long it was going to take and the process.

Q: What happened that allowed you take the yellow jersey off?
A: I talked to the doctor and thatís what he said.

Q: You were getting hit anyway right?
A: Yea, I didnít think the yellow jersey was doing much anyway. Itís not that big of a difference.

Q: Would you like to play in the preseason to know itís not an issue in the game?
A: If I could go, I would be going. I canít go right now, itís not ready to play in a game and I know that. Give it a couple more weeks and I feel like it will be. You donít want to go out there and risk another injury when you can prevent that.

Q: You have no doubt you will be okay for Dallas?
A: I donít see anything that can hold me back right now, unless something was to happen in practice. Iím on pace.

Q: Is this exactly how you expected it to go when you mapped out your plan?
A: At first, I was a little bit nervous. I thought it was going to be a little bit longer than itís taken. Itís actually healed up pretty fast and like I said, Iím feeling good.

Q: You are going to be the number one guy here, how does that change things for you and are you excited about it?
A: The back five games of last season I was in the same situation. I felt like I handled it pretty well, so I imagine it being the same way. Iím going to go out and be myself and let everything take of itself. We have ballers in the room, and when Golden is back itís going to be a huge help as well. You see Bennie Fowler and Cody Latimer, they make big plays. I have guys that are helping me out, Iím not the only one out there.

Q: Does Goldenís suspension change where you are lining up?
A: Iíll be bouncing around a little bit more than I would if he was here. I kind of expected that going into the season anyway. My mind is set on that, and it should be fun.

Q: At one point last week you were saying when the ball hit your thumb you could feel it, is that gone now?
A: Yeah, I put a little pad underneath, one of the doctors suggested it. It helps tremendously, so thatís what I have been doing and it feels great.

Q: You expect to wear that all year?
A: No, no way. I canít wait to get out of it. If I can get out of it tomorrow, I would. They want me to wear it.
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