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Sunday Media Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/18/2019 6:12 pm
Head Coach Pat Shurmur -- August 18, 2019

Opening Statement: I thought it was a good practice. The fact that the heat went up and the humidity went up was a good thing, so we pushed them through it. It was probably a little bit more physical than you would have two days after a game, but being that weíre still in training camp, I felt like it was necessary. The guys handled it great. We had some situational stuff within the team periods that we wanted to work on. We got that work done, and now we move on to tomorrow. Iíll try to answer your questions.

Q: It seemed like on every pass play, Kevin Zeitler was doing this kind of hitch late, right before the snap.
A: Heís been doing it all camp. Thatís just the way he sets up.

Q: A guy threw a flag on it once. I was just curious, what is the rule there?
A: Not on him. There were other holds (on the play) there.

Q: From a procedural standpoint, how come thatís not a false start?
A: It isnít, because heís not trying to deceive in any way. Thatís just the way he does it. Weíre aware of it. The whole idea of the false start deal, especially when weíre using him to tap the quarterback, is the intent to deceive. Weíve checked it out. Heís fine. It looked a little goofy to me the first time I saw it in the spring, but itís fine.

Q: It seemed like he was only doing it on pass plays.
A: No, heíll do it on run plays. As you noticed, we were working silent count. We use a guard to trigger the silent count, which he did. There just happened to be a lot of pass plays today. Thatís all. Observant, but thereís nothing to it.

Q: I might have missed one, but I think today was the first day of no yellow jersey at all for Sterling (Shepard). Did he get some sort of clearance, or is he just feeling that much better?
A: No, heís been cleared all along to be out here, as we all saw. Itís just the next step in the process. Heís fine.

Q: Is he definitely going to be ready for Week One?
A: We believe so, yeah. Absolutely.

Q: Based on what youíve seen from DJ now in preseason weeks one and two, what are you specifically looking for-
A: DJ?

Q: Daniel Jones. Itís easier to say that, right?
A: Now heís DJ.

Q: Maybe itíll catch on now that Iíve said it. But what are you looking for specifically now this week?
A: Same thing. In each outing, you want him to go out and execute well. The beauty of the preseason games is that each defense presents different problems. When we go to play the Bengals here, weíre going to see things from the Bengals that we didnít see from the Bears. As you move forward, itís just another step in the process. We want him to execute well. We donít want him to fumble snaps or fumble the ball in the pocket. We want him to keep executing well, throwing the ball, and getting us in the right place.

Q: Do you see a tougher competition likely for the team as a whole?
A: Not really. Listen, we go out and compete against whoever plays against us. I donít know what Zac Taylorís strategy will be in terms of who he plays, but I think whatís important is that we go out and compete.

Q: Are you going to look at Kamrin Mooreís situation? I guess he was legally cleared.
A: I donít know any of that. Heís still on the Commissionerís (Exempt) List. I really have nothing to add there.

Q: It sounded like the charges against him were dropped. Is he going to stay there (on the Commissionerís (Exempt) List? Will you look to bring him back?
A: I donít know that. Thatís a league issue that I probably wouldnít comment on, unless something came from the league. Being that heís on the Commissionerís (Exempt) List, thereís really nothing for us to say or do.

Q: What happened to (Golden) Tate?
A: Heís in the concussion protocol.

Q: From the game, obviously?
A: Yeah.
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