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I like all of this negativity towards the Giants.....

Britt in VA : 8/20/2019 1:11 pm
Been a while since they've gotten dragged through the mud and piled on like this.

Not that they haven't deserved it in the past couple of years, but we've been so bad it just felt like people didn't care.... But something has awoken in the national spotlight aspect, just the sheer animosity from the media, talking heads, fans, etc.... The vitriol towards the franchise, ownership, management, and now the players.... It's excessive, I think. And I like it.

Good team building exercise. Us against the world. I like it when the Giants play like that. Coughlin used to be a master of motivation with that stuff. Parcells too. Hopefully Shurmur can use some of this stuff to light a fire.

And yeah, I know the usual suspects will jump on this thread and say "you think these guys care about that stuff? Culture and lockerroom is bullshit, etc...."

Yeah, I do believe it matters, and I do believe they are taking note.
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RE: Can anybody agree on anything on this site?  
christian : 8/21/2019 10:01 pm : link
In comment 14538722 Britt in VA said:
Or do you want to argue everything?

Not everyone is going to agree with your opinion, and not everyone thinks the Giants are victims of the mean press and the mean fans.

The "contrarians" thing is a little dopey. It might seem contrarian -- but some reasonably minded posters would actually like to participate in fact-based discussions, not hyperbolic generalizations.

When you post on this site, aren't you looking for conversation, debate, new information, and dialogue?

I don't think Jones was any more targeted in the media than Mitch Trubisky or Donovan McNabb, or really any other QB who was drafted before what was predicted.

Now two weeks into the pre-season, the New York and football press is pretty impressed by the kid. That's fantastic.

But man, sometimes I feel like a couple of you feel defending Gettleman or the Giants at large on BBI is actually going to have real world consequences.

It's just a place to swap opinions and hopefully some fact based knowledge about football, it's not actually real.
RE: RE: RE: .  
Jimmy Googs : 8/21/2019 10:04 pm : link
In comment 14538752 arcarsenal said:
In comment 14538745 Jimmy Googs said:


In comment 14538736 arcarsenal said:


I'm not here to tell other people how to be a fan. But some posters have very clear agendas and will only show up when they can complain about the Giants or berate Gettleman.

But if they indeed have an agenda and that is how they want to be a fan then so what? Maybe take your own advice from the post above that you wrote and treat these folks as harmless as well...

How many people did I call out and argue with on this thread?

I mostly do take my own advice.

Perfect, I am not... sometimes I take the bait and argue points that I think are poor or don't make sense. But look at my first post on this thread... it's just my opinion on the Giants. It has nothing to do with any other poster. I didn't criticize anyone. The 2nd post was about Francesa.

And then my third was part of this current discussion.

sorry didn't mean to imply that specifically to you. It was moreso that you stated it as a general rule earlier and I was repeating it in that context.

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