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NFT: Question- Blocked Artery

GMAN4LIFE : 8/20/2019 3:30 pm
So, my mom gives me a call that my dad did a stress test today and they discovered a blocked artery. They had an opening on thursday to unblock it.

so the questions:

since they are making it out to be an in and out thing, is that bullshit or alittle more of an overnight thing? (yes i know every case can be different)

how long is recovery typically for that?

by the way, i am asking as a worried son so bear with me.
Sounds like they’re going to put in a stent maybe?  
DC Gmen Fan : 8/20/2019 3:33 pm : link
CC Sabathia has that done last year. Once they stent it theoretically should be good to go. Best of luck to you guys.
They'll do an arterial scope...  
BMac : 8/20/2019 3:35 pm : link
...either through the wrist or the groin and will put a stent ion. It'll likely be an overnight stay and he'll be put on an anticoagulant such as Brilinta for a year. Not really a big deal at all.
Had one done years ago  
Stan in LA : 8/20/2019 3:47 pm : link
And it was less stress than getting a tooth drilled. Totally painless and it took a very short time. They like to keep you overnight, but as soon as you get home you can go about your daily life like it never happened.

Getting a bypass, that's another story.

P.S. Have him ask for a Valium drip prior to the procedure (they asked me if I wanted one so I said, "sure") as it takes any edge off.
PaulN : 8/20/2019 4:05 pm : link
One in myself, no big deal.
Just be thankful they found out about it this way.  
Klaatu : 8/20/2019 4:21 pm : link
I found out about mine the hard way.
4 yrs ago I had a 90% blockage in my LDA commonly called the  
Spider56 : 8/20/2019 4:48 pm : link
Widow maker ... Very lucky to catch it before it became an issue ... Stent procedure followed by 1 year on Birlinta and baby aspirin (indefinitely). The procedure was straightforward, overnight in the hospital ... hopefully they can go in thru the wrist because it’s easier to get the port out than thru the thigh ... the only pain I had is when a large Haitian nurse took the port out ... they need to exert pressure for a few minutes to clot the artery and she very much enjoyed her job. .. there might be some slight blood leaking into the scrotum area but it goes away in a few weeks. Good luck.
RE: 4 yrs ago I had a 90% blockage in my LDA commonly called the  
Stan in LA : 8/20/2019 4:59 pm : link
In comment 14537297 Spider56 said:
the only pain I had is when a large Haitian nurse took the port out ... they need to exert pressure for a few minutes to clot the artery and she very much enjoyed her job. .. .

Oh yeah! I forgot that part. That was painful, but for only a few minutes.
Two weeks after my friend had his stent in (he's a Fish and Game  
yatqb : 8/20/2019 5:38 pm : link
Officer) he climbed a mountain 2x in the dark in a search and rescue operation without any problem.

Wishing good luck to your dad; the procedure in itself is not a major surgery.
not from my own experience  
Dankbeerman : 8/20/2019 9:33 pm : link
but have worked with guy who took a day off for a stress test called out sick the next day, then showed up the following day better off as he had no idea he had a problem but said he felt 100 percent better.

also can save his life. this is why you should get checked out rather often
I had it done to me a few months ago.  
Ron from Ninerland : 8/20/2019 9:40 pm : link
A few weeks later I had a tooth extracted. Believe me having a tooth extracted is worse.

Having an angioplasty/ stent put in for a clogged artery is routine these days. I was awake the whole time and I hardly felt anything. As soon as the procedure was over I felt immediate improvement in my chest and I went home the same day.

Although the procedure is relatively painless its not a piece of cake. He'll have to take it easy for a few weeks and he'll be on blood thinners. There is also the chance that they could go in and decide the blockage is inaccessible and untreatable using a stent. In that case he would have to come back for open heart surgery but that would be another day.
So, I'm laying on the table in the ER after being shocked.  
Klaatu : 8/21/2019 12:15 pm : link
My heart began to go haywire when they were transferring me from the ambulance into the ER, so they zapped me. Felt like I bounced ten feet in the air.

Doctor comes in and says, "You've had a massive heart attack. We've got to put a couple of stents in to clear a blockage, and we've got to do it right now.

I said," Go ahead. I'm not asking for a second opinion. But there's one favorite tattoo is on my chest, so, when you cut me open, please be careful."

Doctor replies, "No, you don't understand. We do this through your groin."

I said, "Well, in that case, be really fucking careful.
Klats ...  
Spider56 : 8/21/2019 12:20 pm : link
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