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Tuesday Media Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/20/2019 3:53 pm
Head Coach Pat Shurmur -- August 20, 2019

Opening Statement: I donít have anything to lead with, so Iíll try to answer your questions.

Q: With Sam Beal, since you have to make a decision on the roster in a week, how tough is it going to be (to make that decision)? Thereís not a lot to evaluate there.
A: Yeah, youíre right. Weíre just going to have to see where he is physically. We drafted him for a reason. We would like to see him be on our team. Weíll just see where heís at, and then weíll make a decision at the 53 (man roster).

Q: Does he have to be healthy by that deadline of the 53-man roster?
A: Weíre going to have to see. Again, itís something weíre going to have to evaluate as we go forward. Heís getting healthier by the day. Itís just unfortunate that we havenít been able to see him do much. But unfortunately, thatís the way it is sometimes.

Q: Baker Mayfield said it blew his mind that you guys picked Daniel (Jones). The quote was, ĎYou forget you have to win.í Whatís your reaction to that?
A: Baker commenting on whether we drafted Daniel? Thatís not original commentary, is it? We had a reason for why we did (draft Daniel), and we do feel like he helped his team win. We have a lot of reasons why Daniel is our quarterback. Beyond that, I donít have much response.

Q: Does it bother you that a player is basically blasting your guysí decision?
A: Not really. Heís (Mayfield) in a long line of people that criticized that move. Thatís his business. If I were Dan, I wouldnít even address it, just like he hasnít addressed all of his other critics. The one thing about Dan is, donít confuse calm and composed for a guy thatís competitive and a winner. Iím fond of the phrase, Ďstill waters run deep,í so thatís what I think of Dan. Beyond that, I have no other comment.

Q: Were you at all concerned about his won-loss record (at Duke)?
A: Nope. I know heís a winner. He helped his team win games. Each quarterback is evaluated based on their skillset and their ability to lead their team. Each guy is a member of a different team. We donít worry about that.

Q: What steps do you look for Daniel to take in this third preseason game? Is it a heavier install? Are there specific things youíre looking for him to improve on or build on?
A: Just play good football. Take the snap. When youíre asked to throw passes, get completions. When youíre asked to run the ball, hand the ball off and lead your team into the end zone.

Q: Iím sure youíve probably said it, but I know John (Mara) and Dave (Gettleman) have specifically said that being the quarterback for the Giants comes with dealing with a lot of the spotlight. Whatís your reaction on how Daniel has handled the negative spotlight out of the gate?
A: I think heís handled it terrifically. Thatís part of his charm. Heís a deep-thinker, heís well-thought-out, and he gets it. That is part of being the quarterback, is being able to lead, say and do all of the right things. We talk about playing quarterbackÖ Relative to playing quarterback, it starts with decision-making. I think that carries over to all areas of your life. Weíre confident that heís going to make good decisions and live a good life outside the field. That gives us the confidence to know that when heís on the field, heís going to do the same thing.

Q: Iím sure youíll be shocked to hear this, but Odell (Beckham Jr.) said today that he felt like the Giants Ďsent him to Cleveland to die,í was his quote. Does it get frustrating to hear a player you guys traded continuing to take these shots all offseason?
A: Not really. Quite frankly, on our list of issues of the day, it really doesnít matter what Odell or Baker said. There are many other things that we should probably be discussing.

Q: Just to follow up there, obviously you didnít make the trade, but are you confident that you took the best trade out there, regardless of what city?
A: Again, we wish him well. It was a trade, and we said that all along. Again, I wouldnít comment on what he feels about the situation.

Q: You guys are asking Julian Love to play two positions. Youíre giving him a lot of responsibilities. What does that say about what you guys think of his football lQ and how heís been able to progress?
A: Heís done a really good job. His ability to play the nickel and play in the back end, thatís really a good thing. He has really good instincts. Heís a guy where thereís not a lot of wasted motion. He can kind of see and diagnose whatís happening and get there quickly. I think thatís why heís had the ability to play two spots.

Q: You seem to have a lot of tight ends that have played well in camp and that you like. How do you cut that group down?
A: We just keep watching them play and take the best two, three, four, however many fit the roster. Thatís it.

Q: At linebacker, Jonathan Anderson seemed to make some plays in the first game, but has seemed to slide down a little.
A: Not in our mind. I think heís competed well. Heíll get an opportunity again in this game to show us what he can do.

Q: More than halfway through training camp, how do you think Janoris (Jenkins) has been embracing the role of being the veteran in the room with so many young cornerbacks?
A: I think heís had a really good camp. Again, you donít have to be vocal to lead. Iíve said that before. I think heís done a really good job of helping mentor those players. A lot of times, itís nothing that you say. We all are very aware of what people do. Certainly, the young guys are able to watch how he trains, how he studies, how he competes, and thereís something to be learned from that.

Q: Does that surprise you at all, how he has embraced that role?
A: No, not at all. Iím not surprised at all. I have a very high opinion of Jackrabbit.

Q: With a guy like Big George (Asafo-Adjei), are your options with him dwindling in a sense of if he canít get on the field, then heíll go on IR or the Physically Unable to Perform list?
A: Weíre just going to have to see when the time comes. Heís in the concussion protocol. We all know it affects guys differently. He just hasnít been able to compete yet. Weíre going to try to do the very, very best we can to get him well so he can.

Q: Whatís the next step for your starting defense in this third preseason game?
A: Well, continue to play well together. I think they have to make sure theyíre over-exaggerating their communication, being in all of the right spots, playing with the right leverage. Upfront, when the other team is throwing the ball, we have to be disruptive and get pressure on the quarterback.

Q: Is Darius Slayton going to play Thursday?
A: Weíll see. Heís getting really, really close to being in there. Weíll just have to see if he makes it.

Q: It will reveal itself?
A: It will reveal itself. Iím fond of that phrase.
I have to say  
jvm52106 : 8/20/2019 4:13 pm : link
after hearing the BS from coach McAdoo (The Duke, Heavy Handed, Dirty Pocket) it is nice to hear just plain answers. Sure, guarded and vague as with all coaches but without the jargon and just dumb sounding talk.

The Odell shit sucks. That dude is a nut job and I am glad he is gone. Tired of the term "generational" talent. Shit, Jones, Brown, Green, Hopkins, Hilton etc, have all had big years and big plays during this same time. Beckham has missed a LOT of games and his distractions are far heavier than most wanted to believe.

Daniel Jones to me is the real deal and you get the feeling the Giants players and staff are coming to believe it through actions and not just expectations...
The way..  
FatMan in Charlotte : 8/20/2019 4:17 pm : link
Shurmur and Daniel Jones have reacted to the Odell and Baker nonsense makes the way those two buffoons have acted that much worse.

Two calm guys vs. two lunatics
Del Shofner : 8/20/2019 4:51 pm : link
Sam Beal  
90.Cal : 8/20/2019 4:58 pm : link

Q: With Sam Beal, since you have to make a decision on the roster in a week, how tough is it going to be (to make that decision)? Thereís not a lot to evaluate there.

A: Yeah, youíre right. Weíre just going to have to see where he is physically. We drafted him for a reason. We would like to see him be on our team. Weíll just see where heís at, and then weíll make a decision at the 53 (man roster).

I expected this guy would be competing (with Baker) for a starting cornerback spot by now... but no. Luckily for us, Ballentine has shined given that opportunity.
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