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Monday Media Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/26/2019 4:38 pm
QB Daniel Jones -- August 26, 2019

Q: You have a grass stain on your pants from sliding and trying to make a tackle in practice--good idea for you to do that?
A: Probably not the best idea, but just trying to finish the play. You hopefully donít have to be in that situation to begin with, but probably not smart.

Q: Youíre going to start on Thursday. How different is that going to be?
A: Iím certainly excited, but I donít think the preparation changes a whole lot. I think going through the week weíll do the same things, and Iíll certainly do the same things to prepare myself to play, so in these last three games Iíve obviously known Iím going to play a good bit, so just the same preparation going into this week.

Q: This could be your last time playing for a while, does that make you try to make sure you get the most out of this opportunity?
A: Like I said, I donít think the preparation changes for me. I think Iíll take the same approach I have these last few games, and not really looking forward to Dallas, just focused on this week and making sure Iím prepared.

Q: Whatís the thing that you most want to get out of this one?
A: I think just seeing improvement. I think just making sure that Iím not making mistakes that Iíve made before, correcting things, and I think just being able to kind of measure improvement from the first, second, to third, to now the fourth game is the biggest thing for me. So, moving the ball and scoring points is always the goal, but I want to make sure Iím moving forward.

Q: How has this process been for you, from getting drafted to this point? Has it been easier, harder, or about what you expected?
A: About what I expected. I think I realized there would be good days, bad days, and a lot of learningóthis is a big step for anyone, just adjusting to playing in the NFL, so itís been good, but I think I realized thereíd be a lot to learn, thereís a lot of things still to learn, but I think itís been a good process so far.

Q: It seems like a large section of the fanbase wants you to play right away. Whatís your reaction to all of the optimism from Giants fans about you?
A: I think, like Iíve said, my focus is on what weíre doing here, what Iím doing to help the team move forward, and I understand that thereís a plan, and that the coaches have a plan for that. So, I certainly trust that, and my job is to prepare myself, but also to help the team move forward, help the team prepare in whatever my role is, and Iím certainly accepting of that.

Q: Youíve admitted that you were aware back in April and May that it wasnít a hugely popular pick with people, and now itís a wildly popular pick with people. Are you aware with how quickly the tide has turned?
A: I havenít paid a whole lot of attention to it. Iím not necessarily focused on that a whole lot. I certainly appreciate the support, but like I said, Iím focused on what weíre doing here and Iím focused on helping this team move forward.

Q: As a quarterback, you get a lot of praise when itís good, and a lot of criticism when itís bad. Have you come to expect that?
A: I think so. Thatís part of playing the position, I think. You realize that, at whatever level youíre on, I think thatís something you realize early on. Granted, itís a much larger scale at this point, but itís the nature of the position and you have to accept that. Yeah, I think Iíve realized that.

Q: How have you felt about how youíve performed this summer and the preseason. Whatís your impression on how youíve done this summer?
A: I think Iíve done some good things, and Iíve done some bad things. More than anything, I have made progress, I feel like, and thatís encouraging to me. When I look to where I was at Rookie Minicamp and OTAs, I think Iíve improved a good bit since then. Like I said, I think there are a lot of things to still work on. I am encouraged, but I realize there is still a lot of work to be done.

Q: Can you give us one example of one specific area where you think youíve improved much? Like your first day here you had a bad read on a play, or can you give us an example of where you have improved?
A: I think a big part is getting used to different looks from a defense and how many different looks you can get, especially with our defense. I remember throwing a certain (pass) and making a mistake twiceóthrowing the ball where I shouldnít have and seeing part of the field without seeing the whole thing. I havenít made that mistake since I did twice.

Q: Twice in the same practice?
A: Yeah.

Q: Was that this summer or the spring?
A: The spring. So, I think things like that. A big part of it (is) learning the defense and learning how that corresponds with our reads and where the ball needs to go.

Q: Do you feel ready if you ever get called up down the line?
A: Like I said, at this point, I feel like I have improved and have made steps in the right direction. There is a lot to work on, but my job is to be prepared and I trust the plan.
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