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Thursday Media Transcript: S Antoine Bethea

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/5/2019 4:29 pm
S Antoine Bethea -- September 5, 2019

Q: (inaudible)
A: That can be all over the field.

Q: Have you played with anybody that you reminds you of his (Jabrill Peppers) skillset?
A: Heís similar to, when I first got in the league, (safety) Bob Sanders. Bob had that stature, was in the box, blitzed a lot, could cover, but just made plays. He played at 100 miles per hour. Iím excited to see Jabrill (Peppers) get into that position and play that role.

Q: Are you interested in seeing what this defense can do in the real situation in the real game?
A: Yeah. I think weíre all waiting and weíre anxious to see what we can do in a 60-minute football game. Obviously, in preseason you get glimpses here and there, but you really donít get the full thing. Going on the road, a hostile environment for our first test, it will be good for our defense.

Q: And Dallas is pretty good.
A: Yeah Dallas is pretty good. Itís a good team and a very good offense. Itís a divisional game, so obviously it turns it up a notch, but weíre good too so itíll be a good match for us.

Q: Can you talk about your message to the young guys who are going out there for their first regular season NFL game. Is there any advice you have for them so they donít get too wired and stay within their game?
A: Have fun.

Q: Thatís it?
A: Have fun. Itís football. Itís a game weíve been playing for a long time. Weíve been going over these calls for six months. A lot of these players, they played against more people in college than they are on Sunday. But then again, weíll see who the ballers are. Donít let the bright lights get to you too much but at the end of the day go out there and have fun.
Holy crap  
Johnny5 : 9/5/2019 4:52 pm : link
Bob Sanders?? We should be half that lucky!! lol
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