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Friday Transcript: Defensive Backs Coach Everett Withers

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/6/2019 2:31 pm
Defensive Backs Coach Everett Withers -- September 6, 2019

Q: Is this a case of the cornerback spot opposite Janoris Jenkins where you kind of have to manage both guysí (DeAndre Baker and Antonio Hamilton) work loads, but you think theyíre both capable?
A: Yes, these guys are capable of both being the guy opposite Janoris. Itíll be great to get both of them in the game, expect both of them to play. Weíre just going to try to see who emerges and gives us the opportunity to keep working in a real game situation, but theyíre both capable of being the guy.

Q: Is that a health thing, or you want one of them to grab it and let you know they shouldnít come off the field?
A: Well, I think both guys are growing, are getting better. Theyíve both been out some time this camp, so for them to continue to grow in the position, and then hopefully, like any competition, you hope somebody emerges in the end and you hope you get the best guy out there.

Q: Before DeAndre Baker got hurt he was always with the ones, so did that injury kind of set him back a little bit in his development?
A: No, I donít think so. I just think itís a matter of getting back in the groove and getting back healthy. Reps are really important during camp, for anybody, whether youíre a starter or whether youíre a backup, so obviously getting both of those guys one reps this week really has helped both of them.

Q: At that position, itís kind of awkward to see guys switch every series. How do you feel about one guy playing a quarter, another a quarter, switching them in and out?
A: I feel fine with it. I think itíd be good for our team, itíd be good for both of those guys.

Q: Youíre good with switching every series, every quarter?
A: Weíll manage that as we go.

Q: On the other side, Janoris, how much of a luxury is it then to have a guy who is willing to match up with the other teamís best receiver, no matter where he goes?
A: When you have a guy like Janoris, most of those guys, they want to be against the best guy. To me, I think itís part of what you do, as long as Janoris has been in this league and played, he wants to play at a high level, he wants to playóthe other guy wants to play at a high level alsoóand see whoís best when they match up. So, I think itís something that you get when you get top-notch corners is they want to be against the best guy.

Q: I would imagine, watching what Dallas does, theyíll put you guys in at least some sort of nickel sub-package, which puts Grant (Haley) front and center in terms of what heís got to do, especially against those guysóthey like to put Amari Cooper in the slot, they like to put Randall Cobb in the slot. What do you like about Grant and what heís shown you this summer?
A: Well, obviously a competitive spirit that he has. Heís going to compete. The thing about Grant is heís going to try to do everything you ask him to do, and try to do it obviously 100 miles an hour. So, we donít have any issues with Grant playing in the slot, as far as knowing what to do and doing it as hard as heís going to do it. Thatís all you can really ask of a guy, go in there and compete and play hard, and we expect him to have some production in there.

Q: How disappointing is it that Sam Beal hasnít been able to be on the field, and how do you approach the next six weeks?
A: I really feel sorry for Sam. My thought is, hereís a guy thatís really talented, a lot of athletic ability, a lot of football skills. Heís just had a string of bad luck as far as getting injured. Hopefully, we will keep him going in the right direction these weeks that heís out and get him ready to go when he is ready to go back out there and play.

Q: What did you make of the preseason Corey Ballentine had, and how much progress has he made?
A: I think heís made tremendous strides. Obviously he still has some growing to do. Heís made some tremendous strides, everything is really like ground hog day some days with him but heís done an unbelievable job of picking up and trying to stay focused and stacking days on top of each other, thatís something we try to do. I think heís done a really good job of that.

Q: Back to Beal for a second, you havenít seen him on the field a lot, so come midseason, how can he even show you enough in limited practice reps to be able to count on him?
A: Well hopefully he has done a good job, and I know he has done a good job as far as meeting time. Heís talented and athletic, you have to give him that opportunity to go out there and prove himself.

Q: Can Jabrill Peppers be a star and does he need to be in your scheme?
A: I think Jabrill Peppers needs to be the best player for the New York Giants in our scheme and be productive in our scheme.

Q: How good can he be in that scheme?
A: I think he can be good.

Q: Whatís your expectation for (Julian) Love as far as contributing right away?
A: Hopefully we find roles for those guys, those guys are all talented, thereís a reason we drafted them. Weíre looking for him to increase his role as he goes throughout the season.

Q: Whatís your message to your young players, itís their first NFL game, tough environment, what do you tell them so it doesnít become too big for them?
A: This is what youíve trained for all your life. Thatís the way I look at it, something that you lay in bed at night and you dream about it. These guys have had a ton of work, so now itís just putting the work that they have done, that they have stacked on top of each other, put it out there on the field. Go relax, play hard and have fun.

Q: Specific to Dak and his mobility and his ability to throw on the run, whatís the key to not being caught out of position?
A: Off schedule plays, you have to plaster, you have to be on top of your routes. You have to finish every play and thatís something I think we have done a good job of in practice and worked on, making sure you finish the play. You can be in great coverage but you have to make sure you finish when heís off schedule and moving around back there.

Q: How much has defensive pass interference changed since you were last in the NFL?
A: I donít think itís changed, itís just being recognized more and called more. Itís just being evaluated more.

Q: Is there a much bigger spotlight on it?
A: Yea, offensive coaches look at it now. I think they look at it and see if there is an opportunity. It used to be you moved on from a call, now they have an opportunity to challenge the call. Thatís the biggest change.

Q: What would you like to see from Julian Love when he does get on the field to kind of assert himself more?
A: Just for him to continue to be the smart player that heís been, put himself in the right position to go make plays. Whether thatís being in the nickel or safety, wherever it is.
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