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Reality and Expectations from game 1

Rafflee : 9/9/2019 7:14 am
The confusion and missed assignments in the middle of the field were exactly what I expected as their greatest weakness as a NEW Defensive unit

I would have expected Bethea and Peppers to cover that up better.... but those are the breakdowns and early look that I expected

Pass rush non existent..... to a greater extent than I expected

Very thin depth on defensive front..:: thatís a 2019 worry

Offensive line looked pretty good.

I think they have an offense that they can safely insert Jones INTO as they go forward. It will be functional. This is the spending decision theyíve made.... itís about the qb

They need a win or any kind this week. They need to look organized and capable by game 4

Itís not over..... the big concern is attrition and depth
rocco8112 : 9/9/2019 8:25 am : link
yesterday's game was not even competitive into the mid third quarter. There is no excuse for that. This team needs to do something good early. Yesterday was as bad as an can be. Team likely tanks and the Giants will take a third shot at replacing Coughlin.

Hopefully Jones is the goods, we will see as I personally have not anoited him yet. Everyone was giddy about the preseason, the team was spanked yesterday and Jomes came in to garbage time when he was grazed on that third down scramble.

I hope they get to four wins. Eli will have a career losing record since for some reason they brought him back.
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