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Snap Counts

armstead98 : 9/9/2019 2:16 pm
Was looking at the snap counts and there were a few that I found interesting:

* Lawrence only played on 41% of defensive snaps. I expected this to be much higher.

* Connelly played on 31% of defensive snaps. It looked like he was in there more than that.

* After Jenkins, Grant Haley led CBs in snaps. Makes sense, I guess.

* Hamilton was in on about half of defensive snaps. Seems like he got beat on 100% of those.

* Ballentine was only on the field for 9 defensive snaps.
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Platos : 9/9/2019 2:31 pm : link
looked like he got nice push in the pocket but it takes more than 1 guy...

Connelly made that nice dive to trip up pollard late.
Pete from Woodstock : 9/9/2019 3:02 pm : link
can NOT tackle!! IMHO
RE: Hamilton  
mdc1 : 9/9/2019 4:33 pm : link
In comment 14568509 Pete from Woodstock said:
can NOT tackle!! IMHO

what do you expect he has not played real football in 1.25 years?
I didn'td notice  
Bill in UT : 9/9/2019 4:51 pm : link
Haley at all. Did he have any stats?
Antonio Hamilton  
adambear : 9/9/2019 4:51 pm : link
was picked on in both the pass and run game. He cannot tackle at all, and is a soft player.

He needs to not play.
I think Ballentine only came in  
Strahan91 : 9/9/2019 4:52 pm : link
in the 4th quarter with maybe 5-6 min left.
Give Hamilton the A for effort  
jcn56 : 9/9/2019 4:55 pm : link
only in for 50% of the plays but sucked 100% of the time.
Marty866b : 9/9/2019 5:02 pm : link
Players who weight 340+ tend to wear down very quickly. defensive line is the most physically demanding position on the field. This is why most scouts felt that Lawrence is just a two down player, at most. They could be right. I don't know what edge rusher was available at #17 but one can argue why didn't we go pass rusher there instead? We already have a couple of 300+ pound players of which one has (Tomlinson)has little to no chance of putting pressure on the quarterback. We have three down lineman whose each "specializes" in stopping the run.
Ballentine should get Hamilton's snaps. How did Julian Love do  
Ira : 9/9/2019 5:04 pm : link
RE: Ballentine should get Hamilton's snaps. How did Julian Love do  
armstead98 : 9/9/2019 5:54 pm : link
In comment 14568871 Ira said:

Didn't play on defense. I'm not convinced we should throw love in there, but I would like to see Ballentine getting reps above Hamilton
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