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Giants cut three from IR with Settlement

Anakim : 9/9/2019 5:18 pm
OT Chad Wheeler
WR Brittan Golden
LB Jonathan Anderson
Does this free cap space?  
Reale01 : 9/9/2019 5:35 pm : link
Not much I am sure.
Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/9/2019 5:43 pm : link
I expected this but where are you seeing this reported?
Yes it does  
DavidinBMNY : 9/9/2019 5:44 pm : link
It's based on how many games the settlement was for vs full year or something like that. It all depends on how long the settlement was for but it should return some money back.
DavidinBMNY : 9/9/2019 5:45 pm : link
IR settlement report - ( New Window )
RE: Anak  
pjcas18 : 9/9/2019 5:49 pm : link
In comment 14568969 Eric from BBI said:
I expected this but where are you seeing this reported?

Dan Duggan

The Giants reached injury settlements with Chad Wheeler, Brittan Golden and Jonathan Anderson, per the league transaction wire. All three players got injured in the preseason and these moves were expected.
RE: Does this free cap space?  
BillT : 9/9/2019 9:00 pm : link
In comment 14568952 Reale01 said:
Not much I am sure.

The last three released saved us about $1m if I read the tea leaves correctly on OTC, so maybe that much.
This allows them to sign with another team  
rasbutant : 9/9/2019 9:17 pm : link
Their season is not over.

They can return to the Giants but only after 6 weeks from their injury settlement end date.
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