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Giants future player needs.

Ira : 9/9/2019 5:21 pm
1) Pass rushers. No need to explain.
2) A free safety. I thought anyone would be better than Curtis Riley.
Perhaps Julian Love will develop into that guy.
3)Linebackers. Connelly looks like he'll be one, but one isn't enough.
4) A top wideout. I liked the Beckham trade, but we haven't found his replacement.

I'll give our young corners some time. It's a position that usually requires some time for development.

Additions and corrections are most welcome.
I think you need to a left and right tackles  
larryflower37 : 9/9/2019 5:25 pm : link
To that list. Maybe a young center.
Safeties in general I can't see resigning Peppers after his rookie deal
I wouldn't change long term plans based on one game  
HopePhil and Optimistic : 9/9/2019 5:33 pm : link
A week ago I thought the priorities in the next draft were 2 OTs and a middle LB. Still do.

If by the end of the season Golden, Carter and Ximenez aren't developing into satisfactory edge rushers then I'd add that to the list. And maybe the preferred position to spend some of that FA money.

Hopefully as the DBs develop the pass rush will benefit from some coverage sacks.

Patience is hard. As bad as it gets try to find the positives.
I think Halpio is fine at Center  
Bluesbreaker : 9/9/2019 5:33 pm : link
We without question need two OT's
One from Free agency and on or two in the draft.
I would also look for an Edge rusher in Free agency
and again in the draft . Need a play making LB
in the middle a tackling machine .
Pass Rush  
BigBlueDownTheShore : 9/9/2019 5:35 pm : link
Is #1 at this point.
Start at the top:  
thrunthrublue : 9/9/2019 5:44 pm : link
HC, DC, OC, SCOUTS, edge, tackles (o&d), linebackers, safeties, corners.

That is a good start, until DJ can be evaluated in non garbage time game conditions.
Pass rushers, OTs, ILBs, big WR with speed.  
Red Dog : 9/9/2019 5:47 pm : link
Mine (in no order)  
Anakim : 9/9/2019 5:49 pm : link

A starting RT (Remmers is a UFA at the end of the year and we don't know how he'll do anyway)

An ER...or two

An ILB...or two

The last two assuming we stick to the 3-4

A CB if Baker can't handle it and Beal can't get healthy

I actually think Julian Love will end up being our long-term FS.
M.S. : 9/9/2019 7:05 pm : link

You may need to add Head Coach to your list.
After yesterday, I am fine drafting anything  
Jimmy Googs : 9/9/2019 7:31 pm : link
other than Running Back and Kicker.

And I am not kidding...

Pass rush  
Jay on the Island : 9/9/2019 9:12 pm : link
is obviously their biggest need.

After that it's:

I would like to see the Giants add another 3-4 DE that can actually pressure the QB. I am hopeful that Lawrence will improve to collapse the pocket but I have a feeling that he will end up being a better fit at NT.

Going into training camp I thought that WR was our second biggest need but with Engram stepping up at TE and the improvement of Latimer I think they could get by with what they have especially if Slayton continues to impress. I would still like to add another WR but it's not a dire need as an edge rusher or OT.
Id like to see them get some young quality tackles  
ron mexico : 9/9/2019 9:23 pm : link
In the draft
Build up the trenches and add a safety  
giantstock : 9/9/2019 10:50 pm : link
Assuming you have near BPA:

You need at least two defensive players in the front 7 with one being a pass rusher and one being an ILB. Try to get a 3rd player. It would be nice to have two pass rushers. But maybe Carter or Ximines can be.

ANd one OT. It would also be nice to get a get a guy as a backup who cna play both.

Also a safety.

After all of this then you can go after a WR. But you have to build your front 7 1st, get at least one OT if not a backup OT and guard,a nd get a starter at Safety beofre you go WR anywhere else.
Still alot of holes  
Breeze_94 : 9/10/2019 12:29 am : link
1. Edge rusher (Chase Young!)

2. Young OT. Solder is 31, Remmers is 30 on a 1 year deal

3. ILB- Need some speed in this unit. Ogletree and Davis are JAGS, Ogletree is overpaid as well. I do like Connelly though

4.FS Bethea is not the answer, haven't seen enough from Love yet

5. WR- I feel like WR is becoming the new RB. Easy to find starting caliber WR's. Still, Giants need to invest in this position and get an outside threat for Jones next year

RE: Ira  
Dinger : 9/10/2019 11:00 am : link
In comment 14569195 M.S. said:

You may need to add Head Coach to your list.

I LOL'd....and couldnt agree more!
RE: After yesterday, I am fine drafting anything  
Dinger : 9/10/2019 11:00 am : link
In comment 14569233 Jimmy Googs said:
other than Running Back and Kicker.

And I am not kidding...

Wait....even QB?
Edge rushers providing pressure...  
manh george : 9/10/2019 11:04 am : link
plus our young dbs getting time to mature, and maybe they wouldn't look so awful. DE's and OLBs seem like the top priority to me.
DE/OLBs, WRs, OTs, FS, SS  
jcn56 : 9/10/2019 11:07 am : link
Someone capable of returning kicks.

I think the Giants are set at DT and RB. The CBs need some time, they may or may not be a need going forward. Jones is the heir apparent at QB. Beyond that, everything else is basically a need or could be upgraded.
Two ballhawk free safeties  
idiotsavant : 9/10/2019 11:44 am : link
Two inside linebackers that can pass D, an edge/olb that can rush and run D.

One wr.

One 280lb TE.

One more OT project

Yesterday's SS is todays ilb  
idiotsavant : 9/10/2019 11:51 am : link
Today's need at S: both highly zone pass D and cover skilled, up and back.

Your olb is
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